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Prophet’s complaint against Ummah

June 2, 2010

By Mr. Ahmad Subhani

In ‘Surah  Al- Furqan, ‘ayat’ No 30 (25/30),of the Holy Quran, on the Day of Judgment, Prophet Mohammad (SAW) will complain to Allah that” my ‘Ummah’ had forsaken the Quran”. The complaint is a startling one for it is known to all that the Quran is the most (widely) read manuscript in the religious domain. The complaint, however spurred my curiosity to probe into the matter and to do that I conducted an in-depth study of the Quran. Soon it dawned on me that mere reading of the Book without understanding its meaning and then not conducting our affairs of life accordingly, is as good as forsaking the Book. With that end in view, I propose to do the following.

First.To reproduce the relevant ‘ayats’ (text) of the Holy Quran under the head, “The Quran says”. Second, to provide in a summarized form the views of the “Ulemas”( Clerics) on the relevant issues, under the head “ Cleric’s Stand”. Third, my brief comments on clerics’ said views, under the head “Comments”.


There is no doubt about the authority or authenticity of this Book (2/2). A Book whose verses  have been explained in detail (41/3). The Quran—a Book that makes things clear (27/1). We have revealed the Quran and  We will certainly preserve it (15/9). Recite what is revealed to you in the Book; none can change its words (18/27). Had it been from other than Allah, they would have certainly found in it much discrepancy (4/82). Behold, it is up to US to gather it……then it is up to US to explain it (25/17). Praise be to Allah who has sent to his servant the Book and has allowed no crookedness in it (18/1). No falsehood can ever approach it (Quran), openly or secretly. (41/42). We have revealed this Book so that you lead men from darkness to light (14/2). O’ People, if you are doubtful of what WE have revealed, produce one chapter comparable to it……. you are sure to fail (2/23).

Ponder over the contents of the Book:-   WE have made the Quran easy to understand; is there any one who will then learn?(54/16). WE have revealed this Book so that the wise should ponder over its revelations (38/29). Will they not ponder over the Quran or they have locks over their hearts? (47/24). When they are reminded of the revelations, they do not fall at them deaf and dumb (they ponder over them) (25/73). For the benefit of the mankind, WE use “ tasreef” ( rotation of ayats) to explain the Quran  from various vantage points (18/54). WE have committed to Hell many ‘ jinn-o- ins’ ( human beings) ; they have hearts that they use not to understand……..they are like cattle, nay, even worse.

Sectarianism: All of you should hold fast to the cable ( Quran ) of Allah and be not divided among yourselves ( 3/103 ). O’ Messenger, those who break the unity of ‘Deen’ and become sects, you have nothing to do with them (6/159). The Mushrikeen (polytheists) split up their religion and become sects. All the sects are happy with their own sectarian beliefs (30/32).

Some important directives: Obey what is revealed ( Quran ) to you from your Allah (33/2). Those who do not judge according to Allah’s revelation are non-believers (5/44). Each man shall reap the fruits of his own deeds; no soul shall bear another’s burden (6/164). Man gets what he strives for (53/39)  When they are asked to come to ( follow) what Allah has revealed…..they say that enough for them is what they have found their fathers doing; even though their fathers had no knowledge and were not rightly guided (5/104)..


Clerics for a very  long period of time, have had held Islam and Muslims hostage to their obscurantist  and retrogressive views and practices and have tried to ensure that the Muslims should not get themselves acquainted with the pristine teachings of the Quran,( in case that not happening, Mullahs’ hegemony and strangle-hold over the former would  come to an end ).First of all, they have tried to undermine the  authenticity  of  the Quran on the basis of weak and  fabricated traditions wrongly attributed to the Holy Prophet, according to which;  the Prophet had not got assembled the Quran in its present form himself. Their other allegations are:—Certain ‘ayats’ revealed to the Messenger have not been incorporated in the Quran; certain ‘ayats’ of the Quran have abrogated certain other ‘ayats’; certain traditions ‘ ahadis’ too have abrogated quite a number of ‘ayats’ of  the Quran. Not only that, it is also claimed that certain ‘ayats’ present in the Quran are not supposed to be followed (acted upon ). Also, there are some ‘ayats’ though not found in the Quran, have to be abided by. Also, it is claimed that certain  edicts or rulings pronounced by certain  ‘mohaddisin’ (traditionalists ) and ‘fuqaha’ ( jurists ), although they  go against the  clear cut injunctions of the Holy Quran, will have to be followed, Clerics (ulema), insist that  acquisition of eighteen ‘ulooms’ (disciplines) are a  pre-requisite to the understanding of the Quran. It is also claimed by them, that the Quran cannot be properly understood without ‘ahadis’ as the latter explain the former. Last but not the least, the clerics assert that there is no role or function of ‘’aqal”( reason or intellect ) in matters religious since it leads man astray.


Allah affirms in the Quran that there is no doubt in the authenticity of the said Book. In this context he claims that HE himself gathered the contents of the Book and that He is responsible for its safety and preservation. According to HIM, no one can change its text. He further claims that falsehood cannot make intrusion into the Quran. Allah asserts that HE has made the Quran easy to understand and that it (Quran) explains itself without any extraneous help or monitoring. HE declares that those who don’t use their mind (intellect) are destined to go to Hell and are worse than animals. HE condemns sectarianism by making it analogous to “shirk (polytheism). HE has directed the believers to hold fast to the cable (Quran) of Allah and not get split into divisions. HE declares in unequivocal terms that those who form sects are Mushriks (Polytheists).

CONCLUSION: For generations together, the Ummah has been following blindly the footsteps of the semi-literate clergy (‘ulemas’) whose version of Islam, as elaborated above, is at total variance with the one expounded by the Quran. This has led this scribe to believe in the veracity of the Holy Prophet’s complaint that the Holy Quran was forsaken by the ‘Ummah’.


Musharraf- still in the line of fire

May 17, 2010

– By Mr. Ahmad Subhani

Belonging as I do to a middle class family and, as such , considering myself to be a representative voice of the silent majority, I hereby venture to  discuss the  state of affairs prevailing in our dear homeland, Pakistan. As a non- partisan Pakistani, I , after a lapse of long period of time found the reign of former President, Pervez Musharraf (1999-2008) as a redeeming feature  in the not so enviable history of Pakistan. Particularly, his 3-year ‘ pre-political’ period in office from 1999 to 2002 can be described as the golden period in its checkered history. In1999, Musharraf inherited a completely dysfunctional Pakistan with its economy touching the rock bottom and it was on the verge of being declared a failed state. Assisted by a team of expert technocrats and after putting in great efforts, he was able to revive the sinking economy and put it on even keel. This earned him appreciation and admiration from far and wide. This brisk pace of development, however, slowed down after a political government was inducted in office after 2002. And unluckily for Musharraf and more so for Pakistan, certain wrong tactical decisions taken by him during 2007 led to his downfall and exit from corridors of power. Then the present ‘democratically’ elected Peoples Party government took over. I need not go into details as to what this regime has done to this country and its hapless people during its more than two-year old rule. Suffice it to say, that whatever good work Musharraf had done in 8 years has been reduced to naught by the incumbent regime within two years of its  stay at the helm, so much so, that to-day Pakistan is being rated as one of the failed states in the World.

Ever since his exit from the scene in 2008, a number of baseless or frivolous charges have been levelled against Pervez Musharraf  by his opponents and their hangers on to taint his image in the eyes of  the masses. However, the disastrous policies pursued by the incumbent regime have landed the masses in deep trouble causing them unprecedented misery and hardships. This can be gauged from the fact that whereas popularity graph of Pervez Musharraf is soaring higher by the day, that of the present rulers is constantly on the decline.  This development has naturally unnerved the ruling junta, who are therefore on the lookout to fabricate lies and deceptions about Musharraf, every now and then, to tarnish his image in the eyes of all and sundry. This malafide campaign has gained further momentum with the publication of U.N.O. Enquiry Commission’s Report on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination wherein blame for her assassination has also been put on Musharraf‘s shoulders. Since its publication on 15-4-2010, a lot of discussion has been going around in the print and electronic media. In this context, certain pertinent questions have arisen, jotted down as under, answers to which may well lead to the factual position of the case.

1. Soon after Benazir’s assassination, President A.A. Zardari declared in unequivocal terms that he knew who her killers were. He has failed to disclose their names to date?

b Why Zardari disallowed autopsy of Benazir’s body which was necessary to ascertain the real cause of her death?

3. Why forensic report to ascertain who was guilty in the case, has not been processed?

4. On the eve of her return to Pakistan, then prior to her procession taken out in Karachi and then again before her participation in the rally at Liaqat Bagh in Rawalpindi, she was warned of  imminent terrorist attacks against her by Pervez Musharraf, Intelligence Agencies of the U.S., U.K. and others, Why did she brush aside all these advices and exposed herself to  danger?

5. As per reports, some 1100 policemen and other security staff guarded the venue of her meeting at Liaqat Bagh and she remained safe there .It is only after she left the venue of the meeting, went to road outside and stuck  her head out of the ‘sun-roof’ of her  armored vehicle that she was attacked. Why did she break the security protocol by exposing herself and presenting herself as an easy target?

6. Why did the ‘back-up’ black Mercedez bullet proof car occupied by her security incharge, Rehman Malik,Babar Awan etc. that was supposed to remain behind Benazir’s vehicle, left the spot and rushed to Islamabad leaving Benazir behind unguarded?

7. United Nation’s Report alleges that inadequate security provided by Musharraf led to the mishap. Musharraf being the Head of the State was not supposed to look after security arrangements; it was the duty of the establishment headed by the Chief Minister of the province to do the needful. UN Commission, has however, not held Musharraf personally responsible for the incident.

8. On whose orders the place of assassination was hosed? It has been alleged that the then Military Intelligence Chief, Maj. General Nadeem Ijaz did so and he reported the matter to the Army Chief, Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Nadeem Ijaz denies that he ordered hosing of the spot. Also, Army Chief at that time was Gen. Kyiani who had taken over the charge from Musharraf about a month ago.

9. U.N.Commission contends that to identify the criminals was beyond the terms of their reference. Then why did they hold Musharraf responsible, by name? Also, why did they absolve the entire Zardari-Bhutto family, by name, of having any involvement in the case?

10. The misstating of facts as narrated at 7, 8 and 9 above, makes the UN Report suspect!

Return of Benazir to Pakistan was in pursuance of a ‘compromise deal’ between her and President Musharraf brokered by the USA and the UK–aim being that they would share the powers in the days to come. To do end in view, Mussharraf issued the notorious NRO thereby absolving Benazir of all corruption etc charges standing against her, enabling her to contest the forthcoming elections. In the then prevailing circumstance, Musharraf had but to do it so as to ensure his stay at the top. It was therefore unimaginable that he would remove Benazir out of his way after having done so much to accommodate her.

11. Finally, a thought provoking statement has  recently been issued by Zardari declaring that he wouldn’t take revenge from the murderers as” democracy has already extracted revenge”. The statement is not as simple as it seems to be. There is a lot more to it that stands undisclosed. It smells fishy, really!

To conclude, efforts have been and are being made by the incumbent rulers and their henchmen to divert the attention of the masses from their present miseries and agony telling them that Pervez Musharraf was responsible for their present fate. Thus, Musharraf has been made a scapegoat to cover up the worst possible governance and its disastrous effects on the lives of hapless citizens at the hands of a thoroughly corrupt and extremely incompetent regime.



January 16, 2010

By Mr. Ahmad Subhani for “The Pakistan Observer”

Apropos of Ms.Nosheen Saeed’s article titled,” From Integration to Isolation” appearing in Pakistan Observer of  9th January; while agreeing with most of the observations made by the worthy columnist, I am constraint to differ from one of her vital observation that reads,”…misinterpreting homeland for Muslims for Islamic State…” Also, her contention that, “ The fact that the Pakistan movement was all about political rights, economic opportunities,  equality and social justice for Muslims of India was misconstrued and given an ideological dimension”, is only partly true. To ascertain the factual position in this regard ,let us seek guidance from the founding fathers of Pakistan namely, the Quaid and Allama Iqbal .Reproduced here under are relevant extracts from their speeches and writings on the subject:–

Iqbal who conceived the idea of a separate homeland for Indian Muslims, in his presidential address at the annual session of the All India Muslim League at Allahabad in 1930, said,” India was the biggest Islamic country and in it Islam could be sustained as a living cultural entity only if it was centralized in a specific territory [ for that he demanded ] formation of a consolidated Muslim State in the best interest of India and Islam. For India, it means security and peace resulting from an internal balance of power, for Islam an opportunity to rid itself of the stamp that Arabic Imperialism was forced to give it, to mobilize its laws, its education, its customs, its culture, and to bring them in close contact with its own original spirit and with the spirit of modern times” He elucidated the point further in his monumental work,”  The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam”  saying,”….during the course of history, the moral and social ideals of Islam have been gradually de-Islamized through the influence of local character and pre- Islamic superstitions of Muslim nations…..The only alternative open to us, then, is to tear off from Islam the hard crust which has immobilized an essentially dynamic outlook on life, and to rediscover the original verities of freedom, equality and solidarity with a view to rebuild our moral ,social and political ideals out of their original simplicity and universality”.In his concluding remarks [6th lecture of  above named book ],advises,” Let the Muslim of to-day appreciate his position, reconstruct his social life in the light of ultimate principles {of Quran} and evolve out of the hitherto partially revealed purpose of Islam, that spiritual democracy which is the ultimate aim of Islam”.

Quaid-Azam’s speech at Chittagong [ March,1948]:” Pakistan means not only freedom and independence, but also the Muslim Ideology that has to be preserved that has come to us as a precious gift and treasure”. In his Pakistan Day Message in March,1945, he said, “In Pakistan lies our deliverance, defence and honour. If we fail, we perish and there will be no signs and symptoms of Muslims or Islam left in the sub-continent”.

“ The Constitution of Pakistan has yet to be framed———I am sure it will be of a democratic type embodying essential features of Islam. To-day, they are as applicable in modern times, as these were 1300 years ago———-in any case, Pakistan is not going to be a Theocratic State—–to be ruled by the priests with a Devine Mission”. [Broadcast to the U.S.A.-February ,48 ]

“ Islam  is not merely confined to the spiritual tenets and doctrine, rituals and ceremonies. It is a complete code regulating the whole Muslim Society, every department of life collectively and individually” [Eid Message—September, 1948 ]

“ In Islam, ultimate obedience belongs to God alone. The only way to follow this guidance is through the Holy Quran .Islam does not preach obedience to a king, parliament, a person or institution. The Islamic government means rule of the Quran. And how can you establish the rule of  the Quran without an independent state?”. [Address to the students of the Usmania University, Hyderabad, Deccan, India —August,  1941 ].

From the above, it is quite clear that the founding fathers of Pakistan wanted it to emerge as a Democratic Islamic State and not a Theocratic or Secular one. As quoted earlier, the Quaid denounced a Theocratic set up  in no uncertain terms. At the same time, he never used the term “secular” in conjunction with Pakistan or its Constitution. There is a wide-spread misperception that if it is not a theocratic state, then it necessarily has to be a secular one, and vice-versa. It is not so. An Islamic State, in fact , lies in between these two extremes .Briefly speaking, in theocracy there is total and absolute control of religious clergy over the private and public affairs of the state, where as, in a secular regime, religion is virtually banned from having any say in public [state ] affairs. In an Islamic State, it is the primary duty of the Government to implement Quranic Laws through mutual consultation [“ shura” ] and through the process of “ijtehad”. Clergy can be consulted in this respect but it cannot dictate or enforce its will on the government as there is no priesthood in Islam. As such, there is no intermediary between a Muslim and his Allah and Quran remains the all important link between these two.



December 20, 2009

On the auspicious occasion of the oncoming birth anniversary of the Quaid-e –Azam, I am paying my humble tribute to the great leader by bringing into limelight his great attachment with and earnest consideration for Quranic injunctions that he so ardently advised Muslims to follow for their personal benefit as well as for the collective good of the Pakistani nation and Muslim Ummah. (Ahmed Subhani)


The Quaid  once said that he was not a religious scholar, hence no authority on religious matters; yet views expressed by him on various occasions amply demonstrate, that he had deep in sight into Quranic concepts and teachings. Those who know him closely would vouchsafe that he was a perfectionist to the core and that he would never entertain any claim unless he was convinced of its legitimacy. Reproduced below are excerpts from his speeches to prove this point. This will also dispel the frivolous charge made by certain religious “heavy weights” who allege that since Jinnah was the product of western system of education, he was bereft of the true knowledge of Islam and its teachings:–

“I am not a ‘moulvi” nor do I claim to be an expert in theology. However, I have tried, at my own, to understand Quran and the Islamic laws. In the teachings of this great book there is guidance for each and every aspect of human life, may be it is spiritual, social, political or economical all have been covered by it”

(Address at the Usmania University, Hyderabad, India-1941).  “People criticize me alleging that I am not well acquainted with Islam. I. have studied Quran thoroughly and many a time. And when I declared that Islamic system would be established in Pakistan, It was not a mere slogan” (Tolu-e Islam-February,1959).

“You have requested me for giving you a message .What message can I give? For guidance and light, we all are blessed with Quran’s loftiest message” (Frontier Muslim Students Conference—April, 1943).

During struggle for Pakistan when Muslims were facing great hardships and victimization at the hands of Hindus and their allies ,Quaid comforted them saying that ultimate success would be theirs if they only sought guidance from the Quran:–“ At present, a battle is going on between the Muslims and the Hindus in the political arena. People ask me as to who is going to be the winner?  Only God knows about it. However, as a Muslim I can assure that if we treat the Holy Quran as our final and absolute guide and persevere not forgetting at the same time God’s command that all Muslims are brothers to one another, no earthly power or even their combine, can defeat us” ( Address at a  meeting in Hyderabad ,Deccan—July,1946). “ We have been the victim of a deeply laid and well-planned conspiracy…..We thank Providence for giving us courage and faith to fight these forces of evil. If we take our inspiration and guidance from the Holy Quran, the final victory, I once again say, will be ours.”(Speech at a rally at the University Stadium,Lahore-October,1947).

According to the great Quaid, Holy Quran is the “sheet anchor of Islam and fundamental code of life for Muslims “What is it that keeps the Muslims united, and what is bedrock and sheet anchor of the community. It is Islam. It is the great book Quran that is the sheet anchor of Muslim India.” (Speech at ALL India Muslim League Session, Karachi-26-12-1943). “Every Musalman knows that the injunctions of the Quran, are not confined to religious and moral duties. From the Atlantic to the Ganges, Quran is acknowledged as the fundamental code, not only of theology, but of civil and criminal jurisprudence, and the laws which regulate the actions of mankind are governed by the immutable sanctions of the Will of God. Everyone except those who are ignorant knows that Quran is the general code of Muslims. A religious, social, civil, commercial, military, judicial criminal penal code, it regulates everything…. .And our Prophet has enjoined on us, that every Musalman should possess a copy of the Quran and be his own priest. Therefore, Islam is not merely confined to the spiritual tenets and doctrines or rituals and ceremonies. It is a complete code regulating the whole Muslim society, every department of life, collectively and individually.” ( Eid Message to the Nation—September,1945).

Elaborating the role of the Quran and the Islamic State, the Quaid, in his address to the students of the Usmania University, Deccan in August, 1941, said,” In Islam ultimate obedience belongs to God alone.The only way to follow His guidance is through the Holy Quran. Islam does not preach obedience to a king, parliament, person or any institution. The Islamic Government means rule of the Quran. And how can you establish the rule of Quran without an independent state? In this state, legislation will take place within the boundaries drawn by the Quran”.

This scribe has yet to come across a better description of the role and function of the Quran and an Islamic State than the one given above by the great Quaid.


Pakistan’s American Ambassador

October 17, 2009

Section: Letter to the Editor, PAKISTAN OBSERVER

By Mr. Ahmad Subhani

Hussain HaqqaniDr. Ghayur Ayub’s satirical remarks made in his letter, “The Big Question”, in to-day’s Pakistan Observer are sober as well as hilarious. Mr. Hussain Haqqani’s role enacted so far, gives the impression that he is serving American interests more in Pakistan than serving Pakistan’s interests in America. His meaningful contribution at drafting the Kerry- Lugar Bill, as hinted by Dr. Ayub, is an instance to quote. There is no surprise in it, though. Her leader, Benazir Bhutto, on the eve of her return to Pakistan in December, 2007, from her self- imposed exile abroad, issued a statement to the effect, that she would see to it that the foreign stake holders be afforded access to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and Pak nukes. In today’s news- papers, another PPP stalwart, Mr. Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Pakistan’s High Commissioner in U. K., has advised Pakistanis that the said bill is going to” help democracy in Pakistan”. One is at a loss to understand as to how and which democracy the bill is supposed to promote—Z. A. Bhutto’s, Benazir’s, Nawaz Sharif’s or Zardari’s? This hapless nation is already fed up with a hotchpotch of civilian and dictatorial models enforced in Pakistan in the name of “democracy”. Masses groaning under the crushing burden of ever deepening poverty and deprivation are interested in only and only in a system that guarantees them riddance from their present agony. Unfortunately, none of the so called democratic or dictatorial systems enforced here from time to time, has brought them any succor. False promises and hollow sloganeering, is not going to turn the tide. Rulers must focus their efforts and energies at initiating concrete action, to salvage the devastated economy and improve the horrible law and order situation without which no improvement is possible.

Source: Pakistan Observer


Baluchistan Imbroglio

October 16, 2009

Section: Letter to the Editor, PAKISTAN OBSERVER

(Mr. Ahmad Subhani)

A Feudal TerroristKnowledgeable Pakistanis will disagree with many a point raised by Syed Khan Baloch in his letter captioned, “Baluchistan Amnesty” (Pakistan Observer of the 20th instant) that Baluchistan is the least developed province of the country, no body denies. However, the fact why it is so, is attributable to two main factors: one, its neglect by the successive governments; two, geographical location of the province —- a vast arid  land located in a far -fetched part of the country, very thinly populated, perennially suffering from scanty rainfall coupled with scarcity of other water resources. The said state of affairs in not making of the last sixty-two years, rather this legacy goes back into distant past. Another important factor that has bedeviled Baluchistan’s progress all these years, is the presence there of feudal system in its worst form that has retarded its development process. Feudal sardars like, Bughtis, Marris, Mengals etc. whose stranglehold over the masses in their areas of influence is complete, in pursuit of their selfish interests, put breaks, even through use of force, to all developmental activities  like building of infrastructure, schools, hospitals etc. that has to  take place in their areas. Their said illegal activities have constantly challenged the authority of the Govt. and undermined writ of the State. That is why, during Z.A. Bhutto’s and Pervez Musharraf’s reign, military action had to be taken against the culprits.

The foregoing explains why Baluchistan has remained a backward region, giving rise to complaints and grievances with regard to the poverty and deprivation of its inhabitants. This situation has been fully exploited by the anti-state elements, particularly by our arch enemy India in collaboration with Afghanistan and others. Some of our feudal bigwigs like, Akber Bughti, in connivance with and duly aided and abetted by our said enemies, took recourse to destroying  national assets like, sui gas installations, bridges, railway tracks, trains and other infrastructure. They even attacked security staff and army personnel. Leaving that aside, the Govt. of Pakistan did realize, though belatedly, that Bachistan urgently needs more attention and resources to achieve its potential. Accordingly, concerted efforts were made during the last eight years or so by the previous Govt. and a number of projects, including major ones like, Gawader port, Coastal Highways, Mirani Dam were constructed. I suggest, that Syed Baluch Khan, may go through  letter, captioned, ”Destabilizing Baluchistan” appearing in the same issue of the Pakistan Observer, wherein a true picture of what has transpired  in that province has been portrayed, quite realistically. The present also seized with the matter and hopefully, concrete steps would be taken to accelerate pace of development in the province.

Source: Pakistan Observer


Of myth and reality

October 16, 2009

By Mr. Ahmad Subhani

Myth vs RealityMr. B. A. Malik in his article titled,” Myth and Reality of Pakistan” (P. O. 28-9-2009), has specified certain myths, which according to him, have DEFINED the psychology of the nation since its inception” .Everyone has the right to express his opinion on any issue of his liking. Mr. Malik has done so on certain “ major myths”, as he has put it, in his said write up .I would like to avail this opportunity to offer my point of view on some of his perceptions that I do not find in consonance with the realities on ground.

Democracy: It is not correct to say that, “Pakistan is unfit for democracy because people don’t understand this concept….” On the other hand, you will hardly find people who do not favour a democratic system for Pakistan. However, the bone of contention is which type of democracy suits the genius of its people? West Minister Abbey style democracy which was a legacy of our past British rulers, has failed to click over here. Other varieties of democracy experimented here like basic democracy, mixed or quasi-democracy etc. too has failed to deliver. A number of elections under the afore-said systems held since 1947 also have not produced the desired results .The greatest impediments in the way to establishing a genuine democratic rule in this country, are (1): rampant illiteracy among the populace and (2): the feudal system which has been in vogue here since 1947. The feudal elite having complete hold over great majority of impoverished and ignorant masses, have invariably hampered their right to free franchise. In view of the same, it is being increasingly felt, that what Pakistan needs is a democratic system that is tailored according to its peculiar circumstances and needs.

Constitution v/s Country: I am of the firm opinion that country gets preference over its constitution. Constitution is framed for the country and not the Vice a Versa. It is as simple as that. So if the two are somehow tied up, the country must get the priority. The much maligned, “Doctrine of Necessity”, acts as a rescuer in such Mix Ups.

Media Freedom: It was acknowledged even at international forums, that the media freedom allowed by the previous Govt. was unprecedented in the annals of Pakistan. To term that achievement as “Non Sense” and “dictatorship and press- freedom do not match”, is a slander.

GENERALS: Nobody has claimed that the Pakistani generals Alone are real champions of national interests. It seems as if here the writer’s imagination has run wild. The charge is too flimsy to merit serious consideration.

Ayub’s and Musharraf’s books : on going through the books authored by Ayub Khan and Pervez Musharraf, I failed to find any Worth While distortion therein. Rather, the texts of the books depict a fairly realistic picture of the then prevailing conditions. To call the contents of the books as, “historical distortions with abandon” is a distortion in itself.

Pakistan’s Dismemberment: To deny the stark reality, also so recognized internationally, that India dismembered Pakistan in 1971, no sane person, least of all a patriotic Pakistani, can subscribe to Mr. Malik’s contention, that “India did exploit the opportunity of the century but our own blunders primarily led to this colossal debacle”. I wonder, if he is not unwittingly, legitimizing India’s said despicable act?

Kashmir dispute: Even the big powers namely ,U.S.A., Great Britain , who have all along been siding with India, have after long last , admitted openly that peace in South Asia is not possible without an amicable settlement of the Kashmir dispute. Mr. Malik calls this issue as,”out-dated stereo-type” How strange!

Nuclear Arsenal: That it is a guarantee for Pakistan’s security has been amply proved by the year-long standoff of the million strong Indian and Pakistani armed forces at the Pakistan border in 2001-02. India was hell- bent to invade Pakistan, but it is latter’s nukes that thwarted her nefarious designs. But Mr. Malik has the temerity to say that nuclear arsenal provides no such guarantee.

American Interference: His outright denial of’ continually increasing American interference in Pakistan’s affairs is beyond our humble comprehension. How can he remain ignorant of this widely known development? Finally, he has acclaimed the performance of the incumbent Govt., lawyers, judiciary and others, which I feel, is the result of his misplaced optimism. Frankly speaking, during the last one year and half that the present rulers have been at the helm of affairs, Pakistan has degenerated into its worst ever crises in all spheres of national activity. I don’t want to go into details as all are well aware of it. Suffice it to say, that all economic indicators that were made positive during the previous Government’s reign, have become negative now.

Proverbial begging bowl that was broken by the previous regime is again in the hands of the present Govt.’s emissaries who are trotting around the world seeking more and more alms but which are hard to get by as the credibility of the incumbent Govt. has touched rock bottom. And lately, Pakistan has been relegated to the status of one of the failed States of the world. In the face of all this, Mr Malik’s lambasting the previous “dictatorial” regime (which, in fact, had done a great deal for this country), and offering accolades to the present one that has put to naught all that had been achieved earlier, is something beyond one’s comprehension.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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