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Ansar Abbasi’s twisted stand on General Musharraf’s farmhouse

May 30, 2009

(A “Long Live Musharraf Report)

Dear visitors, We are proud to expose the malicious and unsubstantiated report of Mr. Ansar Abbasi of ‘The News’ in our blog soon after his one sided and false report was published. Now, we are exposing the twisted stand and position of Mr. Ansar Abbasi throughout this whole episode.

On 23rd May Edition of ‘The News’, Mr. Ansar Abbasi made two main accusations,

1- IESCO has provided former President free of cost transformer and other equipments. [1]

2- The electricity meter in use is meant for Agricultural use, of which former President is not entitled for. [2]

All said else was found to be an extension of the second accusation.

On 26th May Edition of ‘The News’, Mr. Ansar Abbasi made a new story, claiming that farmhouse is now getting Fata power rates by IESCO [3].

Enjoy the sensational words of him, “The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has silently changed the power connection of former president Pervez Musharraf’s palatial house at Chak Shahzad following unearthing of the power theft scandal by The News.”

There were few more important points in the story as well, like’

“While Musharraf has already been reported to have said that he was not involved in any irregularity, one of his sympathiser in an unsigned note conveyed that the story on Musharraf’s electricity tariff was factually incorrect. He, whose name was not even disclosed by the source to this correspondent, added the bill shown was of the meter installed when the plot was bought and was being used till now. “The new and proper meter will be installed this week. Secondly, full payment was made for the transformer,” concluded the note.” [4]

And this one;

“The SDO claimed Musharraf had applied for the new connection some six months back and have also paid the fee for the installation of transformer.” [5]

Mr. Ansar Abassi appeared on 28th May 2009 with this story;

“A self-claimed spokesman of Musharraf and the architect of his farmhouse, in a rejoinder e-mailed to The News on Tuesday, refuted different ‘facts’ of The News stories but argued that the agriculture tariff was installed in routine “by default” till a house was built on the plot for permanent occupancy.” [6]

Now, if we analyse the overall twists and change of position by Mr. Ansar Abassi, we can easily judge ourselves the way he maligned the issue to make sensationalism.

Ansar AbbasiFirstly, Mr. Abbasi came with a report that transformer is provided to Farmhouse free of cost [1] and that the electricity tariff is illegally provided [2]. Then he appeared with a news that IESCO is now providing Fata power rates [3]. Then, he admitted that a rejoinder to his one sided report is received by ‘The News’ which clearly stated that full cost of the transformer was already paid and that the new meter will be installed this week [4]. It is interesting to note that instead of publishing the rejoinder, Mr. Abbasi tried to ridicule it by his non-professional and biased attitude, like using the words “one of his sympathiser…” and “few days before Musharraf was ‘uttering’ these words”. In the same story, he also admitted himself that Musharraf already had applied for the new connection and that the fee for the installation of transformer is also paid, as confirmed by the SDO of IESCO [5].

The story of 28th May was the most interesting in which Mr. Abbasi indirectly admitted that all his allegations were fake and false. Although, Mr. Abassi twisted the facts again by his well designed words, like; “A self-claimed spokesman of Musharraf….” and “refuted different ‘Facts’ of The News stories…” So, Mr. Abassi is claiming that whatever published in his newspaper is ‘FACT’, because it suits him. However, Mr. Abbasi placed the text of rejoinder in his story. For every reader, who believes in well balanced reporting, it should be the matter of extreme disappointment that Mr. Abbasi had done nothing in 28th May report, instead of making new scandals and taking irrelevant issues. Matter of fact is that all his facts are proved wrong and he could not stand by his story. Regular procedure is followed throughout the construction and installments of IESCO. Cost of transformer has been paid. Once the farmhouse was completed and ready for residence, application was given for change in tariff.

We have received numerous mails, asking where Abbasi’s claim of Free Transformer and fata meter is gone, now? He himself admitted later that payment was made and application was given. So, where is his earlier claim, which according to him was ‘Fact?’ Role of Mr. Abbasi in making non-professional, half quoted and twisted stories to fabricate the realities and to make disinformation is now well exposed. All his initial claims are refuted and he has been left by nothing more to say.

We have confirmed by our sources that ‘The News’ deliberately refused to publish the rejoinder, sent on 24th May, from the architect of Farmhouse, on the behalf of former President. Realising the ill-intentions of Mr. Ansar Abbasi, we got the rejoinder from our sources and published exclusively on to make the record straight for our visitors. We have also been informed that ‘The News’ published the rejoinder on 28th May, after getting message of starting up of legal case of defamation against the newspaper and the reporter by former President.

It is also interesting to note that on 23rd May’s story, Mr. Ansar Abbasi also claimed that there is Redco’s site office in the farmhouse of Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman. The next day, he clarified his own allegation by saying that there is no site office. So he gave ‘facts’ without even verifying them. He is not consistent and he just works on hearsay and gossip and still calls himself investigation reporter. We request our visitors to be careful of such so called ‘journalists’, who are scum on the name of balanced and professional journalism. We need to expose them LOUD and CLEAR, as they are making damage to Pakistan by their disinformation. We have many solid reasons to believe that such so called ‘journalists’ are also on the payroll of political parties and even Talibans, as well.


Rejoinder to Ansar Abbasi’s malicious and unsubstantiated report on General Musharraf’s farmhouse

May 24, 2009

A Long Live Musharraf” Report:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Electronic and Press Media in Pakistan is enjoying full freedom since former President General Pervez Musharraf adopted the unprecedented policy of liberation of media, which no one ever dared to take on in the history of Pakistan. From state controlled few channels in 1999 to more than 60 channels in 2008, it was no other than a ruler in military uniform that always supported and encouraged the freedom of Expression. It seems ironical that the same media later started calling him Dictator and crossed all the limits of ethics in toppling him from office of President.

Like politicians of Pakistan, media quite often also behaves with so much incivility and irresponsibility, which not only serves the purpose of disinformation to the nation but also brings irrecoverable damage to national interests. For few years, centre of gravity of media and political parties is to bring down former President General Musharraf by a well orchestrated and well sponsored campaign against him. No news story attracts the attention of the reader, if it lacks some scandalous ‘information’ about former President. It is quite evident that ‘someone’ is still paying media to make false perceptions.

On 23rd May, Daily ‘The News’ published a story by Mr. Ansar Abbasi with the title, “Documents reveal power scandal in Chak Shahzad palaces”, which was simply based on malicious reporting and twisted facts. On TV channels and internet blogs, it appeared as big story and spread much quickly. This one sided report was followed by the ‘Breaking News’ that former President has vacated the army house. To add sensationalism in the news, it was said that Army has forced him to leave the army house. It was further added that General Musharraf has bought an apartment in London and is not likely to return back to the country.

President MusharrafIt was too much humiliating for all those who support General Musharraf and honour him as an honest leader and the man who always work for the ideology of ‘Pakistan First’. It was also so much sad and shattering for former President himself that he appeared on different channels and dismissed all such speculations. He said LOUD and CLEAR that he would live permanently in Chak Chehzad and is not going to leave Pakistan at all. He added that since the construction of his house was completed in Chak Shehzad, he moved out of official residence. On one question, he confirmed the news about his apartment in London and told that his future schedule for lectures in different countries and commitments for interviews is already well set. He has bought a flat in London to serve as a staying station during his visits. On one question he denied any role in killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, saying he is ready to deal with the allegations levelled against him. He out rightly rejected any allegation regarding the rigging in the General Elections of 18th February 2008. He rejected the claim by PML-Q’s leadership that elections were engineered, calling this accusation totally baseless. When he was enquired about the allegation of acquiring electricity on cheaper rates, he rejected this false allegation, saying he abides law and never remains involved in such illegal act.

The next day spokesman of the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) clarified that new connection to the farmhouse is given as per the IESCO-Wapda rules without showing favour to any VIP. He said the contents of the news item were investigated and scrutinised, but no irregularity was found in provision of new connections to these farmhouses. There was no special concession in demand notices. (The News-24th May 2009)

This whole episode clearly depicts how irresponsibly the news reporters sometimes behave while making any story. Professional reporters always take versions of all the parties involved. Mr. Ansar Abbasi, unfortunately is too biased to practice this fundamental rule. We doubt he is probably paid to write such malicious reports, with half quoted and twisted facts. There is no freedom of media, without having feel of responsibility and sense of ownership.


The given is the rejoinder to the malicious report of ‘The News’ by Mr. Ansar Abbasi.


Written by Hammad Husain (Architect of Chak Shahzad farmhouse)

Mr Ansar Abbasi’s write-up in The News on 23rd May titled “Cheap electricity for Musharraf, ex-ISI chief and others” is a classic case of ‘hearsay’ journalism. Had the writer checked his facts, or at least taken the version of those he has callously accused, as a professional journalist is expected to do, his write-up would have been accurate. Mr Abbasi has claimed that “Gen Musharraf’s farmhouse was provided a free of cost transformer and other equipment in 2006”. This information is totally wrong. The correct fact is that a 25 kVA transformer was installed in 2003 right after Gen Musharraf bought the plot. On 25th Feb 09, as the house was nearing completion, an application was written to IESCO for upgradation of the transformer. A demand note was issued by IESCO on 11th March 09 titled “Extension of load and change of tariff”. A pay order of Rs 376,108 was deposited in the name of XEN(E), Islamabad-1 on 24th March and another pay order amounting to Rs. 102,000 was submitted as security deposit. Consequently, the old transformer was removed and a new 100 kVA transformer was installed. It is evident that instead of investigating the matter and verifying his facts, Mr Abbasi has depended solely on hearsay.

As far as the electricity meter is concerned, the published bill clearly shows the date it was installed (Dec 2003). The plot is in the P & V scheme of CDA where an agriculture meter D-2(1) is installed in routine (by default) till a house is built on the plot for permanent occupancy. The farmhouse was occupied a few days ago and the new meter with A-1(b) tariff (for residential use) is in the process of being installed this week in place of the old meter as per the above-mentioned demand note. The writer ought to know that exact electrical load is calculated and the purpose of the meter is clearly mentioned in all applications. IESCO installs meters after verifying the usage and loads and the customer does not have the option of choosing meters. (A-1(b) tariff is for heavy load and is more expensive than A-1(a) tariff that the writer mentioned in his story). Unfortunately, an unnecessary issue has been created out of a non-issue. After providing clarifications in today’s follow-up story, the writer still ‘stands’ by his story. It is easy to stand by a hearsay story, but it is difficult to stand by unverified and incorrect facts.

Hammad Husain

(Architect of Chak Shahzad farmhouse)


Musharraf rubbishes baseless and concocted allegations leveled against him

May 24, 2009

Islamabad, May 24 (ANI): Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has denied any role in the killing of Baloch leader Akbar Bugti, saying he is ready to deal with all the allegations being leveled against him.

Pervez MusharrafIn an interview to a private television channel, he termed all the allegations as ‘baseless’ and ‘concocted’, and said he doesn’t consider it necessary to respond to all the charges.

He also dismissed speculations that he would be leaving Pakistan soon to settle abroad.

When enquired whether he was forced to vacate the Army house, Musharraf said he moved out of the official residence on his own will, and that the construction of his private house in Chak Shahzad has been completed, The Nation reports.

“I will live permanently in Chak Shahzad,” he added.

Musharraf also rejected allegation of acquiring electricity on cheap prices, maintaining that he was not involved in any illegal act. (ANI)


Join Young Pakistan’s Flag Movement

May 18, 2009

Our Flag: A symbol of unity

The national flag of Pakistan is a symbol of unity and sovereignty of our great nation.

We, the people of Pakistan, with diverse ethnicities and backgrounds become one under this flag. This green and white flag or Parcham-e-Sitara-o-Hilal, has always given us strength, unity and determination in times of national crises; The 1965 war, the 2005 earthquake and the current extremist Taliban threat.

Pakistan's National Flag“Iss parcham ke saye talay hum aik hai’n, hum aik hai’n”

The green colour in the flag represents prosperity; white symbolizes peace; the white crescent represents progress; and the white star represents light and knowledge.

Our great flag shows us the way: to be peaceful, to progress and to spread light and knowledge. This is precisely what visionaries like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali and Liaquat Ali Khan had envisaged for their Pakistan.

Jinnah, in his address to the Assembly on 11 August 1947 said:

“I can look forward to Pakistan becoming one of the greatest nations of the world.”

We, the ‘Young Pakistan’ group want to see this vision of Jinnah not as a dream but as a prophecy. Inshallah, with the support and dedication of patriotic Pakistani citizens, our beloved nation, Pakistan will one day become one of the greatest nations of this world!

This beautiful song titled “Quaid ka Piyam”, sung by Mehdi Hassan, aptly illustrates what Jinnah would have said to us if he were amongst us today:

Meer e Kaarvan hum thay
Rooh e Kaarvan tum ho
Hum to sirf unwan thay
Asl daastan tum ho
Nafraton kay darwazay
Iss pay bund hi raKhna
Iss watan kay parcham Ko
Sar buland hi raKhna!

Yeh vatan tumhara hay
Tum ho Pasban iss kay

Hum hai’n paasban iss kay! Yes we are the custodians; we are the children of Pakistan. This is our Pakistan. Let’s keep our flag high. Let’s own Pakistan!

Young Pakistan:

Young Pakistan’ is a group of professionals and educated people – doctors, architects, poets, lawyers, journalists, IT specialists, economists, engineers etc – who have come together to unite Pakistanis. These professionals have one thing in common: They love their homeland and want to own it.

Young Pakistan is a forum for all Pakistanis who feel for their country. This group is above personal likes, dislikes, beliefs and prejudices. It is above political, ethnic and religious affiliations. It is above individuals and personalities. It is for Pakistan!

It is about how we can make our country a better place to live in and how we can rekindle a feeling of patriotism and nationalism in the citizens of Pakistan.

Yeh Vatan Humara Hai, Hum hai’n paasban iss kay! Yes we are the custodians, we are the children of Pakistan. This is our Pakistan. Let’s keep our flag high.

Let’s own Pakistan!

Come join us for our beloved country, Pakistan!

Join ‘Young Pakistan’ at Facebook to show your love towards motherland and to be the part of ‘Flag’s Movement’.


Musharraf on CNN-Not ruling out Presidency

May 16, 2009

Pervez Musharraf

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, speaking on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” said he wishes the current government well and that he “would be the happiest person” if the nation deals well with threats such as the growing political and martial strength of the Taliban.

“But one is concerned about Pakistan, certainly,” he said on the program, which is scheduled to air Sunday. “One does get concerned about where are we headed and what are we doing. Musharraf, once Pakistan’s army chief, resigned under intense political pressure in August.

He had swept to power in 1999 in a bloodless coup, removing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and appointing himself president in 2001, while remaining the head of the military.Considered an ally by the United States in the fight against Islamic extremists in the region, he was criticized for impeding democratic elections in 2008 — including delaying the elections, suspending the country’s constitution, restricting the media and having political protesters arrested.

Ultimately, his political party — Muslim League-Q — finished third in the voting and he stepped down only after the ruling coalition announced it would seek to impeach him.

But now, President Asif Ali Zardari has public approval ratings around 19 percent. When asked by Zakaria if Zardari has the public backing needed to fight the Taliban, Musharraf suggested he does not.

He noted that Zardari, the widower of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, was elected by two-thirds of Pakistan’s parliament.”Democratically, he’s elected by two-thirds. And these are the people who are the representatives of the same people you’re talking of — 19 percent in favor … ,” he said.

“So, there’s a dichotomy. You can analyze it yourself.”Some 1.5 million people have been displaced by 10 months of fighting between the Pakistani military and the Taliban along the country’s border with Afghanistan, the chief minister of North West Frontier Province estimated Thursday.

With a government offensive against the Taliban nearly three weeks old, a spokesman for Pakistan’s army insisted that the military intends to drive the Taliban out of the contested area. Musharraf said deals with the Taliban several years ago that allowed the group some power were a mistake because “it was not from a position of strength” by Pakistan

But, if the military is able to take the upper hand, more deals may be needed to calm fighting by the fundamentalist group. Any deal, Musharraf said, would require that the Taliban in Pakistan not support Al Qaeda and not go into Afghanistan to fight against U.S. and coalition troops.

“I think the line of going for political deals, political compromises, is correct,” he said. “We must do it — even if we are doubtful of some of the people involved in the signing.”

Musharraf said the laws under which he stepped down would allow him to run for office in Pakistan in six monthsalthough he doesn’t intend to do so.”We’re not running for office in six months,” he said.

“I’m on lecture circuits. I’m enjoying this professional activity of giving lectures, which I could never imagine, as a military man, that I’d be doing.”

Then, if Muslim League-Q asked him to run as their presidential candidate? “They haven’t asked me yet,” he said. “Let them ask me first and then I’ll reply.”

(Source: )


India and Pakistan were close to a non-territorial solution-says Manmohan

May 3, 2009

NEW DELHI: India and Pakistan were close to a ‘non-territorial solution’ to end all their bilateral problems before Gen Pervez Musharraf got entangled with domestic difficulties, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Saturday.

He told CNN-IBN channel that India harboured no ill-will towards Pakistan. On the domestic front, he saw in Congress party star campaigner Rahul Gandhi a good future prime minister although he predicted that his ruling UPA coalition would be returned to power after the ongoing elections were over on May 16.

Dr Singh had tried very hard to improve relations with Pakistan ‘and yet today those are at their lowest ebb in five years. Could it have been avoided?’ he was asked.

‘It was avoidable if Pakistan had a strong purposeful government,’ the prime minister replied. ‘I have always believed a strong peaceful moderate Pakistan is in India’s interests. We worked very hard on that and in fact I and Gen Musharraf had reached nearly an agreement, a non-territorial solution to all problems but then General Musharraf got into many difficulties with the chief justice and other fronts and therefore the whole process came to a halt.’

A dip in the relations following the terror outrage in Mumbai last November required Pakistan to act against those using its territory to launch attacks against India, said Mr. Singh.

‘I still believe we have no ill-will towards Pakistan,’ Dr Singh said. Our only concern is Pakistan should cooperate with us, not allowing the territory of Pakistan to be used for acts of terror. We wish the government well. I’ve often said we can choose our friends but not our neighbours.’

Given another chance at power he would focus on agriculture, education and rural health, he said. About the moment he was handed the job in May 2004 as India’s prime minister, Dr Singh said he was given a two-day notice by Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

‘Mrs. Gandhi told me 48 hours before. I tried to resist, arguing that she was the best person to unify the party,’ Dr Singh said.

‘I told her I had my limitations that I have no mass following, but she said ‘no’. She had looked around and I would have to undertake the responsibility and the faith she gave me added to the burden of the office I was going to assume.’

Dr Singh survived a close call in a parliamentary vote late last year after the Left Front walked out of the coalition over his close ties with then US President George W. Bush. But Dr Singh did not rule out getting the communists to support him again.

‘Politics is the art of the possible. Who do we reach out to and who do we not reach this is a matter we can only talk about when the election results are known. We have worked with the Left before… for four years they were our partners.’

‘I have enjoyed working with the Left. I have many friends.  I think Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee is a very good friend of mine.’

 The Communist-led Front wanted India to renegotiate a civilian nuclear deal with the United States which led to their turning against Dr Manmohan Singh. That deal was still not negotiable, the prime minister said.

 ‘There is no question of giving up the deal. That situation will not arise. But no patriotic Indian would suggest that a deal that required so much hard work, ended India’s nuclear isolation at tremendous cost when the chips are down. I don’t think any serious-minded Indian party would ask that we should annul the deal.’–bi-06


Pervez Musharraf to speak at Distinguished Lecture Series

May 2, 2009

The 2010 series will be held at the Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach

The Distinguished Lecturer Series of Vero Beach has announced its list of speakers for its 12th season in 2010.

All lectures take place on Riverside Theatre’s Stark Mainstage with a live simulcast on the Waxlax Stage. Lectures are at 4 and 6 p.m.

Series seats still are available on the Waxlax Stage. Subscriptions for the Waxlax Stage are $200.

For more information, call the box office at (772) 231-6990 or (800) 445-6745.

Riverside Theatre is at 3250 Riverside Park Drive, Vero Beach.

The speakers are:

Vernon Jordan, special counsel to President Bill Clinton, on Jan. 11. Jordan became the director of the United Negro College Fund in 1970 and president of the National Urban League from 1972 to 1981. After his tenure, he moved to Washington, D.C., and into private law practice.

Karl Rove, political analyst, Feb. 8. A commentator with Fox News, Rove writes a regular column for Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal. A member of the President George W. Bush’s inner circle, Rove has been called a master strategist/architect of many winning political campaigns.

President Pervez MusharrafFormer Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, on March 8. According to Time magazine, Musharraf held “the world’s most dangerous job” as president of Pakistan from 2001 to 2008. Prior to ascension in the political forum, he was named Army chief of staff and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, on April 5. Romney was a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Elected governor in 2002, he presided over a dramatic reversal of state fortunes and a period of sustained economic expansion without raising taxes or increasing debt.

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