President Pervez Musharraf launches official Facebook Fan Page

November 22, 2009

Former President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf has recently launched his official Fan page at the world’s most famous social networking site www.Facebook.com

The official web adress is www.Facebook.com/PervezMusharraf . Given is his video message to his followers and supporters. He would answer the questions posted at the Discussion tab of the Fan page. Cheers for all the fans. \(^.^)/

The official web adress is http://www.Facebook.com/PervezMusharraf


  1. I am sure President Musharraf has millions of fans around the globe but I am a die hard admirer,even willing to give my life if it helps get him back to the office of President of Pakistan where he certainly deserves to be….Sir, your return is eagerly awaited please move forward, Pakistan need you very desperately.

  2. hello sir i realylove u too much i traid to meet u many times in pakistan but cudnt, plz come back we need u, sir u wher the BEST FOR MINORTIES,I BELONG TOHINDU COMMUNITY, u did lot for us most important thing is protection, we were secure in ur govt but now we feel un secure,ALL INDU FAMILIES are in big stress,our daughters and sisters can’t go out side freely,every one see what heppen with minorties in pakistan, plz sir come back ,
    OUR HINDU COMMUNITY is pray for u n always upport u, u were the ANGAL for us,

  3. Sir,
    Belive me we all are missing you very much, but don’t wish you to return back to Pakistan since so called independent judiciary, media, political Vultures (Gidh) i.e. Nawaz, Imran, Bugti family are thirsty of your blood. They have decided your judicial murder by politician as was done of Bhutto by a military ruler i.e. one military man hang one politician and now they are planning one politician to military man. so, I will never advise you to go back.

  4. Sir,
    Pakistan is returned back to the disastrous era of nineties after all the efforts you had done to recover it from that period. This is the massive blunder of pakistan nation. Sir we real hate these present politicians and because of them we hate media because media is supporting them over you. Sir we desperately want you back.if its not possible for you to return back to politics sir tell present army chief to take over the goverment because pakistani people are suffering badly because of these democratic pirats

  5. No doubt there will be millions in support of Mr. Musharaf, but what’s the use if they did not come out in his support while was forced to resign. The silent against the injustice is also same crime as supporting to culprit. Whatever we did as a whole nation we are facing its consequences. The deplorable thing is that when we see in talk shows the so called intellectuals and apparently wise men to support the existing leaders in the name of democracy and on the plea that worst democracy is best thant excellent military dictatorship. What democracy? Democracy means rules of Bhutto family or Nawaz family. Where the political parties are Jagirs of their founder’s family i.e. PPP is owned and headed by Bhutto family, PML(N) by Nawaz family, ANP by Wali Khan’s family, JUI(F) by Mufti Mehmoud family and these few families are ruling the country in one way or other with all thier disgusting characters, corruption, nepotism, hypocricy who have only one agenda i.e. accumulating of wealth through democracy. That’s why whenever there is Martial Law, nobody from public oppose it. These are politicians only who cry on going the country in Military hands since there are no opportunity for them to loot and plunder.
    Anyhow, we as a nation has lost a great opporunity for going ahead under the patronage and leadership of President Musharaf. Whatever is being done against him and how he is being portrayed through the media by politicians, lawyers, so called civil society and intelligencia I must say that we don’t deserve his leadership. In fact we deserve current leadership with all their past and present.

  6. Dear Administrator,

    Your efforts are exceedingly laudable. We’re all working for the same cause. Here, we’re trying to consolidate the efforts of all the supporters of President Musharraf. We believe that if we’re working jointly, we can bring about a potent change. If you’d like to join hands with us, please leave a message on my email address.


  7. Dear Sir ji .plz come back our beloved watten e aziz .still missing u v much;thats it

  8. No doubt that we direly need his leadership, but I would not suggest him to come back since our nation do not deserve the leadership like him. Basically, we are corrupt nation from top to bottom that’s why we every time elect the corrupt and criminals to rule us. It was unfortunate day when President Musharaf resigned and indeed it will be worst day of his life if comes now since judiciary, media and so called politicians and civil society are thirsty of his blood. They have framed a lot of cases against him and they are ready to fix him and hang to take a revenge of Bhutto’s judicial murder for which Gen. Ziaul Haque (Late) is blamed. Now they want to hang a military man by politicians. Above all, the military is blamed that they do not democratic government to complete its tenure. So let them complete it and let them loot, plunder and destroyed the nation and country in the name of demcoracy and reconciliation for which so called think tanks and lovers of democracy have dying support. Let the nation enjoy the fruits of democracy and I am sure one day the whole nation will realise that we have lost a great leader which Allah gifted after Quaid-e-Azam who was having a true leadership with a vision based on realities, competent, honest and in fact true reliever of nation from grievances.

  9. sir, i really admire your work and was a true support of yours but after you issued nro it was all over for me because this was totally opposite to your slogan “PAKISTAN FIRST” this showed that PAKISTAN was not first on your list…….
    it will not be fair to just hilight the worngdoings
    i would like to thank you for your efforts for our economy,armed forces, infrastructure and a package of good governance that you introduced which we never saw before….

  10. In response to Mr. Harris comments, I would like to add here that we all know he was very clear stand and vision against the corrupt leadership of PPP and PML(N) and stated several time that they have no role in country politics, but he was forced for NRO and who and how it was brokerred everyone of us knows about it. We also know who was the director and producer of judiciary drama/lawyers movement who forced him to step down. Pakistan First was before him that’s why he resigned other wise we all know the repercussions. We are blaming him for NRO, but we are ignoring that NRO has just allowed these corrupt leaders to come back into the country before the court of 16 crore awam to punish them not to elect them for rule over us. On one hand we were demanding to provide fair play ground for everyone in the election, on the other hand we are blaming him on doing so. Through NRO he presented the culprits before the Awam to decide about their fate and destiny. It is argued that awam are best judge and election process is a process of justice for politicians. There is a proverb “as awam same their leaders”. These are leaders how have been tested again and again, but we are not learning any lessons from the performance and electing them time and again. Before, it was said that after resotration of judiciary, all problems of common man will be resolved and there will be milk rivers for common man. Then it was said if Musharaf will step down, all problems will be resolved since he is a main root caus of all problem. Then it was said the mother of all problems is LFO/17th amendment and in its presence nothing will be done for common man. After 18th amendment, now they have staged another crisis debating judges appointment. Does a common man has any concern with all such issues? Not at all. The government is trying maximum to keep the nation busy in such issues which have no concern with a common man so that he may not think over his real problems.
    So, don’t blam Musharaf, these are people of Pakistan who elected the exsting leaders to rule over them. So, let us enjoy and reap the harvest that we cultivated.

  11. respected sir we are really mis you because the currunt government is goes down day by day ,the image of pakistan goes down .sir i m really mis u because you doing a lot of work (economic, political, defence,development etc).currunt gov is not doing any thing as compare to your governament,they r not properly correrdinate(ppp,pmln)with eaach other.Belive me we all are missing you very much.sir u r diamond.kindly reply me on my account

  12. The nation is now going through a very deplorable situation where the existing government headed by PPP and Opposition headed by Nawaz Sharif have once again given the tickets for bye-election to those have been forced to resign from their seats after the verdict by the courts filed for their fake education degrees. This is in fact a slap on the face of educated one and the judiciary. It also proves that our politicians are promoting corruption, frauds and crimes and now such persons are going to decide the fate of 17 crore awam in the name of democracy. They will do the ligeslislation, make amendment in the constitutions who are unable even to read and write their names. The politicians in the parliament like Raza Rabbani who is known as educated are of so caliber that he has used bad and street language (Gaali Bak Dee) in a gathering held in Karachi. There is no mention of others. Interstingly their supporters are like Irfan Siddiqi, Saleh Zafer and newely elected President of Bar Council who are giving a plea that let them run the government for five years and let them go through the election process again and again and one day the nation will have a good leadership. It is very itneresting and horrible also. What a naive wish they have!

  13. Dear sir, I am 36, from district Haripur, N.W.F.P. I don know if U will read my this message but I feel its my national duty to tell you that you performed very well during your presidency tenure. Although you was not a perfect but as compare to present politicians, who always cheat the motherland, you were remarkable. I am a qualified man and an Australian resident but I immensely feel that my and my generations future lies in Pakistan that is why I left Australia. Its very tactical how to fight the hounds of PPPP and PML-N who are plundering and have plundered our nation, but not impossible. You must be careful and take Pakistan return decision after consultations with your sincere friends. I must say that you have successfully lived your life but now your mother land is calling upon you to help organize PAKISTAN political and socio economic system. Its your national duty to build the country and the nation who has blessed you with every thing a man can ever dream. The people who love Pakistan will be at your call 24/7.Please accept a salute of honor from me and my small family. Always PAKISTAN first.

  14. respected sir we are really mis you because the currunt government is goes down day by day ,i know one thing that life standard of poor and comon persons was increased to great level in your tenure of presidency, so we all would reuest u to com and help this poor and illiterate nation who dont know the abilities of good leder like u.

  15. Dear Sir,

    I really missing you and ur cabinet.
    You were the leader of fair policy.
    Now,The Poor people is at extreme poverty due to zero policies.
    Livestock and dairy sector is destroying.
    All politician are enjoying and the poor people is in searching of roope for succide.
    Please come back.

  16. Sir Where are you? we need your help Please Please Please Please Please Pleaseeeeeeee……………… COME BACK

  17. musharaf is one of big baghrat dalla aster khacher ki nasal say hay.o begharat khan ho ager bap key nutfe sey hay tu pakistan a.ager tumhare maan per khsher charha hay aur tu paeda hooa tu jhan chao raho ok

  18. dear sir,
    we are missing you a lot in our soil pakistan,
    sir,since last 19years i am living in al ain and working in al ain town planning deptt,in our pak histry i like only and only your goverment because you arte the one only did and inshallah will do best for our country and i will support you with my whole family from karachi ,plz come to pak thanks sir
    zafar al ain


  20. I once again strongly advise Ex-President not to come back in Pakistan and especially in the politics since the politics is a game of corrupt, dishonest and insincere person that he is not. I am sure he is having millions fans on facebook and otherwise, but question is whether they will come out for casting their votes in favour of President Musharaf. This 60% to 65% silent majority never cast their votes. That’s why we are in current turmoil. Currently I believe that democracy is nothing but the other name of corruption where no government can survive unless and until all ministers, MNAs and MPAs, bureaucrates and media personnel etc are kept pleased by head of government by offering them ministries, permits, lands and other lucrative benefits. This is prerequesite for a PM or President to run his government. Otherwise, he cannot be a successful PM or President. Our democracy is based on corruption where people contest the election on a seat by spending a crore rupees. Is this spending is for the sake of free services to the people of his constituency? Not at all! This investment is for getting ten times more in return. Is this a business or democracy for the people? So, in my openion democracy is the other name of corruption in Pakistan and a fraud with the people of Pakistan. Pakistan is being ruled always by a minority party or alliance of parties as a result of election. Is it not true? Let us see. History reveals that in all previous election 30 to 45% registered voters cast their votes. The unregisterred voters or those who have no faith on political system and do not cast their votes are kept aside. In tribal areas and some other areas, ladies are not allowed to cast their votes.

    This 30 to 45% is being shared by 4-5 large political parties and hundreds other smaller parties having different so called manifestos and ideology. In each election, the rigging is also done at government levels and on individual level also by the candidates himself. Since majority of population is illiterate and residing in villages and rural areas, they cast their votes on the basis of their affiliations of Bradries, due to religious associations, under the inflence of Sardars, Vaderas and Jagirdars etc. rather than on merit, honesty, sincerity of a candidate or on party manifesto. In fact and as a result of such elections, the party who secured 10 to 15% of cast votes are declared a winning party and is asked her to forrm the government alone or make a coalition coalition government sharing with other smaller parties of different manifesto and ideology. We have seen Islamic parties to join socialist party or moderate parties. Keeping in view the whole scenaio, is this fair and true representation of Pakistani nation through election? Is this democracy? Does this democratic system continue i.e. a rule by a minority, corrupt, dishonest, insincere, influencial and untrue representatives?
    Does Mr.Musharaf can play any political role and secure a position of PM or President again to implement his agenda for taking the nation forward? I am very doubtful about it. Especially when almost all media anchors, judiciary, all political parties even his old power sharers, so-called NGOs and intelligencia are against him and ready to trap him on his return back to Pakistan.

  21. I am surprised to note that in each and every Talk Show, the participants are blaming for each and every thing to Musharaf. What a ridculous.?

    Did Musharaf forced the politicians not to be honest and sincere to the nation and country, forced to become corrupt, to Minister not to discharge their responsibilities honestly, to the government authorities i.e. Zardari or PM and others to live without their brains, lack of vision and strategy to combat with terrorism, to get the nation rid of corruption, not to uplift the poor and poverty alliviation.

    Did Musharaf forced the politicians and government not to bring improvement in the economy and increase economy activities/

    Did Musharaf forced the government to allow USA to increase Drone attacks?

    Did Musharaf restrained Nawaz Sharif and Zaradari and other politicians from selling their properties for helping the flood affectees?

    Did Musharaf asked the doner countries and agencies not to trust the existing government leadership.

    Did Musharaf forced the landlords, MNAs and MPAs and Ministers to hord the sugar and wheat and sell out on higher prices later on, save their own lands and properties and let the poor villages drowned in flood.

    Did Musharaf forced the government leaders and politicians not to run the country honestly and sincerity in democratic way?

    Did Musharaf forced the government not to send the money to the students in aborad went for higher education on scholarship and now they are begging on the roads in aborad?

    Did Musharaf forced opposition leaders Nawaz Sharif etc not to play the role of opposition and become friendly?

    Did Musharaf forced the government and politicians not to obey the orders of Supreme Courts etc?

    Did Musharaf forced the government not to maintain law and order in the country.

    We all know the nation was better in Musharaf’s regime rather than now in democracy. I am surprised how the independant media, so called civil society and intelligencia supported the existing corrupt leaders who have no agenda except to destroy the country by looting and plundering; against Musharaf.

    How cleverly they disguise their own failures blaming Musharaf and other military rulers.

  22. Sir Pervez Musharraf we are waiting for you come soon in Pakistan and save pakistan :Sub se pehly Pakistan:

  23. A.A Sir Pervez Musharraf.How are you meri dua hai ALLAH apko lambi zingi de .Congratulation party APML . YOU NEED PAKISTAN AND SAVE PAKISTAN. YOU ARE OUR BEST LEADER .I belong to okara punjab .Iwant to member APML in mu area city okara please join me. My contect no 03216960515 Always be Happy

  24. Respected sir ! we are missing you a lot please come back Allah and your sporter protect you.When you will come on lahore air port awam ka sumander app ka istaqbal kary ga. Sir you are a great leader.Once you protect the pakistan in 1965, second you protect in 1971. third you protect in kargal forth you protect in oct 1999 and today also we are waiting for you please come back.When you will come on 23 march these chor will run away INSHALLAH.

  25. hi
    i am shakeel barkaat app ki pehli speech yad hai mujhy jis main app nay quam say wada kia tha media azad hoga yani aik fuji gen.
    media ki azdi ki baat kar raha tha good jo kaha tha woh pura kia i like very much. magr sawal yeh k usi media nay apko mehz chand siko ki kahtir be ja ilzamat say nawaza. koi baat nahi sir app apny mission imposible par yaqeen muhqam k sath juty rahin hum kamyab hongy log kehty hain gen. ret.ho gaya main kehta ho jis mision par app ab ho us mission par tu wardi par bhi nahi teh america ko buhat shok hay democracy ka aay gi aay gi

  26. Asad Raheel
    The matter of Pakistan’s alleged support to the HAQQANI NETWORK (which allegedly is responsible for the recent Kabul attack) cannot be viewd in isolated context…it has to be viewed in the history of the past 33 yrs details of which i have provided ante.


    a. both the US & Pak supported the Mujahideen (precursors of the Taliban) against the Russians (the Operation Cyclone or Charlie Wilson’s War of the 1980s).

    b. by western & Pak standards the Mujahideen were then termed freedom fighters…and of course by Russian standards as terrorists

    c. after the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1988, the US state dept largely became oblivious to the Afghan predicament ie the adversity of its populace & hence was also unprepared for the FALLOUT (of hundreds of thousands of men ARMED to the TEETH)…a GRAVE Mistake which the US Secretary of state has acknowledged!!

    d. the US state dept largely left matters to the CIA…which relied on the ISI (given its brilliant contribution towards the success of the anti-Russian Jehad)…hence it cud be said that the CIA outsourced Afghan affairs to a great extent to the ISI.

    e. Int agencies (any of them…the world over) if unbridled tend to wield a lot of power…like a mustang in a prairie! & OMG both the CIA & the ISI had field days…drugs, armaments…just name it. hence national interests became lesser important.

    f. That Pak’s border with Afghanistan is the longest…its stakes in Afghanistan are the highest…given instability in Afghanistan.

    g. Civil War began in Afghanistan in 1992 hence the instability which Pak had to address….sooner or later…incl the Afghan refugees in Pak & associated problems (many afghan refugees made Pak ID cards & passports also…& many also shifted to the cities…some of whom subsequently became terrorists).

    h. the Taliban movement in Kandhar Afghanistan initiated in 1994…with modest beginnings; it spread like wild fire & soon became the strongest of all militias. Its leader was Mullah Omer. By early 1996, it began to threaten Kabul. The strongman of Kabul was the warlord of Panjsher valley, then minister for defence in the interim Afghan govt & the only significant challenge left to the Taliban, AHMED SHAH MASSOUD. He offered to negotiate with the Taliban but they declined.

    i. It then became incumbent upon the ISI to prevent total anarchy. The logic to support the Taliban was that they represent the Pushtuns which comprise of the majority of the Afghan population ie 68%. The drawback was that they were fundos. Ahmed Shah Masood was a secular minded & progressive person. My view is that he should have been supported because of the long term ramifications. The ISI decided to support the Taliban. Ahmed Shah Massoud tactically withdrew to his base…Panjsher valley.

    j. Approval of support to the Taliban was accorded by both the CIA & the US state dept. Hence the onus also rests on them.

    k. A powerful group of the Taliban also was the Haqqani network…hence links of Pak to this network & ISI. It is well organised & in better days its that time cheif had also visited the Whitehouse.

    l. The Taliban establish govt in Kabul Afghanistan in 1996. In its effort to do so they were also supported by foreign fighters…an Arab group of which by then had also established the Al-qaeda (headed by OBL). These foreign fighters had also fought alongside other freedom fighters in the anti-Russian Jehad as well.

    m. The Alqaeda gradually began to adopt an anti-American stance…its late detection was an Int failure. That even some officials at the US state dept did not take the Alquaeda threat earnestly…despite Ahmed Shah Masood informing of the same (ie an IMMINENT threat on American soil, in his address to the European parliament in early 2001) is a failure of the state dept. Ahmed Shah Masood was assassinated two days prior to 9/11.

    n. Immediately post 9/11 in 2001…the US issues a set of demands (foremost being the handing over of OBL) on the Taliban…which are un-negotiable but the Taliban decline.

    o. My opinion here is that the US committed another mistake by going to war so early…it should have given diplomacy more time….it should have attempted achieving its war objectives thru Pak…by the instruments that it is presently now using eg stoppage of aid to Pak & use of drones in its territory…or anything short of ground troops in Afghanistan eg bombing Afghanistan by the US navy which Clinton once did!! Added to the fact that Afghanistan is a lanlocked country…totally dependent upon its supplies thru Pak, is the fact that at that time Pak also exerted clout with the Taliban.

    p. That the US proceeded in undue haste…it has had to bear the PROHIBITIVE cost of war & whereas admittedly minimal objectives have been attained, the overall war effort has also borne DISASTROUS results (incl in the words of an investigative journalist) it has produced many more OBLs…only much younger!! Most of Afghanistan is still not under control of the ISAF…& as witnessed recently…even Kabul is not safe!!

    q. the cost of war fr Pak in relative terms has been even HIGHER!!

    r. Haqqani or for that matter any other Taliban network is not worth supporting at the cost of risking the relationship with an ally. This applies both sides & if Pak Army & ISI is or still is, supporting the Haqqani network…then they are being imprudent.

    s. While the US has leveled allegations of cross border attacks from the tribal areas of Pak territory (on which the Pak govt has so far been unable to/not willing to extend its own writ) then it should also keep in mind that that cross border attacks on Pak Army have also occurred from Afghan territory by the Afghan Taliban. The Pak Army has not alleged that these cross border attacks occurred at behest of the US.

    t. the state dept appears to hav once AGAIN taken a back seat & more or less left the matters to the Generals (which unfortunately, in Pak always was the case)…this matter is too SERIOUS to be left to the Generals, alone.

    u. in 2007, a deal was brokered by the US perhaps with the noble aim of bringing democracy to Pak & the facilitating to elect the people’s party & its chairperson Benazir Bhutto as the PM of Pak. Its logic is refuted on the grounds that the govt of this party was TWICE dismissed on corruption charges, previously. Subsequently BB was assassinated and the people’s party (in league with others) saw to the exit of President Musharraf & created its own govt which is now incumbent & it is the most corrupt & inept govt Pak ever has had.

    v. Not only was Pak progressing under Mush…its performance in the war against terror was also better. Had he been at the helm of affairs today…in all probability the present crisis wud hav been averted…or at least managed better!!

  27. Asad Raheel Asad Raheel RESOLUTION

    a. The need of the hour is for both allies (the US & Pak) to not lose nerve esp in the frustration of inability to achieve higher war objectives…to not lose sight of the already acheived objectives (arrest/killing of the top Al-quqeda leadership by mutual collaboration)…not resort to unnecessary blame-throwing…not rely on stupid conspiracy theories…not be duplicitous…not to leave final decisions to the Generals…lay all cards on the table… address each others concerns in the spririt of truth & reconciliation…find converging interests (which u may rest assured are many)…confront each other with tangible proofs & resolve all differences amicably…failing which both sides will also be further losers…whereas the poor Afghan people hav already LOST IT ALL for the past 33 yrs!!

    b. If the allegations leveled against Pak are established to be true then US wud require to modify its policy towards the region. In such event Pakistan shud not be surprised if the US takes some retributary measures against it…which by they way have already been initiated in the shape of suspension of military aid….but these can also extend to US military action.

    c. Whereas allegations leveled at such a high tier by the only Super power cannot & should not be taken lightly, not only with respect to these allegations but also for the consideration that many countries also trace the Roots of terrorism to Pakistan this is a time for Pakistan to seize this opportunity to carry out INTROSPECTION to its own advantage.

    d. In this connection i can think of two Questions 1) Why at all should there be Tribal Areas (where the writ of the govt is not present & where the allegation against Pak is that that the Haqqani Network has taken refuge) in Pakistan? 2) Why should both the Chiefs of the Army be granted unprecedented Extensions in service? Legislation should be brought about to formally ANNEX these Tribal Areas (FATA) to Pakistan…once & for all with a view to ENFORCE its writ in totality. Moreover Pakistan shud undertake to never allow its territory to be used by anybody for carrying out acts of terrorism against any other country (barring of course any country with which Pak is at war or has a UN recognised territorial dispute!!

    e. Pakistan should at least for the time being resist the temptation to level counter allegations or threats against the US (and and any other country).

    f. If these allegations are proved to be wrong the US should take action against all its officials who leveled them.

    g. the US should address psychological causes for anti-Americanism prevalent the world over despite it doling out money in copious amounts of aid!!

    h. Whereas the US should resort to WAR only as the last measure to the resolution of any dispute, it should also be more mindful of the economic impact to sustain a war…which in the present scenario not only has had a colossal adverse impact on its economy but it has also been instrumental to the almost complete economic meltdown of Pakistan.

    i. As I have been writing this treatise i have also been listening to the media/news. That the Pak Army Chief, PM & Foreign Minister have denied, rebuffed & expressed his disappointment with the Allegations indicates a STALEMATE…which by itself Rings ALARM BELLS.

    j. Minutes ago Mush was interviewed on Geo News. He said that the allegations have some substance & they are not unfounded. This CORROBORATES my earlier statement of fact about him, ante viz // Had he been at the helm of affairs today…in all probability the present crisis wud hav been averted…or at least managed better!!//

    l. My LAST RECOMMENDATION would therefore be that if the US can facilitate the Maneuver to bring back BB & the people’s party by then also using clout on Mush (then the President of Pakistan) to enact a black law to waive corruption cases against them & that such maneuver ultimately led to the exit of Mush then it wud now be opportune to resolve this matter by facilitating Mush to revert to his previous appointment. Such maneuver would also be in the interest of not only both parties to the present dispute ie the US & Pak but also also for world peace in general as it would tend to steer the tide of the Afghan war…& almost certainly facilitate American troop withdrawal…as per schedule ie completion by 2014.

  28. I love you sir because of your life time services for the people of pakistan both in army as well as damocratic leader.you must remain in the memories of pakistanis.

  29. sir i love you and praying for u . come and rule according to Allah and Mohammad P B U H.Forget all wrong doing and promise to Allaha to do everything for the betterment of pakistan.

  30. MAN of his word!!! I don’t understand why we Pakistani’s don’t appreciate someone for it’s work, why do we always have to be sarcastic & target that person, who is probably the only leader who worked a lot for our motherland. Sir you need to fall back ASAP. We want you to be here to get on board. Let the haters talk, because they won’t ever understand.. We are here to support you. Long live Pakistan!

  31. General, There is a recipe for your effective contribution to the malaise that has been allowed to set in and overwhelm Pakistan – a land belonging to no race or ethnicity, but to any of Gods people who wish to live under His Sovereignty- and that is the essence of its existence (humans, even non beleivers – needing respite and succour).
    I would welcome some time with you to re energise a potential base of PAF/Gujrat human power base/ ex mna Manzur shah/ Brig Ajaz shah 10 Baluch ( L )/ and a large community of East Afrcans, being one of /and presently in London.(cyed001@yahoo.com)

  32. Sir,i belonge to multan.i want to work for u.kindly contact me.03003124003#

  33. A.A

  34. salam president,
    i m sadia from karachi,plz cum back to Pakistan as soon as possible we all are missing you and waiting for u we are with u always,Pakistan’s condition is going worst day by day,my all prayers are with u ,Allah apko himmat aur hosla de k aap inn tamam ghadaron ko aur crupt logon ko unke asal mukaam pr pohncha dain Allah ki madad se Ameen,My all best wishes are with u takecare president of pakistan,,”Sab se pehle Pakistan”Pakistan Zindabaad

  35. This is Raja Kaleem the chairman of Tiger Student Federation in Rawalpindi. TSF has over 5000 active male and over 1000 female members. we all love u for wat u have done for Pakistan. sir we all would like to join APML. we spoke to Rana Mostahsum(Canada) plz guide us in detail of what can we do to achieve best results and hopefully see you as the head of the state again.

  36. Please tell me the real caste of Mr. Parvez Musharraf.

  37. Sir,
    Belive me we all are missing you very much, but don’t wish you to return back to Pakistan since so called independent judiciary, media, political Vultures (Gidh) i.e. Nawaz, Imran, Bugti family are thirsty of your blood. They have decided your judicial murder by politician as was done of Bhutto by a military ruler i.e. one military man hang one politician and now they are planning one politician to military man. so, I will never advise you
    Sab se pehle Pakistan”Pakistan Zindabaad

    my name m azam dehlvi

  38. My dear followers of President Musharaf,
    Please don’t drag him into dirty politics. The democracy and politics in Pakistan is a game of dirty people that we have right now. Whatever President did during his eight years tenure is not being admitted even by his own colleagues who enjoyed fully, but now they are either part of government or PMLN and PTI. They never defend President Musharaf nor they even dare to give him any credit for soci-economic development, peace, progress in every walk of life. He boost the nation’s morale and gave high esteem internationally, but no one is ready to recognize his achievements. Even they are not ready to give him the credit of independent media. Instead of giving him any credit, they are blaming him for each and every evil. Nobody asked the anchors and participants of talk shows that did Musharaf asked or forced to existing leaders in power or in opposition to do corruption, do not exercise good governance, malign judiciary and army ? After President Musharaf, all the stakholders (media, judges, army and politicians) who played a role and forced him to resign, have been defamed due to their dircty tricks, behaviour, and by raising their figners on each others. All these stakeholders have lost their credibility now.

    I think President Mushraf should not come back in politics as this nation do not deserve the leadership like him. The nation deserve the leaders that we have right now and let them enjoy the beauty of democracy as their preference is demcoracy not Pakistan and nation. So let them enjoy. The people who advocate and support this demcoracy, in fact they are corrupt also. That’s why they give arguments and support for coninuation of this existing system.
    In fact, Pakistan is being run as a corporate sector under the leadership of Zardari who has agreed with all major political parties that PPP and MQM will enjoy in Sind, PML(N) in Punjab, ANP in NWFP and Baluch leadership in Baluchistan. They have been asked that they are free to enjoy in all means and ways. They can loot and plunder, accumulate their wealth as much as they can do as this the right because the public has given them mandate in the election. So they have the right whatever they want to do for themselves, for their family members, for their friends and relatives. No need to be worried as we have demcoracy.

  39. salam-o- alaikum
    Sir i am asad sardar from muridke, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back and safe us as soon as possible Sir i miss u very hardly plz come plz

  40. mra name shahid rehman hai me 4m dist muzafar garh . i want to come back in pakistan plz save our country n our economy…………………………………………………………

  41. SALM president i am kashif abbasi form murree i lik PML

  42. asalamoalaikum
    sir my name is nadarkhan from charsadda i doing work there for the cause of u r back to Pakistan ans save our country and peoples.
    there no political support me and u r members of high command not help us and apml islamabad also not support us i against newspaper statement to apml peshawer and apml islamabad because they not help us and no working with us
    there a lots a peoples like u and like to u in power that possible u r great person pakistan development without u is not impossible so please u come back pakistan handle apml platform start struggle and next election is u r election
    please u contact me i contact there apml leaders but not satisfied there work
    nadar khan rajjar charsadda kpk

  43. A.A SIR,
    sir jo pakistan se pyar krtay hn, khuda ki ksm wo ap k liay apni jan de saktay hn, be caz andheray ma roshni ki kirn sirf ap ho, in chnd muthi bhr kuton ne media se mil kr pakistan ka jo haal kr dia ha, usay dakh kr hr ze shaoor pakistani bht preshan ha, plz plz plz kuch kijiay,

  44. I like all policies of Gen Retd Pervez Musharraf, hi is only hard need of Pakistan, Pakistan becomes very stronger again when he will be in power. He is the man and Great leader, Pakistan’s Hero is Musharraf. Plz sir Come Back and take again in power and kicked these politicians.

  45. I like mushraf ,he has done meretoriouse job for this country

  46. mai app syy apeal karta hnn k ap pakistan zarroor ain
    ap ki zarorat hain hmain

  47. I 2 much love you my great qaid my hearo sir pervez Musharraf Saab inshallah aap hi next president hein aap ki awaam ke dilon par aaj bhi hakoomat hey loog aaj bhi aap par umied lagaa kar bethy hein only aap hi aik leader hein Jo Pakistan ko bacha sakty hein aap buhut hi bahadar aadmi hein Allah ne aap ko Jo hoslaa dia hey woh buhut kum logon mein hota hey please sir Pakistan ko bacha lien awaam ko bacha lien qadam badhaaien sir awaam aapke saath khadi hey Allah aapka aur aapke chahny walon ka hami o nasir ho God bless you my hearo

  48. sir insha allah intezar ki gharian lagta hai ab khatam honay ko hen sir plz 65 wali jang men jo jazba tha usi jazbay say maidan men utarna hoga apko and hum subko awam men main wohi jazba dekh raha hon i am therapist reflexology and acuppressure ap aa jain insha allah apki therapy kr k apko strong karonga

  49. sir logon men bahot jazba hai apko and hum subko 65 wali jang k jazbay k sath maidan men utarna hoga kamyabi insha allah humare qadam choomaygi

  50. sir allah pak apko khairiat say le k ay sir men awam men bahot jazba dekh raha hon aur sir apko and hum subko 65 wali jang k jazbay ki tarha maidanmen utarna hoga insha allah kamiabi humare qadam chomegi meray dhol sipahia tano rab dian rakhan

  51. (hi i am muzamil kuchay from srinagar)
    parvez musharaf sab se bada leader hai

  52. Sir I am Sure You R Right For pakistan
    This Think All Hounesty Pepule Of Pakistan

    Aap Ka Javaid Chaudri Ke Saath Program Detha Javaid Ki Bach ganan Baten Aur Aap Ke Saaf Sooch ( ALLAH AAP KE MADAD KRY ) I Want Youer Cell : No……………………….. Please Sir

  53. plx appakistan zaror ay. ham sab log ap ko vote dy gy hamary masail ap he hal kar sakty hy.ap ka bohat targaba hy.aor ap he pakistan k saddar bany k haqdar hy plx you come. thanks

  54. Your current write-up features established useful to myself.
    It’s very educational and you’re simply certainly very experienced of this type. You possess opened our sight to be able to different opinion of this subject with interesting and solid written content.

  55. salam sir ye tassub parast logon ke darmiyan aap jaisa mukhlis shakhs in logon ko yahoodi ka danda hi seedha kar sakta hay jo kisi bhi waqt partey ga or jab inki dolat bhi hazam ho gi jan inhain maloom hoga,inka bas chalay tou ye pakistan ka naam pehlay BENAZEERISTAN badal detay waisay ab iska naam badal ke zalimistan ya darindigistan rakh de behter ho ga yahan shareef or mukhlis logon ka kaam nahi.or aap very honest and gentelman and kind person hain allah aap ki hifazat karay insha allah woh zaroor karega or aap izzat main aanch na aai ameen.

  56. General parvaiz musharaf is the great leader

  57. sir jee apka fan hun buhat bara. sir kyun wapis agay app yahan insaaf naam ki koi chez nahe he is mulk me insaaf sirf apky dor me dekha mene or apki kadar nahe he logo ko is mulk ki awam apky mayar k kabil nahe he apki emandari ko nahe pehchan sakti. me buha sharmida hun me akela apky liye kuch nahe ka sakta mujhe buhat afsoos he or dukh hota he agar is mulk ko koi bacha sakta he to wo sirf or sirf app hen. ALLAH APKO APNY AMAAN ME RAKHE. I LOVE U SIR.

  58. I;m your fan and appreciate your work during your tenure, you are the man gaiven democracy to this country, Again media’s in-dependency because of you, there is long list of commodities comparatively much cheaper in you days so much so green back was under Rs. 64/ we like to see you back.

  59. Exalted Sir,Too much is Written about You but who has put U in such condition I humbly invite U to just see their disgrace in the World on the Channels!(If this Facility available)Now every body under stand what is difference between Democracy & Dictatorship!Long live with Grace! I am used to Salute,Mr.Ayub,Mr.ZiaulHaq & Mr.Mushraf who were so called Dictators but they Sacrificed for the State!With best regards and Salam! Nasir

  60. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative.
    I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate
    if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited
    from your writing. Cheers!

  61. Wish u good health and a prosperous future full of happiness and

  62. A.A.U R frist how make tunnal between the bodar of Grate Pakistan and Afghanistan.Do the carpet Boombing on thees Buchers.I Pay slut to U.Please dont join the chuderies of Gugrat.Thanks.

  63. Sir,
    Pakitani people want to see u again want to u presedent of pakistan this is our pakistan our aancisters gave secrifice to make pakistan but in this time politition r being decay & destry pakistan so plz sir save pakistan and save us

  64. Request for Thar poor peoples food.

    RESPECTED PERVEZ MUSHARRAF SHAB DEAR SIR; You are informed our charity based organization GLOBAL WELFARE FOUNDATION (Gwf) has been serving the deprived and marginalized humanity in district Umerkot Sindh, it is called gate way of desert (THAR),where thousands of families are deprived of basic facilities. Our organization has been facilities hundreds of poor patients at district hospital by providing food,which is not sufficient but org is striving on its level. Dear sir,you are GOD gifted and always prior to serve of humanity.Therefore your requested to support us for the food provision at hospital ,will be provided transparently and poor people will pray. Regarded President (GWF) Reg umerkot sindh 03323050436

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