Chitral Supports Musharraf

June 1, 2009

(Taken from http://Musharrafsupporters.WordPress.com with Thanks 🙂

There is an interesting report on the BBC Urdu website:

Chitral: Pervez Musharraf ka haami nazar aya (rough translation:- Chitral: Came across as a Supporter of Pervez Musharraf) Monday, 25 May, 2009
By Ijaz Mehar.

A rough summary:

The reporter spoke to people in Chitral and was surprised to see them express their support for the former President, Pervez Musharraf. He spoke to a variety of people, people in shops to shop owners, and they all praised Musharraf. According to the reporter, Pervez Musharraf is more popular than most politicians in the Chitral area.

Chitral supports MusharrafAccording to one Chitrali Advocate, a reason for this support is the multi-billion rupees construction of the 8 km long Lowari tunnel in Sawat during the Musharraf era. This tunnel is now virtually complete and once done, Chitral will no longer be cut off from the rest of Pakistan during heavy snow falls. According to the Advocate, for decades the people of Chitral dreamed the construction of such a tunnel and Musharraf turned their dream into reality. Furthermore, the Advocate proceeded, if Musharraf ran for elections from Chitral, he would easily receive the majority of votes.

Moving on, we are introduced to a Chitrali logger, one Ahmad Khan, who is said to be a friend of Pervez Musharraf. Khan said he loves Musharraf and has met him four times, eagerly showing his pictures with the former President.

According to Ahmad Khan, Musharraf is an honest and a brave man. Khan said he cried a lot when Musharraf was attacked by terrorists. But upon learning that Musharraf was safe, he distributed sweets in the bazaars of Chitral. Khan said he is a poor man who earns his living selling wood, but that day he spent money distributing sweets in Chitral.

Khan went on to say that he transformed his house into a polling station during the referendum and has not spoken to two of his relatives who voted against Musharraf.

Echoing the words of the above referred Advocate, Khan also said that Musharraf would easily win the elections where he to run from Chitral and expressed his joy if Musharraf entered politics.


Almost daily on all Pakistani political analysis programmes, we are bombarded by bravado proclamations that Musharraf is allegedly ‘hated’ and ”disliked’ by 170 million Pakistanis. Almost every politician from the PML-N, the PPPP, the ANP and the PTI makes such assertions and boldly parades themselves as representatives of the 170 million people of Pakistan, with no exception whatsoever. These discredited, hypocritical and lying politicians should be advised to visit Chitral. Unless, of course, they regard the people of Chitral to be ‘non-Pakistanis’ for daring to support Musharraf!

These lying politicians should also go out more and meet the Pakistani people since doing so would make it abundantly clear to them that many Pakistanis love, support and admire Pervez Musharraf. I support Musharraf and most people viewing this blog support Musharraf and most commenting here support Musharraf, many of our family members and friends support Musharraf and many of their family members and friends support Musharraf and on and on. How is it that we can so easily identify many Musharraf supporters from our immediate circles whereas Imran Khan, Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, for example, cannot spot a single Pakistani supporting Musharraf? We are all Pakistanis yet these politicians either refuse to accept our Pakistaniness or just ignore us by lying to be representatives of ‘all’ Pakistanis.

Every time a politician, with not so much as a thought, proclaims boldly to be talking on behalf of the 170 million people of Pakistan, let it be known that he/she is lying from their teeth.


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