A Petition to show support for President Musharraf

February 11, 2010

Come Back Sir. Pervez Mushrraf

Background (Preamble):

This is a petition drawn up in light of the recent events in Pakistan.. Through this petition ordinary Pakistanis make an impassioned plea to President Musharraf to Come Back!

As ordinary Pakistani Citizens it is heartbreaking to see that political Parties such as PML(N) and PPP back in power. It is these same people whose previous rule was characterised by intense corruption, mismanagement and dazzling incompetence. They looted and plundered the country.

Nawaz Sharif’s incompetent government and PPP’s corruption left Pakistan in a dismal state. Thus prior to Musharraf’s debut on the stage of Pakistani politics in 1999,

* The country was almost bankrupt;
* Pakistan was on the verge of being declared a “failed” and “terrorist” nation;
* It was listed as being the second most corrupt nation in the world (the first being Nigeria)

During President Musharraf’s rule Pakistan’s economy was seen unprecedented growth. Corruption was at an all time low and large-scale development was taking place all over Pakistan, with a significant amount of construction going on in Karachi and areas of Baluchistan. Moreover, Musharraf is the only leader of Pakistan who taken a strong stance against religious extremism.

This is a crucial stage in Pakistan’s history and we need Musharraf to help us through this phase. We, the people of Pakistan are sick and tired of seeing our national wealth looted and our country mismanaged by incompetent and satanic politicians.


Sir. Pervez Musharraf, please come back in politics, we need you to look after our nation.

You have navigated Pakistan through many difficult times and have always emerged victorious, by the Grace of God. You are in our prayers and your efforts are not forgotten. Please do not let corrupt politicians ruin years of hard work.

We end with the following supplication from the Quran:

“You give the kingdom to whom You will,
and You take the kingdom from whom You will,
and You endue with honour whom You will,
and You humiliate whom You will.
In Your Hand is the good.
Verily, You are Able to do all things.” [3: 26]

We ask The Almighty to bestow upon Sir. Pervez Mushrraf His Mercy and look after him in whatever path He would have him tread.

Long Live Pakistan and Long Live Sir. Musharraf!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Source: Please fill in the Petition at The True Democracy


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