Democracy’s brain child…….Bhutto Republic of Pakistan

August 15, 2008

(Written by Afaq)


Have you ever visited interior Sindh? If not, you are missing something remarkably great. It’s not an ordinary place; instead it’s the germ pool of the plasmodium of Democracy. No matter, if people there have no penny in pocket, doesn’t care if they have nothing to fill their bellies…….salute them…….they are ‘jiyalaas’-the hobbyhorse of mythical Bhutto-the sole custodian of Democracy. Don’t get misguided if someone tells you about the private jails of feudal lords, or if by chance you encounter one columned, four lined news of the gang rape by sons of some ‘wadairaa’… Don’t get irritate if don’t find any infrastructure, schools and hospitals there….. People there known as ‘haari’ have already sell their souls and conscience to their feudal lords, and in return are enjoying the best form of democracy delivered to them by their ‘maindha saayeen’.


Let’s, for a while turn the attention from Sindh to Baluchistan. I fear, it looks a useless exercise, as Baluchistan is not the fragment of Pakistan. At least, one of the elected representatives of Balochs, few days ago on ‘Geo News’, and Mr. Khair Bakhsh Murree, few months ago in his interview has said the same……. ‘Baluchistan is my first identity, not Pakistan‘…..’We have never accepted Pakistan’…. ‘We would keep fighting for greater Baluchistan‘…. ‘Everyone who would support us is welcomed, even India’…..then Google out the Bloch Liberation Army (BLA) with their videos released, blasting the Pak Army caravans……


Shocking enough for you! Come’ on. It’s democracy. If people of interior Sindh, and some places of Punjab are smart enough to elect the same feudal, again and again.  If elected ones of Baluchistan hate Pakistan, who am I to stop them. They after all are democrats….. And yes, never listen President Pervez Musharraf, when he says, ‘Pakistan is not a banana state. No one anywhere is allowed to start disintegrating the unity of state. Organisations, working as seperationalists, must be resisted by force’. Ignore his words when he says, ‘I am more than 1000% assured about the involvement of Raw and other foreign elements for insurgency in Baluchistan’.


We are genius. We have solution of every problem, by a magical charisma of slogan, ‘Jiyay Bhutto’. Who cares if Pakistani currency is getting worst devaluation these months. Never ask why foreign reserves of 17 billion dollars fall down to 9 billion dollars after elections. Why to fret of Al-Qaeda taking over Pakistan. I don’t see any reason to worry because, ‘Zinda hai Bibi’. Never suppose Asif Zardari, as Mr. 10%, while he is serving Pakistan 100%. He would add his share even more, after sitting in Presidency. If Aitzaz Ahsan-world’s top 5th intellectual, while facing interview with ‘New York times’, lip slipped that many charges against Asif Zardari including ransom and murder were justified, forgive him. Asif Zardari-the widower of daughter of East, has every right. He deserves to receive billions of insurance amount of his wife. He is democrat, having 10 million votes in Feb 18 elections for his party. He knows how to play with his words. People of Pakistan have gifted him an authority to rule over them. He would exercise that power, either by speaking against ISI, or by impeaching Mr. President.


However, I am just thinking for few days about couple of ideas.


1-How would Pakistan army bear its chief, polishing the shoes of new President-Mr. Zaradri?


2-Like Bilawal, I must also revolutionize my name from ‘Nayyar Afaq’ to ‘Afaq Bhutto’ to have my survival promising in Democracy’s brain child, ‘Bhutto republic of Pakistan’.


  1. Nayyar Affaq is right in saying that this Pakistan is no more a country of common person but a country of feudal, like Asif Zardari, and many others.
    Supporting Zardari extensively and also making him hero, only in the case of impeachment to Musharaf, also shows the mind set of Pakistani people. I bet you, if you only give them a ticket of residence in paradise, they will never complaint about price hiking, education, life threats to their lives,devalue of currency etc. How many are coming on street to find a quality education? How many persons will die for their children to get education? Very few, you can count them on your fingers. Once a leader in Finland says that we have three problems” Russia, Russia, Russia”. Same is the case with our nation, especially our media, they also have three problems Musharaf, Musharaf, Musharaf. One dictator, although Musharaf is not a dictator, is better than many corrupt champions of democracy.

  2. Pakistanis are sadists…they enjoy a leaders downfall…..if musharraf was so bad why dint they come out on streets in the beginning…….they are not after a cause…not true to any one…just worship the rising sun…..
    President made a wise decision to leave or else they would have kept blaminh him for their brunching activity in pakistan.

  3. Its not only the interiors of the Provinces of Pakistan. Look at the results of the so called Educated Cities……………..?
    Just look at the CV of two elected PM of Pakistan. One having the credentials of being the daughter of an Ex PM. Educated and brought up in Europe and England. Not having the slightest of the idea about poor and poverty. The only poor she fed and supported was a son of a Cinema owner.
    The other was the son of a Industrialist. Being admitted on the seat of a Wrestler in Govt College Lahore.
    The only solution is Education in its true spirits to all. Forget about everything else and lets all strive for the cause of education to all. Its a long road but it will take us to better and more prosperous Pakistan.

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