Welcome Musharraf

October 1, 2010

https://longlivemusharraf.wordpress.com” congratulates President Musharraf on his excellent and heart spoken press conference while announcing the manifesto of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on 1st of October. May winds favour him and may Allah give him strength to meet, greet and finally defeat all the challenges on his way. Long Live Musharraf. Long Live Pakistan.



  1. Hearty Welcome to APML- A saviour of akistan.

    I will feel to join the party. Would like to know the procedure for membership.

    I want to do something positive for my BELOVED COUNTRY – PAKISTAN.

    M.Ishaq Sheikh

  2. I’ve not seen the time when the Great Quid-e-Azam was alive who was no doubt the 1st sincear leader for Pakistan & Pakistanis….yet, I’ve seen the time of another great leader Parvez Musharraf, who he was and is the only sincear leader for Pakistan & Pakistanis. So, before this great government of the all times announces a 2 day break for taking breath PLZ PLZ MUSHARRAF COME BACK.

  3. Kindly NAB ka kuch karein. Kuch log aesay bhe hein jo NAB k bagair Adhuray hein, aur NAB on k bagair Adhuri hai. I know u r intelligent. My pure wishes are with u.


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