APML Officially launched: Overwhelming response by Pakistani Nation at President Musharraf’s Facebook Fan page

October 1, 2010

To stay in touch with President Musharraf, join him at Pervez Musharraf’s Official Facebook Page by clicking here.

Click on the image to have an enlarged view of a random snapshot at PM’s Facebook page, soon after his press conference at launching ceremony of APML.



  1. He’s Not only popular at Face book, as propagated by his political foes. All over the Internet, one can see the Sane and Patriotic Pakistanis are All for Musharraf. He’s got a bright future Insha’ Allah.


  3. please tell me about how can i join APML where can i get the form of joining your party please do contact me on 0333-2102234

  4. sir i wnt to join APML.m 4rm Abbottabad.

  5. i love musharraf i join apml pls

  6. I along with my family want to join APML.At this stage he is the only popular and suitable leader in Pakistan.
    December :20.2010 at 10 am

  7. I Want to Join APML On Line. How to Join?

  8. I want Join APML on Line. How to Join?

  9. I want to join APML on line . How To Join?

  10. hello sir:

    i live in karachi and this time doing job in dubai as a system engenier i want to say i really miss you our country is in trouble plz sir come back and save our country you r my hero sir plz save pakistan and face corrupt leader’ me and all pakistani with you sir.

  11. i want to join APML how to join?

  12. Great Time of Pakistan : ( parvez musharraf )

    Sugar 21 kg
    wheat 17 kg
    petrol 58 liter

    Bad Time of Pkaistan : ( zradari )

    Sugar 84 kg
    wheat 36 kg
    petrol 84 liter

    please sir i request you save our paksitan plz come back

  13. I Like This

  14. Salam, I am A.Mateen Khan from Karachi (Al Naas Trust) please tell me about how can i join APML where can i get the form of joining your party please do contact me on 03009294804

  15. sir i want join APML
    please teel me the procedure, am from Mandi Bahauddin District

    personal contact no# 0315-7740002

  16. i lik u P M L

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