12th October 1999 – Eagle vs Ducklings

October 12, 2010



  1. The real hero of Pakistan. To hell with constitution of Pakistan and Rule of Law. We need Civilian Govt under Army rule.

  2. Dear Sir , Salam , I like the APML . We join .APML plz Guide us . Abdul Qadeer Gabol. 03333881815
    Zinda abad Mushrif

  3. Yes, what happened on 12th October 1999 was great and very lucky;
    Shukr al-hamdoLILLAH ………….. but all that is past.
    Now is the time to think, plan AND do and forge something for the
    future; the time for dwelling in the past is long gone !! Time and tide,
    they say, waits for Nobody.

    Tanvir Jan

  4. Dear Sir:

    Asalam-o-alikum, hope you are well.

    An Excellent & Good action taken by you in 12th Oct-1999, we support our heart and soul.

    Today the sittuation not different than 12th Oct-1999, but why the sitting general not taking the action like you.?

    They should take the action to clean the dirty, lier and useless people from pakistan by hanging in their own home town..

    Once again Salute you to taken the action on 12th Oct-1999.


    Asif Shaikh (Karachi).


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