Hearsay journalism vs Investigative Journalism-Letter to the Editor

June 21, 2009

Daily “The News”,

Section: Letter to the Editor

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yellow journalismAccording to recent stories in your paper regarding Chak Shahzad farmhouses, a list of 34 persons charged with some sort of default or wrong tariff has been released by IESCO. Former president Pervez Musharraf’s name is conspicuous by its absence from this list. What happened to the ‘unearthing’ of a scandal about the former president’s farmhouse that was given extensive coverage in your columns? There were stories about free transformers, wrong tariffs and the most laughable of all, the installation of FATA meter at the ex-president’s farmhouse. All these allegations of your reporter seemed nothing more than his fantastical opinions portrayed as facts as not a single allegation in this series of stories has held ground. When one allegation is refuted, your ‘investigative’ journalist, instead of defending the first one, as someone who has done his research should be able to do, cooks up another allegation which is proved wrong the next day. Is this the understanding of investigative journalism of The News?

It is expected of the largest media group in Pakistan to at least be able to differentiate between hearsay journalism and investigative journalism.

Hammad Husain

Architect of Pervez Musharraf’s farmhouse, Chak Shahzad,




One comment

  1. According to a white paper
    Facts related to raiwand palace
    1-Nawaz shareef opened an account in MCB with just 15000 Rs and very next day borrow 15 crore loan bypassing all rules and regulations
    2-got 2000 acres of 6 villages in raiwand and spent 25 crore Rs immidiately from national treasury for construction of Palace
    3-Declare this Palace as Prime minister camp office and bound PWD to bear all develpment charges
    4-according to constitution of Pakistan there may be no perminent development work in any camp office but nawaz shareef govt cruised all laws
    5-Rs 80 million were spent on renovation of this Palace which were approved in just 24 hrs from Prime minster secreteriat
    6-Rs 70 million were spent to provide Raiwand palace gas connection.
    7-Rs 320 million were spent for carpetting roads all the way to raiwand palace.
    8-Rs 50 million for electricity.
    9-Rs 20 million for telephone exchange.
    Readers all this was money of poor tax payers of Pakistan, w we expect Iftikhar chaudhry to take suo moto action and enquire the whole issue, we also expect Mr Ansar Abbasi to do some investigative journalism and write an article on it.

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