Kashmir could have been resolved had Musharraf continued as Pak President: Jethmalani

July 8, 2010

Houston, July 7 (ANI): Indian Supreme Court Bar Association (ISCBA) President and Kashmir Committee Chairman Ram Jethmalani has disclosed that the Kashmir issue could have been resolved peacefully if former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf had remained in power for a little longer.

Jethmalani said that Musharraf was at the brink of resolving Kashmir issue before being destabilized by political turmoil in Pakistan, which derailed the process.

“It is no longer a secret now that president Musharraf sent us a document carrying acceptable recommendations and proposals for solution of Kashmir Issue for two sides,” The News quoted Jethmalani, as saying.

“Subsequently, I myself, worked on those proposals being chairman of Kashmir Committee, made slight changes and produced them before mass representatives, but time did not permit Musharraf,” he added.

Jethmalani said this after attending a convention hosted by Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) in Houston, Texas.

Source: Daily India

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