Musharraf urges all stakeholders to find Kashmir solution

September 20, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf on Sunday urged all stakeholders to find a political solution for the resolution of Kashmir dispute. Talking to a private news channel, Musharraf said all the political forces should step forward to resolve the Kashmir dispute. He urged the government to commence a dialogue process with India and other stakeholders to find a just solution for the occupied valley and inform the international community about human rights violations which Indian forces are committing against innocent Kashmiris. The former president termed Kashmir an integral part of Pakistan. Appreciating the role of the Pakistan Army against the war on terrorism, Musharraf said the army had remained successful in defeating terrorists, as well as providing relief in flood-affected areas. To a question, he said the Pakistan People’s Party-led government had been elected through a democratic process, and had the right to complete its five-year tenure. (APP)

Source: Daily Times

One comment

  1. A claim of considering Kashmir as an integral part, Pakistan and India have been in bitter biletral relations since 1947, yet no solution as yet! Why? because both had never been acknowledged of its historical perspective:
    That Kashmir was also resided by Hazrat Isa the Jesus Christ & Ehl-e-Bait some 1400 years ago, both have a common mutual point enemy, DAJAL the great deception to be TERMINATED by Jesus Christ & MEHDI!
    Be aware that Dajal is a Jewish icon & today an enormous military setup of Israel has been set up in Kashmir, i.e. they constructed Baghlihar Dam, installed military equipments at Kashmiri Valies etc….no sooner did international stakeholders learn this point, the problem of Kashmir & Palestine will begin to resolve!

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