President Musharraf’s speech in Manchester (9th October 2010)

October 10, 2010

Given are the Youtube links to President Musharraf’s speech in Manchester (9th October 2010)

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3




  1. Musharraf made Pakistan into a slave of America to conduct her war on Afghanistan. He out did all the other weak rulers pak has had the misfortune of having.

    Turn the page. Only Khilafah can offer dignity and unity and strength

  2. sir/my salam pakistan goal table talk democracy economy social education law stock market ilike faisal mosque ilike murree ilike pakistani song new generation ilike pakistani culture ilike pakistani islamic dress ilike burkha ilike pakistani salawar kameez extra eztra thank you

  3. very very impressive and full of truth speed in Manchester ,, generals of army are always best bcs our army is best and so also general musharraf also proved through his character that our army really has the best generals in the worlds armies..i m not liking him bcs of his only personality but also due to the very best governance he had shown us just in the past…

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