Musharraf hints at return to Pakistan politics

February 16, 2010

LONDON (AFP) – Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf hinted at a return to politics in his homeland on Monday, saying he would “do anything for Pakistan” but the voters there must decide.

“I love my country and I would do anything for Pakistan,” the retired general, who was replaced last year in elections after nine years as president, told a meeting at the Chatham House think-tank in London.

He added: “For Pakistan one would be prepared to do anything. However, it is for the people of Pakistan who need to decide.”

Musharraf joked that, “I’m a civilian now, I’m not a military man, I cannot take over anything,” a reference to his seizure of power, while army chief, from elected prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 1999.

“I have to come through the political process, through the process of elections. But I think it’s very good — it’s very good because I think I will have that legitimacy which I never had,” he said.

Musharraf did not say if he has decided to return to Pakistan to face trial over his 2007 detention of judges as he attempted to cling to power.

He had imposed a state of emergency and sacked about 60 judges on November 3, 2007 when the Supreme Court appeared poised to declare him ineligible to contest a presidential election while in military uniform.

Source: Yahoo News


One comment

  1. I personally feel that Pervaiz Musharaf is the only solution of the current issues in Pakistan. He must come back in the larger interest of the nation. He should come in power through public support. I am sure all patriot political parties and general public would support him.The 17th amendment would be removed and Musharaf should be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.Some retired judge may be put on the chair of Presidency.

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