Musharraf creates a stir

January 13, 2012

AS Interior Minister Rehman Malik is vowing to arrest Pervez Musharraf as soon as he lands in the country, the former President has categorically stated that he would be returning to Pakistan between January 27th and 30th and would preferably land in Karachi. In his usual style, he addressed a mammoth public gathering at Karachi via video link and made known his plans for return to the country as well as his political ambitions.

In a very well prepared speech and in an articulated manner, the former President touched upon a number of issues with particular focus on what he did during his tenure and what he intends to do if returned to power again. We believe that Musharraf has a reason to be satisfied as he delivered on several accounts during his comparatively long rule. Internally, he was able to control inflation to a great extent, created hundreds of thousands of job opportunities and set high goals for progress and prosperity in different sectors of the economy. And on external front, he raised prestige of the country in the comity of nations and was able to defend its causes including that of Kashmir in an ardent manner. In any case, his dramatic and sudden announcement would create a stir and generate more heat in the political arena. The way he is having meetings abroad and has plans to interact with some high profile personalities including King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to seek assurances for his safe return and liberty to do politics clearly indicates that he is going to play an eventful innings in the coming months and years. Yet nothing can be said with certainty in the Pakistani context where things change frequently and that too very suddenly. A lot of adjustments and realignments would obviously take place for the next general elections and success of Musharraf and his nascent party depend on what position they carve out for themselves in the emerging scenario. He has both foes and friends in politics with some wanting to see him behind bars while others admire him for the steps he and former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz took for economic take off. It would, therefore, be interesting to watch which way things go in coming days.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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  1. will come to pakistan pervez mushraf fuck rahman milak

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