A fresh start: Musharraf Foundation hands out house keys

May 6, 2011
MULTAN: The Pervez Musharraf Foundation, currently being monitored by All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) senior vice president Dr Amjad, recently distributed the keys of 25 houses to flood victims in the district.

“A small colony of 25 houses has been built so far but we will help build more houses throughout the country for people who were affected by the floods,” Amjad said.

The foundation distributed keys of newly constructed houses among flood victims from Daaria Din Panah and Alipur on Tuesday. More than 52 keys have been distributed in flood struck areas of southern Punjab including Daaira Din Panah, Kot Addu, Shah Garh and Alipur. According to NGOs and relief workers, this is the third stage of the plan to rehabilitate flood victims in the district. “The Musharraf Foundation has already distributed 52 keys but we will be building more houses,” said APML media advisor Attiqa Odho. “We also plan to provide proper medication to all flood victims in Pakistan including those in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Sindh and southern Punjab. Retired major general Rashid Qureshi, vice president of APML, said that the party was conducting a survey to identify the major problems being faced by flood victims. “Former president Pervez Musharraf has issued us strict orders to fairly allocate funding to flood victims throughout the country,” he said. “The APML will not abandon the people the way this government has done,” Odho said.

Flood victims in Multan expressed their joy at the initiatives taken by the APML and said that they were happy to finally have a roof over our heads.

“It is a relief to know that I finally have a home again. I am extremely grateful to former president Musharraf for still caring about the people of his country,” said Multan flood survivor Sohial.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 4th, 2011.

Source: Express Tribune


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