Pervez Musharraf on Facebook: Answering Your Top 3 Questions – I

December 13, 2009

1) Was there a way post 9/11 for Pakistan to handle the Americans and the Taliban that would have avoided the current situation where we seem to be stuck with a deteriorating law and order situation?

I think we dealt with both in the best possible manner under most difficult circumstances. With regards to the US, the big question after 9/11 was whether to join the Coalition or not. The Americans had decided they were going to attack Afghanistan, and because of geographic compulsions, the attack was most likely going to come from the East. The positives of joining the coalition far outweighed the negatives of not joining.

Imagine what would have happened, had we not joined the coalition? The attack would have still taken place using bases provided by our neighbour, jeopardizing our territorial integrity. The flow of Al Qaeda and Taliban into Pakistan and the spreading of obscurantist Talibanisation into our country would have happened at a much greater scale. This was certainly not in our own interest. Therefore joining the Coalition was and is primarily in our own national interest. It happens to be in US interest also. The thought that we are playing the US game is simply not correct.

With the passage of time the situation has become more complex. There is strong Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan, developing nexus with Taliban in our tribal agencies, spreading Talibanisation into settled districts of NWFP. These in turn are developing links with extremists in our own society, further complicating the issue. The bottom line is that we have to defeat terrorism and extremism wherever it comes from. The Taliban have done tremendous damage to us and will not hesitate to do more unless we defeat them. The choice is stark. We as a nation have to decide what we want for ourselves. A progressive, enlightened, tolerant Islamic society or a retrogressive, obscurantist society?

2) Lal Masjid- Sifting Truth from Lies

The Lal Masjid operation is a case study of how an appropriately timed, meticulously planned and boldly executed operation launched in the supreme national interest can be distorted by vested interests who want to present it as a disaster. I would like to elaborate/clarify various issues which have been distorted.

  1. “Hundreds of innocent people were killed which included scores of women and children.”
    This is an absolute lie. Firstly none of those killed were innocent. They were terrorists (including five foreigners) who took the law in their own hands and killed a number of policemen, kidnapped and physically tortured Chinese citizens (causing embarrassment to the government) and burnt down Ministry of Environment offices, property and vehicles. They had stored arms and explosives in the mosque and were equipped/prepared for suicide bombings. Secondly the numbers killed were NINETY FOUR and not a single woman or child was killed. This can be ascertained by digging their graves and counting.
  2. “The operation was launched overriding efforts to end the occupation peacefully.”
    Nothing could be farther from the truth. The siege of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa was started about six months before the operation. There were about two thousand five hundred girls in Jamia Hafsa and an equal number of men who had taken over Lal Masjid. Despite all the pressure on the government in the media to act and evict the occupants who were challenging the writ of the government and causing immense embarrassment, the decision taken was to negotiate a peaceful settlement to avoid casualties. In the months that followed, representatives from Wafaqul Madaris and the Council of Islamic Ideology were sent to negotiate, Maulana Edhis’ wife was sent to pacify the girls and even Imam Kaaba was gracious enough to contribute towards an amicable end to the confrontation. Besides this, a number of politicians and notables also tried their best to resolve the issue. All this was to no avail. The primary concern before launching the operation was how to avoid casualties. The operation was launched only after all efforts towards a negotiated settlement failed and maximum occupants including all women and children were drawn out. The individuals left were all hardened terrorists including five foreigners who refused to surrender and decided to fight it out.

We as Pakistanis must realise that we cannot be known internationally as a “Soft State” or a “Banana Republic” where there is no writ of the government. The government has to be strong enough to meet any challenge to its authority. Then only can we emerge as a stable, strong, respectable country in the comity of nations. We also have to make sure that religion is not misused to challenge the state and spread extremism in the society.

Lal Masjid operation stands as a tribute to the gallantry of all the soldiers, especially of SSG, rangers and policemen who participated in the operation. May all the Shaheeds rest in peace.

3) What compelled you to promulgate the NRO?
I very much feel responsible for answering this question which is rightly agitating many minds. However because of certain political sensitivities, I will have to pend the answer for the time being with a promise that I will take the nation on board at the appropriate time. The one clarification that I will make is that I committed this mistake on the strong advice of the political leadership at that time, who are now blatantly disowning connections with it. My interest was only national with absolutely no personal bias or agenda.

Question: “Through the NRO you brought corrupt politicians to power and made Zardari the President.”
NRO may have allowed Asif Zardari or corrupt politicians to contest elections but it certainly was not the cause of their coming to power. NRO is not responsible for electing the PPP as the majority party or allowing Asif Zardari to win an election. NRO is not responsible for corrupt politicians sitting in Assemblies, or being appointed as Ministers. All this happened through the votes of the people of Pakistan. NRO is not responsible for all Parliamentarians of Provincial and National Assemblies and Senate having overwhelmingly voted for Asif Zardari as President. The nation has to learn to cast their votes for the right person and the right party.

Source: www.Facebook.com/PervezMusharraf



  1. PERVEZ MUSHARRAF, in my opinion is one of the leader/general, who will be remembered in pakistan for lot many years.now we pakistanis are realizing what blunder they did by bringing in the looters , murderers, criminals and cheaters as there leaders, what is happening in pakistan now a days, never happened in the history of pakistan,every one is busy in looting the country, filling his/her pockets so quickly that they have forgotten that ,the poor need some atta, ghee, sugar and oil, no one cares for them, no rule, nothing like law and order in the country, weare very soon become somalia like nation,rather we have become like somalia, sharam ati hai muj ko apnay oper kay hum apnay app ko musalman kehtay hain aur behave kartay hain like non muslims, bribry, over stocking and not giving to poors,on each and every step is you take , you will see corruption.no one is there to take notice of all such thng, in this time we all remembers musharraf as our saviour, please come back do something for this nation, please sir come back and do something please do something before it is too late, and we will be occupied by other power in and out of this country.quaid e azam aik ehsan kar kay gaya thay quam per, adha(half) to utar dia hai adhay ki koshish(try) ho rahi hai kay wo bhi utar jaye.

  2. 1. When you went to address the UN for the first time, I sent you a write-up which I had personally compiled on Kashmir, personally through M Shaukat Aziz which, for all intent and purpose, was not considered and reverted back to ‘bilateral talks’ which were doomed to failure even before they began.
    My family was involved in Pakistan struggle up to their necks and I am one of those very living,lucky few who met the Quad and spent a few minutes with him at our house. Pity you gave no credence to what I painstakinglt prepared and sent to you.

    2. You always claimed that you are not afraid of anything, that you are ‘Commando’ and what not; whey than did you cave in to the U.S pressure, promulgated the infamous and shameful NOR, and allowed all the crooks back in. Couldn’t you see that Western style “Democracy” is a farce for a country like Pakistan, where Feudal lords rule and their wrd is law, where you can buy and sell votes at 10-20 rupees a piece ? That you or your so called party memeber didn’t stand a chance ?

    3. 8 years in more or less absolute power; and yet you couldn’t win over the masses, why ???

    If you can’t answer the last question, please say so and I shall give it to you

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