Ansar Abbasi’s twisted stand on General Musharraf’s farmhouse

May 30, 2009

(A “Long Live Musharraf Report)

Dear visitors, We are proud to expose the malicious and unsubstantiated report of Mr. Ansar Abbasi of ‘The News’ in our blog soon after his one sided and false report was published. Now, we are exposing the twisted stand and position of Mr. Ansar Abbasi throughout this whole episode.

On 23rd May Edition of ‘The News’, Mr. Ansar Abbasi made two main accusations,

1- IESCO has provided former President free of cost transformer and other equipments. [1]

2- The electricity meter in use is meant for Agricultural use, of which former President is not entitled for. [2]

All said else was found to be an extension of the second accusation.

On 26th May Edition of ‘The News’, Mr. Ansar Abbasi made a new story, claiming that farmhouse is now getting Fata power rates by IESCO [3].

Enjoy the sensational words of him, “The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has silently changed the power connection of former president Pervez Musharraf’s palatial house at Chak Shahzad following unearthing of the power theft scandal by The News.”

There were few more important points in the story as well, like’

“While Musharraf has already been reported to have said that he was not involved in any irregularity, one of his sympathiser in an unsigned note conveyed that the story on Musharraf’s electricity tariff was factually incorrect. He, whose name was not even disclosed by the source to this correspondent, added the bill shown was of the meter installed when the plot was bought and was being used till now. “The new and proper meter will be installed this week. Secondly, full payment was made for the transformer,” concluded the note.” [4]

And this one;

“The SDO claimed Musharraf had applied for the new connection some six months back and have also paid the fee for the installation of transformer.” [5]

Mr. Ansar Abassi appeared on 28th May 2009 with this story;

“A self-claimed spokesman of Musharraf and the architect of his farmhouse, in a rejoinder e-mailed to The News on Tuesday, refuted different ‘facts’ of The News stories but argued that the agriculture tariff was installed in routine “by default” till a house was built on the plot for permanent occupancy.” [6]

Now, if we analyse the overall twists and change of position by Mr. Ansar Abassi, we can easily judge ourselves the way he maligned the issue to make sensationalism.

Ansar AbbasiFirstly, Mr. Abbasi came with a report that transformer is provided to Farmhouse free of cost [1] and that the electricity tariff is illegally provided [2]. Then he appeared with a news that IESCO is now providing Fata power rates [3]. Then, he admitted that a rejoinder to his one sided report is received by ‘The News’ which clearly stated that full cost of the transformer was already paid and that the new meter will be installed this week [4]. It is interesting to note that instead of publishing the rejoinder, Mr. Abbasi tried to ridicule it by his non-professional and biased attitude, like using the words “one of his sympathiser…” and “few days before Musharraf was ‘uttering’ these words”. In the same story, he also admitted himself that Musharraf already had applied for the new connection and that the fee for the installation of transformer is also paid, as confirmed by the SDO of IESCO [5].

The story of 28th May was the most interesting in which Mr. Abbasi indirectly admitted that all his allegations were fake and false. Although, Mr. Abassi twisted the facts again by his well designed words, like; “A self-claimed spokesman of Musharraf….” and “refuted different ‘Facts’ of The News stories…” So, Mr. Abassi is claiming that whatever published in his newspaper is ‘FACT’, because it suits him. However, Mr. Abbasi placed the text of rejoinder in his story. For every reader, who believes in well balanced reporting, it should be the matter of extreme disappointment that Mr. Abbasi had done nothing in 28th May report, instead of making new scandals and taking irrelevant issues. Matter of fact is that all his facts are proved wrong and he could not stand by his story. Regular procedure is followed throughout the construction and installments of IESCO. Cost of transformer has been paid. Once the farmhouse was completed and ready for residence, application was given for change in tariff.

We have received numerous mails, asking where Abbasi’s claim of Free Transformer and fata meter is gone, now? He himself admitted later that payment was made and application was given. So, where is his earlier claim, which according to him was ‘Fact?’ Role of Mr. Abbasi in making non-professional, half quoted and twisted stories to fabricate the realities and to make disinformation is now well exposed. All his initial claims are refuted and he has been left by nothing more to say.

We have confirmed by our sources that ‘The News’ deliberately refused to publish the rejoinder, sent on 24th May, from the architect of Farmhouse, on the behalf of former President. Realising the ill-intentions of Mr. Ansar Abbasi, we got the rejoinder from our sources and published exclusively on http://LongLiveMusharraf.WordPress.com to make the record straight for our visitors. We have also been informed that ‘The News’ published the rejoinder on 28th May, after getting message of starting up of legal case of defamation against the newspaper and the reporter by former President.

It is also interesting to note that on 23rd May’s story, Mr. Ansar Abbasi also claimed that there is Redco’s site office in the farmhouse of Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman. The next day, he clarified his own allegation by saying that there is no site office. So he gave ‘facts’ without even verifying them. He is not consistent and he just works on hearsay and gossip and still calls himself investigation reporter. We request our visitors to be careful of such so called ‘journalists’, who are scum on the name of balanced and professional journalism. We need to expose them LOUD and CLEAR, as they are making damage to Pakistan by their disinformation. We have many solid reasons to believe that such so called ‘journalists’ are also on the payroll of political parties and even Talibans, as well.



  1. Bravo. This scumbag Ansar Abbasi has an ailment , he has “Qalmi Bawaseer” and only few persons in this world are suffered by such disease, two of them are in Pakistan, one is Ansar Abbasi , and other is Irfan siddiqi.

  2. Forget Musharraf. He is thing of the past. Remember Pakistan and do something for it.

  3. You said the words.. ansar abbasi is the scum of this earth, they are poison for our society and they should be weeded out and discarded. he is definitely paid and funded by some powers.. and if he is a big taliban supporter, then may be he gets his funding from israel and india. some day the truth will come out.

  4. Ansar Abbasi as known as Talibans sympathiser is the scum on the name of balanced and professional reporting. The way he makes scandalous, half quoted and twisted stories by using the platform of his organisation’s newspaper and TV channel sounds like he is some professional black mailor. It must not wonder any one, if he is also on the payroll of anti-state elements including foreign intelligence agencies and even Talibans…

  5. by tariq M Khan: Thank you for providing for in depth story of electric scandal of Chak Shehzad. I wonder if somebody investigate to hundreds of electric poles and transformers installed at Raisind estate of which tariff and under what conditions.anyone can observer a full double sided carpeted road going all the way to Raiwind estate. The telephones from Raiwind to Lahore used to charged on the basis of NWD while from Raiwind estate to Lahore was charged as local calls.
    The Model twon houses and Raiwind palaces were declared PM houses and all the expenditure of those houses were billed from the government expenses.
    I wish the moderator of this page would put the above story on a new tab at the top of the web site.
    The reports said that Pervez Musharraf bought a house worth 1/2 million pounds. I wonder with that amount how big or luxurious house or flat can be bought in London. I wish somebody provide apporix. cost of houses in which Imran Khan, Rehman Malik and Sharif Brothers reside.

  6. Watch the video of Sawal Yeh Hai

    Forward to min 22

    Sawal Yeh Hai 29th December 2008 – Friends Korner

    Mr Zahid Bashir attended a talk show hosted by Dr. Danish and produced/broadcasted by a TV Channel ARY One World. The title of talk show was “Sawal Ya Hai Kai” and it was aired on 29th December 2008 at about 11.05 P.M.

    The show exposed Ansar Abbasi’s dishonesty and corruption.

    A letter was read in the same program, sent by one Ashraf Ansari to FBR with the subject “Tax evasion by Ansar Ahmed Abbasi Journalist”.

    The letter also exposes Ansar Abbasi’s father’s activities who according to Mr. Ansar Abbasi is “a known businessman of Muree” whereas according the letter, he was a poor labourer.

    According to the letter, Ansar Abbasi has the properties having worth of Rs.444 millions. The figures and details of properties owned or attributed to Ansar Abbasi are surprising.

    For example, the wardrobe inventories of Ansar Abbasi, who is reported to have 150 foreign suits, diamonds and precious watches etc. Ansar Abbasi has one office maintained car by Jang and other inexplicable perks.

    It was reported that Ansar Abbasi owns two hotels in Islamabad and a CNG pump for which he had never paid any taxes.

  7. Well said Kashif Abbasi! But you forgot one more person with the same ailment “Prejudice Moran Hamid Mir”.

  8. Musharraf Destroyed My Beautiful Country

    When you judge a ruler you should look at the country before him/her and after him/her.

    Before Musharraf there were no Bomb blasts, Suicide attacks, Killings, no civil war in Balochistan and NWFP, our own army was not killing Pakistanis; and there were no major electricity (power) problem and food shortages (flour-Aata etc.), the inflation was under control and security and safety was good.

    He killed Bugti which was a conspiracy to ignite civil war in Balochistan. He killed Benazir, which was conspiracy too to start a civil war in Sindh and to weaken the democracy.

    He strengthened killers of HAKIM SAEED (friends of India) so that they can start a civil war in Karachi to break Pakistan. He created Swat militants with intent to kill them later to make money from US. He killed thousands innocent Pakistanis in NWFP to upset “Pushtuns” so that they can start a civil war in that province.

    He is Ghadar (Traitor) and he was doing that for purpose, he was assigned a job to break Pakistan. Indian airplane lifted this Ghadar from Pakistan to India for lectures. The whole country is burning now.

    The killers of HAKIM SAEED attacked on 12th May in Karachi and Musharraf proudly supported them on media. His killers attacked in October’07 on Benazir’s arrival and 150 people were killed.

    How can anybody forget killings of 150 innocent children and girls in LAL MASJID? He used white phosphorus on innocent children.

    He sold AAFIA SIDDIQUE and 4000 Pakistanis for million dollars (that’s why he is so rich now). He should be brought to justice for all those crimes.

    He fired Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan twice (along with 60 judges). The CJ was humiliated and was in prison for many months with his children. He broke the constitution twice which is a very big crime. The whole Pakistan hates him.

    No ruler in the whole world did that many crimes, he is criminal and only criminals like criminals

    Pakistan is on the edge because of him.

  9. by tariq m khan:
    Many people think that investigative journalists and journalist like Ansar Abbasi are sincere journalists who are uncovering the corruption and favouritism and are really serving the nations. They show the real face of our corrupt leaders and top elites. On Principles they are most honest and dedicated journalist and we must praise these people. But what actually is happening at the bottom. We know most of the people on the top have weaknesses and faults but what really ansar Abbasi type journalist do they over-expose the faults and weaknesses of certain persons much more vigorously and hide and avoid the major weaknesses and crimes of other people. Many names are given to this type of journalism and many full length books and articles have been written.This type of journalism is the darkest side of journalism. In Islam they are called MUNAFIQS and Quran has on many occasions have discussed these types of people rather described the full sketch of such persons.
    For example many reports have been published and broadcasted about the illegal way the getting of Chak Shehzad plots illegally by President Musharraf. And After investigation it was found out that Musharraf got that plot not by allotment by he actually bought that plot from some person! So we must praise that person rather than point any finger toward him. But no praise have ever been made on any paper or TV channel. They the electricity hoax was created and we came to know that Musharraf didn’t misused the electricity. And all the farm houses were given agriculture connection in the beginning but whenever somebody build an house and start residing in the house than normal electric connection is given. Remember Musharraf has not started living in his Chak Shehzad house and already normal electric connection is installed. Musharraf had paid the amount of transformer etc. as an normal Pakistani citizen. Although as ex- President and ex- Chief of Staff he might have much more privileges and facilities. Knowing all that any person who have a honest mind have a more respectable picture and view about the former president. But no praise is given by these journalist and worse than that no apology is asked for.
    One the other hand nawaz Sharif and bro are owning 2 thousand acres in Raiwind and we dont know how these lands were acquired but I am sure these were agricture lands and all the development even two way luxury road right upto Raiwind was made on government expenses and no questions is ever asked. hundred of electrci poles and dozens or transformers were installed on government expenses and Ansar Abbasi has never bothered. The Lahore residences at model twon and Raiwind declared PM houses and their all the expenses were paid from the government funds. Still Hamzah Shehbaz is enjoying all the facilitates and privileges of an government officials.
    I can state dozens such example but still Ansar Abbasi is declaring Musharraf as bad man and Zardari and Nawaz Sharif despite all their corruption as good men.
    Anasr Abbasi is not one single person our media is almost full of these type of persons. ironically these people make the mind of common innocent and illiterate or semi- Illiterate people of Pakistan. So very easily we see why the condition of our country is worsening rather than improving day by day.
    If we want to progress first we have to eliminate these types of persons and minds from our society.

  10. Dear Ansar Abbasi Sahib

    I strongly believe you are an honest reporter but unfortunately recently I learn to know you are extremely bias in your thinking, which eventually may effect your honest reporting at some point. Your comments on woman flogging in Sawat were not in response to the merit of incident rather you took them on meritof
    sharia and quoted few verses of Quran.

    The question was not sharia permit such punishments or not but instead it was about floggers, do they have right to flog in the name of sharia. Without knowing who are floggers and what business they have to conduct such business in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and under what authority they conducted their business.

    You under pretense took an offence that someone is accusing Quranic punishments.

    To my knowledge no one accuse Quranic punishments, people were concerned why and who has such authority in Pakistan to conduct this kind of punishments.
    People call it barbaric and atrocious because they were meted out in unusual circumstances. Haad is a mercy of Allah and almost all the hadood in Prophetic era were implemented at insistence of culprit except one of few where a Jew try to hide the verses of Rijm in Torah.

    Nowhere in Prophet’s time people were dragged out of their houses in humiliation. We do understand verses of Quran are clear in this respect but Quran is neither revealed on Ansar Abbasi heart or my heart, it was revealed on Prophet’s heart and it was prime job of Prophet to teach and explain Quran.

    Some explanation done by Prophet practically some verbally. Prophet’ conduct regarding hadood shows their main purpose is deterent, at many occaison Prophet tried to avoid hadood but culprit insisted to be implemented. Under no circumstnces we learn that hadood means to cause brain damging humiliation. Purpose of hadood could not be humiliation because Allah likes to hide our bad and its expected from us to hide the bad of our fellows.

    So the Haad is ultimate punishment which may subject to public humiliation of the culprit thats why if we learn from Prophet its more of deterent than to be implemented. I am sure stringent criteria of Haad must be very tedious and difficult to convict.

    Most of the cases in Prophetic era were of confession.


  11. Ansar Abbasi thinks what Sufi Mohammad says about Parliament and judiciary, are his known ideas but the timing should be different to disclose them.
    What an honest Journalist preaching Munafiqat.

    Ansar Abbasi says, It was expected that looting, slaughter, kidnapping and burning girls school would stop after NAR.
    With the minimum knowledge of anything and lowest of intellect which I qualify, can tell without any reservation that the party involved as signatory in NAR(Sufi Mohammad), is responsible for all these heinous crimes and Abbasi knows this fact, otherwise theres no way Abbasi is so sure that these crimes would stop.

    Abbasi further condoned Sufi’s one decade struggle to implement sharia in Malakand and Abbasi is heart broken that Sufi is about to lose the fruits of his noble cause because he is not much minafiq as Abbasi want him to be.
    Perhaps this looting and slaughter was ending strategy of this one decade struggle.

    Abbasi with his Journalist dishonesty clearly hiding the fact that Sufi intentions never were for Malakand only and Abbasi as a top Journalist must have known it but still Abbasi call it one decade struggle to implement sharia in Malakand.
    Some of the Sufi spoke person justify why Sufi call this Parliament Kufr because it does not bring all the laws on annual basis in front of Islami Nazaryati council or Shriat federal court to Islamize them, weare not talking here about Malakand or Swat only.

    Then in the end Abbasi preach that we should stay away from America war on terror ,this is the only way to avoid spread of Extremism and Talibanization.
    Abbasi trying to preach Extremim and Talibanization has nothing to do with Sufi Mohammad.
    Wheres Ansar Abbsi we knew as honest and responsible reporter.
    Perhaps his bias and polarity has started to take effects.


  12. Dear Ansar Abbasi Sahib

    Its not about understanding you, its all about understanding other people through you, a Journalist, who suppose to give unbiased picture of events or personalities because we are dependent on you.
    I never knew anything about Musharaf or Justice Bilal, I read your articles and I am thankful to you for giving us in depth knowledge of these Monsters.
    When it comes to Taliban or Sufi Mohmmad or other Wahabi forces in action you probably Wahabi or deobandi by faith becomes hellbent to protect their character.
    How easy it was to quote verses of Quran to not show mercy on implementation of Haad, what about quoting the verses of Quran to show killing of single innocent human being is like killing Humanity.
    Who is this Sufi Mohammad, perhaps he has no hands in killing of innocent human beings because you think very high of him, what about his ignorance of all those killings in the same area where he is so powerful, he can stop killings and all the crimes once his decade struggle is fructified, to think he has no hands in innocent killings is a joke.
    A lesser crime of Sufi could be allowing innocent killings to blackmail authorities into implementing sharia.
    Or a third more painful scenario , let the shia killed they are already kafir so what the heck, verse of Quran would not apply on them because they are kafir and killing a kafir is nothing but thawab.


  13. Shame on those who writes in the favor of bloody nonsense rascal Ansar Abbasi Mir Jaafer o Mir Sadiq of Pakistan. Soimply one of the most corrupt journalist and a professional black mailer. Ask Ansar Abbasi where do his daughter study and in which beauty parlour his wife goes. If they are enjoying the civilised life than he has no right to profess that the innocent citizens of Pakistan go in Stone Age. Dear writer ask ur friend Hamid Mir, Shahid Masood and Ansar Abbasi etc to send their Mother,Sister, and Daughters to Swat to get some blessings of their dearest Taliban. It is not justice that they enjoy the life of civilized in Islamabad and innocent be lashed. In my opinion their family should get blessings of Talibs. Happy Journey.

  14. This mullah Ansar Abbasi is more dangerous than our real enemies the talibans because he defends them, he supports them and he does propaganda for them and he does all these anti Pakistan & anti Pakistani activities in the garb of being one of us (unfortunately!). He is a traitor and it is time that patriotic Pakistanis recognize this serpent and unitedly and seriously effort to condemn this thug and chase him to the holes of talibans. This is a dangerous man. Write to ‘THe News’ owners & and management, jus keep on sending e-mails and register your protests – they will wake up, I assure you they love their revenues and will stop this rotten commodity aka mullah ansar abbasi the terrorists agent.

  15. He might or might not be a ‘religious fanatic’ in addition to being a dangerous lunatic. Mullah ansar abbasi is agent of our enemies and he must be recognized and condemned for his anti Pakistan and anti Pakistanis designs. He is just an agent and for money he will do anything that traitors have been doing all along in history. He must be tried for high treason under the existing laws in open court and brought to justice that traitrs deserve. In the meantime, all the patriotic Pakistanis must write emails & letters to the editors to ‘The News’ & Geo TV and all the rest of the Print & Electronic Media. You must register your disapproval of this rascal.

  16. ansar abbasi, …..…so called abbasi’s
    now towards this black mailer… he is son of those fore fathers who use to drive a donkey in murre for tourists announcing..
    acho sir acho sir
    mara tattu good sir
    jheka gali two mile
    one rupee one mile
    from there he emerged… according to few news reports, he ows a couple of hotels in faiz abad pindi, two houses in islamabad, a flat in dubai, guest room in bhurban and much more…. is this MUNAFIQ and TOPI DRAMA thinks taht he will befool the people… he was the one who on behalf on naeem bukhari wrote the story against iftikhar chaudhry, and when on that musharraf took action.. he joined iftikhar chaudhry… after seeing the mood of people.. he is a black sheep in journalist community… peolpe shold come out and ask him for so much property. second i request jang group, if they are true followers of mir khalil ur rehman to kick him out of their paper and send him to murree. donkeys are waiting for their master… am sorry for the readers to be so rude but m so true olso and truth is always bitter….

  17. shame on you ansar abbasi lanat hai tum jaisay ghatia kirdar k sahafion pay jo haram k paison say apnay bachon ko roti khilatay ho lanat hai tum pay tumharay khandan pay tumhari shakal pay lanat hai taliban ki dehshat gardi ko sypport kartay ho ager kal tumhari baiti k sath taliban aesa karain to kia karo gay tum

    Aftab S. Alam on April 30th, 2009 :

    Ansar Abbasi was the first one to malign Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry… Watch Capital Talk 12 Nov 2008 for evidence.

    The JUI Senator Dr. Soomro asks Ansar Abbasi in this program:

    “Tell me, whether your earlier report about the corruption of the Chief Justice was true? or whether your current stance in support of the Chief Justice is true?”.

    Did Ansar Abbasi have an answer?

    No. He is a shameless blackmailer.

    In 2006, Abbasi released a news report alleging Chief Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhry of corruption and nepotism (in regards to appointment of his son as an ASP).

    Listen to Voice of America’s Program ‘Round Table’ (13 March 2007) in which Ansar Abbasi admits that he filed the news report about the corruption of the Chief Justice. You can find an audio link to the radio program on the following website. Skip to Minute 22:30 and listen to Ansar Abbasi’s admission:


    However, since Abbasi’s agenda is larger than that, i.e. to support Taliban and Al-Qaeda, he later on decided to side with the Chief Justice, when in 2007 Chief Justice was suspended by General Musharraf. Abbasi’s main aim was not to support the Chief Justice but to criticize Musharraf because Musharraf was at that time a thorn in the side of the Taliban and their supporters.

    That explains why Abbasi is extremely bitter towards PPP, ANP, JUI, MQM and all those forces which are currently in the government which is conducting a successful operation against militants/terrorists of Taliban, who happen to be friends of Mr. Ansar Abbasi.

  18. “In 2006, Abbasi released a news report alleging Chief Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhry of corruption and nepotism (in regards to appointment of his son as an ASP).

    Listen to Voice of America’s Program ‘Round Table’ (13 March 2007) in which Ansar Abbasi admits that he filed the news report about the corruption of the Chief Justice. You can find an audio link to the radio program on the following website. Skip to Minute 22:30 and listen to Ansar Abbasi’s admission:


  19. According to a white paper
    Facts related to raiwand palace
    1-Nawaz shareef opened an account in MCB with just 15000 Rs and very next day borrow 15 crore loan bypassing all rules and regulations
    2-got 2000 acres of 6 villages in raiwand and spent 25 crore Rs immidiately from national treasury for construction of Palace
    3-Declare this Palace as Prime minister camp office and bound PWD to bear all develpment charges
    4-according to constitution of Pakistan there may be no perminent development work in any camp office but nawaz shareef govt cruised all laws
    5-Rs 80 million were spent on renovation of this Palace which were approved in just 24 hrs from Prime minster secreteriat
    6-Rs 70 million were spent to provide Raiwand palace gas connection.
    7-Rs 320 million were spent for carpetting roads all the way to raiwand palace.
    8-Rs 50 million for electricity.
    9-Rs 20 million for telephone exchange.
    Readers all this was money of poor tax payers of Pakistan, w we expect Iftikhar chaudhry to take suo moto action and enquire the whole issue, we also expect Mr Ansar Abbasi to do some investigative journalism and write an article on it.

  20. janab-e-wala!!

    Nawaz Sharif sahib baa-izzat barri ho gaye.. CJ Iftikhar chaudahry sahib ki addalat say…

    la’nat aysay addalti nizzam pe..

  21. the people who has passed comments about abbasi are the enemy of pakistan.this site is also fake becouse no comments i have seen against mushraf.i hope my comments will also appear on the thios site

  22. MD wapda issued the notice to pay bill of Rs 500,000 to musharaf.due to no payments the MD further ordered the disconect the electricity of farm house where donky musharar live including their lovers.This shows that Annsar Abbsi is rite.

  23. http://pakistaniat.com/2009/07/26/leaders-pakistan

    pls vote in ATP poll for gen musharraf ans spread it upto mazimum

  24. The response level to national disaster is awesome but it’s a damn shame that so many people take advantage of the negative situations.

    I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill – there’s always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

    This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys “angels” got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

  25. longlivemusharraf.wordpress.com’s done it again! Superb writing!

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