Long live Pakistan-Sri Lanka Friendship

March 4, 2009

Sri Lankan Cricket Team with Pervez Musharraf3rd March 2009-Liberty (Lahore) – A cowardly attack on the cricket team of Sri Lanka has turned whole Pakistani Nation sad and shocked. Pakistan and Sri Lanka has developed strong bond of friendship and cooperation over decades. We both are dignified nations. The harmony and unison between us is tested over the period of years. Its self evident that the evil attack was planned to sabotage the relationships between both nations. Pakistan condemns this attack. It’s our resolve to stand together. Nothing can break us apart.


Pakistani Nation salutes Sri Lankan team for the Great Spirit, with which they visited Pakistan and entertain cricket lovers. Pakistani Nation salutes those Jawaans from Police, who sacrificed their lives for the honor of the homeland, ensuring the security of Sri Lankan players. Above all, we salute Mr. Mehr Khalil, the driver of the bus, who has written a new chapter of courage and bravery under the most nerve stressing moments. We demand government for swift actions and quick investigation to bring the culprits to justice.


Long live sportsmen spirit.

Long live Pakistan-Sri Lanka friendship.


~Nayyar Afaq



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