APML issues legal notice to Guardian’s editor

May 18, 2011

From M Zulqernain Lahore, May 17 – Former President Pervez Musharraf’s party has issued a legal notice to British newspaper Guardian’s chief editor and a reporter for publishing what it described as a “fabricated” report on a secret agreement permitting the US to carry out a raid similar to the one that killed Osama bin Laden. The All Pakistan Muslim League said the legal notice was served in the context of a “fabricated” news report in ‘Guardian’ that said Musharraf had, during his regime, struck a secret deal with the US allowing unilateral raids in Pakistan against bin Laden and other al Qaida leaders. The legal notice contended that the report aimed to malign the former President and to stigmatize his political image in Pakistan. It said, “Guardian, without confirming the veracity and authenticity of the news item published it and made propaganda with intention to malign the former President of Pakistan. The news item not only damaged the reputation (of Musharraf) but it has also established a ridiculous impression that as if Pakistan and the US worked beyond the sphere of their domestic laws as well as the international law”. Taking advantage of the defamation campaign, the political opponents of Musharraf criticised him for point scoring and tried to damage his political image, the notice said. It claimed Musharraf, currently living in self-exile outside Pakistan, had not signed any secret deal with the US for unilateral raids in Pakistani territory and the ISI chief had acknowledged this during his briefing to parliament on Friday. The notice said Musharraf would file a suit seeking five million dollars as compensation if the daily did not retract the report.

Source: IBN Live


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