Pervez Musharraf Foundation

September 12, 2010



  1. please i want to have honourable mr musharaf no in dubai ,if u kindly help me,thanks

  2. It does not seem that PM could change the scene before his commitment.If he would have not handed over Pakistan to……………..we would have not seen this day.I was pro Musharaf, this is the only reason to distance from him.
    he himself is a good person,his advisers betrayed him.he knows very well.

  3. PM could not bring change before his commitment expires

  4. A Salam o aly kum .
    mane A P M L mane kaam kerna chata hun.
    kynkay sachay pakistani surf Motrum pervez Mushraf Sahib he han.

  5. AP ,log ache kam kare or education k lye b kuch kare me Rubina naz me gulshan town ki youth wing me ho me chahti ho k education amm ho or mulk traqe afta ho

    my contact this :03002620143

  6. z_a_abbasi_lar@yahoo.com

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