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June 25, 2009

Dr. Shimail Daud (www.Young

national Flag of PakistanSince 13th May 2009 a Flag Movement was started by a group of professionals based in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The idea was simple that lets get unity in our people especially the urban dwellers. Why now? Because we need it now? We as a nation are faced with a dilemma of NOW or NEVER situation. So this group of which I am a part of initiated this movement. The group started by creating YOUNG PAKISTAN GROUP on the face book which has not stopped growing till today. The message of showing solidarity and unity with the country by displaying the National Flag on the vehicle was initially spread through friends and social circle and later through road shows to bring out the hidden patriotism. I am sharing one such experience here and what my observations are.

Most patriotic response was from simple people i.e. Cab drivers, people on cycles, on bikes, drivers, workers, shop keepers / employees. Most surprised response was from people of middle and upper middle class.

Although by enlarge there was a very positive response but in many instances people were surprised that what is the flag doing in our hands and how will it help them? Some even questioned that they don’t want to display it because of some ill that was done on part or watch of the flag bearers of the country. Some put up a fight of words and vented out their anger against what is wrong but gave up and eventually put the flag on their vehicles.

In my view to which some people might agree,we all live in our comfort zones. We like to crib and blame others for the situations that we are in. We don’t want to take responsibility. We want the job done by somebody for us.
Actually if you analyze us as a society we are by nature or development somewhat a cribbing in nature; so it has become a daily routine. We don’t want to be problem solvers; we like to be identifiers of problems and blame it on someone!

But at the heart of it all i think most of us Pakistanis have it buried somewhere down there. It needs to be dug out the feeling of ownership and realization that this PAKISTAN is ours.

Its like you live in a house and it catches fire you don’t start blaming who’s fault it is but you defend it and save it because it is yours. Similarly if your country is in trouble you have to do your part as a team player or  its occupant with the feelings of ownership. It is not a favour to the country, it is a natural phenomenon and logical by all definitions that we have to take responsibility. We cannot shift the blame on any individual, party, government it is our collective responsibility.

So the silent and those who shy away from expressing and accepting Pakistan now need to wake up and make this nation independent by showing unity and respecting the flag. I think we can; provided the few who are awake join hands and wake others from this long sleep! Lets show our belief in the country and display the flag. It is a symbol of unity and we need to spread this symbolism.


Also visit: Join Young Pakistan’s Flag Movement

Dr. Shimail Daud is a young blogger, running Maryam Memorial Hospital and founding member of Young Pakistan. He can be reached at his blog


Join Young Pakistan’s Flag Movement

May 18, 2009

Our Flag: A symbol of unity

The national flag of Pakistan is a symbol of unity and sovereignty of our great nation.

We, the people of Pakistan, with diverse ethnicities and backgrounds become one under this flag. This green and white flag or Parcham-e-Sitara-o-Hilal, has always given us strength, unity and determination in times of national crises; The 1965 war, the 2005 earthquake and the current extremist Taliban threat.

Pakistan's National Flag“Iss parcham ke saye talay hum aik hai’n, hum aik hai’n”

The green colour in the flag represents prosperity; white symbolizes peace; the white crescent represents progress; and the white star represents light and knowledge.

Our great flag shows us the way: to be peaceful, to progress and to spread light and knowledge. This is precisely what visionaries like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali and Liaquat Ali Khan had envisaged for their Pakistan.

Jinnah, in his address to the Assembly on 11 August 1947 said:

“I can look forward to Pakistan becoming one of the greatest nations of the world.”

We, the ‘Young Pakistan’ group want to see this vision of Jinnah not as a dream but as a prophecy. Inshallah, with the support and dedication of patriotic Pakistani citizens, our beloved nation, Pakistan will one day become one of the greatest nations of this world!

This beautiful song titled “Quaid ka Piyam”, sung by Mehdi Hassan, aptly illustrates what Jinnah would have said to us if he were amongst us today:

Meer e Kaarvan hum thay
Rooh e Kaarvan tum ho
Hum to sirf unwan thay
Asl daastan tum ho
Nafraton kay darwazay
Iss pay bund hi raKhna
Iss watan kay parcham Ko
Sar buland hi raKhna!

Yeh vatan tumhara hay
Tum ho Pasban iss kay

Hum hai’n paasban iss kay! Yes we are the custodians; we are the children of Pakistan. This is our Pakistan. Let’s keep our flag high. Let’s own Pakistan!

Young Pakistan:

Young Pakistan’ is a group of professionals and educated people – doctors, architects, poets, lawyers, journalists, IT specialists, economists, engineers etc – who have come together to unite Pakistanis. These professionals have one thing in common: They love their homeland and want to own it.

Young Pakistan is a forum for all Pakistanis who feel for their country. This group is above personal likes, dislikes, beliefs and prejudices. It is above political, ethnic and religious affiliations. It is above individuals and personalities. It is for Pakistan!

It is about how we can make our country a better place to live in and how we can rekindle a feeling of patriotism and nationalism in the citizens of Pakistan.

Yeh Vatan Humara Hai, Hum hai’n paasban iss kay! Yes we are the custodians, we are the children of Pakistan. This is our Pakistan. Let’s keep our flag high.

Let’s own Pakistan!

Come join us for our beloved country, Pakistan!

Join ‘Young Pakistan’ at Facebook to show your love towards motherland and to be the part of ‘Flag’s Movement’.

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