Anti-Musharraf tirade

October 19, 2010

Recently Pervez Musharraf launched a TV fund-raising campaign to help the flood victims in Pakistan.

As was only to be expected, the PML (N) leadership did not like it and has harshly criticized the former president. This was unfair. First of all, he was raising funds for a very noble cause – supporting the devastated families, something the PML (N) leadership did not think of doing.

Musharraf raised funds sitting outside Pakistan. He collected almost 260 million rupees in just three and half-hours which is a record in itself and it also shows that he has huge support among the people.

I donated money; so did many of my colleagues. We had never benefited from his government. We are supporting him because he is honest, loyal and has a vision for Pakistan. His policies, especially in the economic field, were very beneficial to the country. Recently a World Bank report revealed that poverty level was reduced to half (from 34 percent to 17 percent) during the Musharraf regime. Now it is 35 percent. The report also revealed that almost five million direct and indirect jobs were created during his tenure. It was for the first time in Pakistan’s history that so many jobs were created in such a short time. Unfortunately none of the current political leadership can match his vision and competency level.

Source: Arab News


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