Pervez Musharraf on Facebook: Answering Your Top 3 Questions – III

January 13, 2010

Question: What did your Government do for the people of Balochistan?

Answer: One thing that I can very proudly and surely say is that no one did as much for Balochistan as my administration did.

Infrastructure. We spent billions on Gwadar Port. It was a gigantic project completed on time and executed in a most transparent manner. The Port has geo-strategic importance. Its eventual linkages to the Central Asian Republics, Russia and China and the resultant trade corridors hold the promise of a quantum surge in economic activity in the region. This will bring about a perceptible difference in the quality of the lives of the entire nation but more importantly, the people of Balochistan. Other major infrastructure projects completed include the Coastal Highway, Gwadar-Rato Dero (950 KMs) Road, Mirani Dam, Subukzai Dam, Kachi Canal, and other smaller projects over which the PSDP allocation was more than that of Punjab. Let anyone challenge this statement.

Governance. Barring a few cities, the entire province of Balochistan was ‘B’ area for policing and law enforcement purposes. We were successful in converting a major part of the Province to ‘A’ areas. In this way, it was brought at par with the rest of the country. My administration believed that Balochistan needed the maximum possible resources for development, which had been neglected in the past. In this effort we were prepared to cooperate and talk to everyone in the province, but there could be no place on the negotiating table for elements opposed to the very being of Pakistan.

Question: Why was Akbar Bugti targeted?

Answer: Bugti’s death was a result of his own confrontation with the state. He incapacitated the Sui gas plant (by having 500 rockets fired in a single day), blew up gas pipelines, electric pylons, railway lines and bridges. He challenged the Frontier Corps and the Army by denying movement to them, and had rockets fired on garrisons. Aside from this, Bugti had let loose a reign of terror on the people of his area. The Kalpar tribe which was opposed to him were banished and forced to live as refugees in the adjoining districts of Punjab. Governments are required to act when their writ is challenged and when activities which are detrimental to the responsibility of the State are blatantly carried out.

The government reacted to restore law and order. Let me clarify here that the President of Pakistan or the COAS does not pass direct orders to the military or law enforcement authorities at a tactical level. Aspersions on my person therefore are quite baseless. Of his own accord, Akbar Bugti left with his militia for the mountains in an offensive mode while challenging the writ of the government. With regard to the ensuing operations Bugti was located in a cave. A detachment including four officers of the Pakistan Army entered the cave to ask him to surrender. It appears that the cave collapsed due to an explosion in which he himself, his followers and the brave military men who attempted to engage him got buried.

After the operation, Dera Bugti was a peaceful place and those banished by the warlord were able to return to their homes.

Question: Why did you allow private US security agencies such as Blackwater, DynCorp or Xe to operate on Pakistani soil?

Answer: The answer to this is very short. Never did I, or my government, either allow any such agency to operate in Pakistan or have any special access into the country.

Source: www.Facebook.com/PervezMusharraf



  1. we really missed u plz come back we need gernal saab

  2. Assalam alaikum
    Please send your e-mail address ASAP

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