Message from Pervez Musharraf (For Earth Hour- 2011 on 26th March, 2011)

March 29, 2011

”In the history of the world, the importance of minimizing our heavy dependence on thermal based energy cannot be understated. Earth Hour is a symbol of our commitment and unity to further this great mission until fulfilled.

I want to officially congratulate the people of Pakistan and most importantly WWF-Pakistan on a record-breaking celebrations of Earth Hour 2011. It is heartening to see how the invaluable and significant support, contribution and participation, received from the people and especially our students at all levels made Earth Hour 2011 a priority and success in and for Pakistan.

It is a great step forward to see icons and role models of Pakistan, of the likes of Atiqa Odho, Wasim Akram, Reema Khan, Vaneeza ahmed and Abar-ul-Haq who endorsed Earth Hour 2011 nationwide that made it a big success across the globe.

It’s important to understand how much of a difference each one of us can make to the earth’s well being by resorting to simple daily actions like switching off an extra light or reducing the unnecessary wastage of water or paper in our work and home environment.

There is no activity where energy used, cannot be conserved, be it transport, buildings, industry, commerce or daily domestic living. I appeal to the people to make a difference by including such daily acts in their lifestyles to show their commitment as an energy responsible nation and play their part as Pakistani’s in this global village we call our world.”

Pervez Musharraf
Former President of Pakistan

Source: WWF Pak



  1. hello

    i want to join APML how can i join plz any one tell me
    cell number 0345-3579605

  2. mr hazik just contect to your regional office of the APML, they will guide you totally

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