Musharraf: Pakistan didn’t know about bin Laden

May 3, 2011

Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf says the US operation that killed Osama bin Laden was “good military action”, but he criticised the US for violating Pakistan’s sovereignty in executing it.

He said it was the first time the American government had acted completely independently from the Pakistani government in gathering intelligence and acting upon it within Pakistan’s borders.

Musharraf insists that when he was president, he never knew where bin Laden was hiding.

He said the fact that no Pakistani or US forces could find bin Laden when he was practically under their noses amounts to a major intelligence failure on both sides.

Critics have long accused elements of Pakistan’s security establishment of protecting bin Laden, though Islamabad has always denied this.

Some critics assailed Pakistan for allowing the operation, while at least one Islamist party staged a protest against the killing of a man idolised by militants inside of Pakistan.

Source: ITN


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