A question for the PML-N

August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009
Constitution of PakistanThe PML-N has just released its draft of the proposed 18th Amendment. To begin with it is quite surprising to note that it does not repeal the 17th Amendment which has been a popular rallying cry for the PML-N. In fact a closer look at the proposed draft gives one the impression that most of Musharraf’s constitutional amendments have been spared and hence endorsed.

Quite intriguingly, the PML-N has also proposed the deletion of sub-clauses, h, i, j, p, q r and s of Article 63 (1). I say intriguing because for example Article 63(1)(q) disqualifies a person from being elected to parliament if he or his spouse or any dependent has had bank loans of more than two million rupees written off. Now my question to the PML-N is that why would it want deletion of this otherwise worthy sub-clause?

Danyal Aziz

Source: The News


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