Protest in London in Support of Musharraf

August 2, 2009

Protest in Support of General Pervez Musharraf

Assalam Alaikum

Many Musharraf Supporters requested we organise a protest in support and defense of Musharraf. We have done precisely this and request all Pakistanis based in Britain to join us on 16 August at the above mentioned location for a peaceful protest outside the Pakistan High Commission. If you support Musharraf then you MUST come out.

This is the time to express and show your support for Musharraf, a man who did so much for Pakistan over the past 8 years. The least you can do is come out with your family and friends and say you admire Musharraf. The former President is being attacked and maligned daily by overly biased and sold out anchors and by known corrupt politicians. As if this was not enough, now Iftikhar Chaudhry and other members of the Judiciary being fully controlled by Nawaz Sharif are also playing an active role in extracting their petty revenge from Musharraf.

Enough is enough. If the above state of affairs depresses you and makes you sad, angry and annoyed, then you MUST assemble with us on August 16 outside the Pakistan High Commission in London.

On the internet so many people make constant demands for protests and rallies. Then on the big day itself, usually a minuscule number of these people participate in the event. Lets not allow this to occur. Such an outcome will only hurt the cause of Musharraf.

If there is even a slight bit of support, admiration and compassion in your heart for Musharraf, someone who did so much for Pakistan, then you WILL come out on August 16.


© Musharraf Supporters 2009 All rights reserved


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