In A Plane With Pervez Musharraf’s Mother

August 27, 2009

Mr. Riaz Khan

(Mr. Riaz Khan is a retired senior bureaucrat. On Aug. 19, he happened to share the same flight with former President Musharraf’s mother and elder brother from Islamabad to Karachi.)

Mrs. Zarin Musharraf“Dear Friends of Pakistan & of President Musharraf, I want to share my personal experience of Wednesday while coming on 3.00 PM PIA flight from ISL to Karachi. I was travelling in Economy Plus & had a window seat. A elderly lady in the same row on Aile seat sat who was assisted by a dignified man, I immediately recognized that she was Musharraf’s mother & the man resembled like Musharraf although little thinner.

In the front row was our bull dog looking finance minister Shaukat Tareen seated. Once the plane took off, I offered my respect to the lady & told her that how much we love his son. The person sitting next to me was Musharraf’s elder brother, who is settled in Rome. Guys, he was such a humble and nice man that I cannot find words to explain him. We knew lot of mutual friends and talked during the flight. Besides, I mentioned to Musharraf mother about my father in law, while her husband was posted in Ankara & surprisingly she remembered the names of my sister in laws and mother in law. There was no protocol, no special treatment except wheel chair as offered to ordinary PIA passengers at KHI airport.

Our bull dog Finance Minister did not had the courtesy to say hello to the aged lady. Outside the airport was Ayala, president’s daughter to receive them. Can you imagine this happening to any of our other leaders, who had ruled the country for 9 years. One of my friend, who knows Musharraf very well visited him in his modest two bed room flat in London and was invited for dinner at his place. I was told that he was laying the table for dinner himself & was extremely happy, content and satisfied with life. There were no regrets or ill feelings against anybody & his only concern was Pakistan. Aren’t we an unfortunate nation to lose a remarkable person like him & replace him with the likes of AAZ, NS & SS?”

Source: Pakistan Daily



  1. yes definitely we are an unfirtunate people to lose such a precious person and even then we are not ashamed of our horrible acts. an excellent write up.we love u sir musharraf

  2. Salute to the Mother who devoted her life to make her kids Good Humans, Patriotic Pakistanis, Responsible Citizen. Any one can get the prove by watching ARY TV last week ,the interview with hearts of the President , Pr. Musharraf by Dr. Danish . He only worried about Pakistan & the Nation, didn’t used any dirty word against his opponents, did not abused any one. On the other hand when I listen cheep mental personalities from, PPP, PMLN, Bad son of a good mother and a lady who is known as a husband of her husband, on TV talk Shows how they abuse Musharraf & his family, how they use dirty words against him, then I feel ashamed why I was born amongst these impure and cheep people? in Pakistan. May Allah save the Nation from these evils Jeo Musharraf JEO PAKISTAN.

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