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Pervez Musharraf at Asia Society Texas – Outlines Election Strategy

October 21, 2010

HOUSTON, October 19, 2010 – Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who earlier this month announced he was forming a new political party and would seek the presidency in 2013, held himself up as the only figure on the Pakistani political scene capable of delivering the country from “the darkness that it faces today.”

“All the political alternatives available have been tried and failed,” he told an audience of 140 at a luncheon address hosted by AsiaSociety Texas Center and the Greater Houston Partnership.

He specifically attacked former President Nawaz Sharif, the man whom Musharraf replaced in 1999 following a bloodless military coup and who is vying to return to power.

“Having taken us down the drain, he wants to take us again down the drain,” Musharraf said.”Therefore, like any patriotic Pakistani, I feel we must not allow that.”

The 67-year-old former president offered few specifics on policies he might follow if elected, beyond promising to revive Pakistan’s economy. He did provide a glimpse of his election strategy, saying he would target the 60 percent of Pakistanis who do not vote.

“This 60 percent comprises educated middle-class Pakistanis, young people, women, and ethnic minorities,” he said. “If you can bring them into the political fray, even 25 percent of them, you would bring about a change in the political culture. That is what I intend doing.”

Regaining power as a civilian, through election, would give him the full legitimacy he lacked the first time around, he said.

Musharraf devoted the first two-thirds of his talk not to current politics but to an uncompromising defense of his and his country’s role in battling Islamic extremism in the region. “We are the victims of religious militancy, not the perpetrators,” he said.

He revisited “three blunders” that he said have contributed to the terrorist threat emanating today from Afghanistan and western Pakistan. He pointed the finger of blame primarily at the United States and the West, first for arming and encouraging the mujahideen, many of them foreigners, to wage “jihad” in Afghanistan against the Soviet occupiers, a move that introduced religious militancy into that country. Worse, after the Soviets beat a retreat, the West abandoned the war-ravaged country.

“So the first blunder, in 1989, was abandoning the place without any rehabilitation or resettlement, [which] gave rise to al Qaeda and then the Taliban,” he said.

He defended his decision to recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan, a move that put him at odds with the United States. In recognizing the Taliban he aimed to “change them from within.” Western failure to follow that course constituted the second blunder.

Musharraf took strong issue with critics who say Pakistan has not done enough to battle al Qaeda and the Taliban. Joining the post-Sept. 11 coalition to fight terrorism was in Pakistan’s self-interest, he said.

“I want to underline this because there are now expressions in the West and the United States that we are not doing enough or that our heart is not in the issue. Wrong, sir.  Nobody in Pakistan would like to have Talibanization of Pakistan.”

He defended his strategy of trying to “peel the Pashtuns from the Taliban” in 2002 and 2003. “It could have been easily done” had the United States embraced that approach, he said. Failure to push for a political solution when the coalition had the upper hand militarily was the third blunder.

He summarized the threats facing Pakistan today as al-Qaeda, who exist “in small numbers” in the western tribal areas; the Pakistani Taliban, who are getting bolder and spreading their brand of militancy beyond the frontier; and growing numbers of ex-mujahideen traveling to Kashmir to fight the Indian army. He also expressed concern about growing Islamic extremism among the youth in India. “The Indian government needs to look into that,” he said.

He voiced concern that the United States would withdraw from Afghanistan before a stable government was in place.

“Quitting without doing that is not an option,” he said. “This is my conclusion, this is what needs to be understood, so that we don’t go and commit a fourth blunder which will cost our region and the world very heavily.”

Reported by Fritz Lanham

Watch the video of President Musharraf’s address at Asia Society Texas by clicking here.

Source: Asia Society


Danger for Pakistan, India if US quits Afghanistan: Musharraf

September 25, 2009

* Washington must immediately send more troops to Afghanistan, be ready for casualties
* Calls Nawaz ‘closet Taliban’, says PML-N chief never speaks against terrorism, extremism

Daily Times Monitor

President MusharrafLAHORE: Pakistan and India will face great danger from Al Qaeda if the United States pulls out of Afghanistan, former president Pervez Musharraf said on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Musharraf said a US pullout would result in an unstable Afghanistan.

“The country [Afghanistan] will become the centre of all Al Qaeda sanctuaries and consequently could extend its influence into Pakistan and possibly even India,” Musharraf said.

Troops: To a question on the US consideration of sending more troops to Afghanistan, he said US President Obama should have complied with Gen Stanley McChyrstal’s recommendation “yesterday”. “I think you should take it immediately. You should have taken it yesterday,” Musharraf said.

Musharraf said he “absolutely” believed there needed to be more troops in Afghanistan. But he said sending more troops could mean an increase in casualties, something the US should be prepared for.

“We must avoid casualties, as much as possible. But when soldiers move and armies act, casualties will be there, and we should accept casualties,” he said.

He said the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan should be mined, a proposition he termed “drastic”.

“As far as I’m concerned, we should mine it so that people can’t go across,” Musharraf said.

He called PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif “abrasive” and confrontational.

“He has never been on good terms with any president of Pakistan,” he said, adding that Nawaz was a “closet Taliban”.

“Even on Pakistan Television these days, talk shows are going on saying that he has met Osama Bin Laden five times – five times before 9/11 – and he has been financed by Osama,” Musharraf said. “Then the other element is that he never speaks against terrorism and extremism.”

Source: Daily Times


Time to talk to Taliban: Musharraf

July 22, 2009

Pervez MusharrafLONDON: Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf said dialogue had to be established with the Taliban and political progress, rather than military might, would achieve a solution in Afghanistan.

“I think the strategy is right but we need to put in a little more input, more forces required, and maybe we need to concentrate also on the long-term strategy. We are following a short-term military strategy only,” the former general told Britain’s Sky News television.

“The Taliban have done wicked things. But then we have to come to a solution.

“Military is never the ultimate solution. The military can buy you time, it can create an environment, but ultimately it is the political instrument which has to be used.

“I personally think that you need to establish a political dialogue and political dialogue with senior elements within the Taliban.

“Unfortunately, the Taliban or the senior elements in the Taliban, I don’t think are open at the moment to any discussions or any negotiations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

“We need to have people, whether through a jirga or whether it is the president himself, to have access into the Taliban.”

Musharraf said the Taliban’s influence in Pakistan’s Afghan border areas had strengthened since he resigned the presidency in August last year.

“There is a degree of instability that has come up because of this resurgence of Talibanisation activity in the settled districts of the frontier, especially Swat, but I am very sure as long as the armed forces of Pakistan stay and they are strong, Pakistan will remain stable,” he said.

Source: Times of India (19th July 2009)


A Pakistan First Think-Tank Report: The Suicide Anatomy

October 28, 2008

Core Author: Afaq
M.A Economics (PU), M.Sc Physics (PU), M.Phil Physics (QAU)

Published by:
Edited by: Pakistan First Think-tank

Marriott hotel, Islamabad, the sign of glory, architecture, services and status is now nothing but a dump and mark of devastation, with blood, dust and smoke filled with tears, cries and smell of burnt human flesh. The footage broadcasted on television channels with a tag of ‘PG’ are just an indicant of how miserably the suicide bomber has turned a hell around in pursuit of paradise for him. After 20th September’s tragedy, It’s useless to question the security lapse when the security guards of hotel themselves are among the list of dead ones. It’s also another difficult quest for security agencies to trace the suspicious truck, when already dozens of such vehicles are running freely on roads. It’s also of no use to just present statistics of suicide bombing happened so far in these years. It’s time to make a detailed anatomy, the suicide anatomy. Who are the godfathers running this suicide factory; the planners, the financiers, the strategists, the facilitators, the motivators and the fuel to Paradise? What chain of events has brought Pakistan to such a self destructive mode? Is the motive of a man with suicide jacket deals in the short cut to heaven or there are other dimensions too? Is there any way to dismantle human bomb etc.

Historic prospective:

The phenomenon of Soviet-Afghan war in 80’s is self evident. Once, a journalist asked President Ronald Regan about the veracity of initiating Soviet war after a failed assignment of Vietnam War. Regan replied, “We would never lose Soviet war, because this time we have launched Jihad”. So, our intelligence services and CIA joint ventured a magnum opus thriving operation to devastate the Soviets. 20 to 30 thousand ‘mujahideens’ were brought from all over the world in Afghanistan. They were heroes for Pakistan, Afghanistan and US at that time. Hollywood made many propaganda movies to dedicate the valiant people of Afghanistan. Later, General Zia-ul-Haq killed in mysterious plane crash. Soon after it, democratic governments took charge. Stage was well prepared for USA to say good bye, leaving the Afghan land without introducing reforms or curing the wounds of Afghans, who suffered 10 years of war. The vacuum left was most vulnerable for anyone anywhere to come here, start training for militancy and become danger for peace. Pakistan was left alone. The so called ‘Mujahideens’ turned themselves to war lords, and started ‘Jihad’ among themselves. The supply of dollars was stopped. Battle field was open to be conquered, and lot of militant groups organized themselves to get the land occupied. I have no doubt that to retreat Soviets in Afghanistan was what required in our national interest at that time, but the most sensitive slip-up in all that phenomenon was the way the term ‘jihad’ had been coined, without thinking of the after effects.

The relic was natural. About 3.5 million Afghans killed in war. The 4 millions of refugees were to be accommodated in sole by Pakistan. Our social fabric was disturbed badly. For the first time, Pakistan was introduced by Kalashnikov culture and narcotics. The victorious ‘mujahideens’ were warmly embraced at our tribal areas. They have been offered by the tribes to get married there and breed a new generation with blood having ‘gun powder’ inside. Under such an environment, it was safe refuge for any group to label itself a Jihadi organization, and to start asking for ‘chanda’, armed themselves and to start turmoil at any level. Later in 1995, Talibans were re-emerged. The society mind set polarized with sectarian biases opened the arms well to accept them. Since, all that was assumed to be featured by religious motives, every one feared to oppose them. Thousands have been killed by clashes among them. That all what we reaped was in accordance with what we have sown. We mixed up state and religion in sensitively careless manner earlier, in 1970’s and later in Zia regime, all Jihadist ideologies were being sponsored by state machinery. To grow sympathies for jihadists on youth scale, changed academic syllabus introduced. It might be the most effective strategy on short term scale to secure the national interests regarding possible Soviet invasion at us, but that strategy was disaster on long term scale. It proved itself to be a germ pool of plasmodium of religious intolerance and militarization under the cover of Jihad.

Like an uncontrolled reaction at a laboratory, we observed the bi product of that dollar sponsored ‘Jihad’, in the form of sectarian extremist groups. Harkat-ul-Jihaad-ul-Islami (1980), Tehreek-e-Nifaaz-e-Fiqa-e-Jaafria (1980), Harkat-ul-Mujaahedeen (1985), Sipaah-e-Sihaaba (1985), Harkat-ul-Insaar (1993), Sipaah-e-Muhammad (1993), Lashkar-e-Jhangwi (1994), Jaish-e-Muhammad (2000) are just few of them. With the feel of blood thirst among each other, such organizations started making turmoil in the country, and openly inflame the common masses to join them for some so called religious motives. Thousands of lives lost in conflicts among them. Our roads tasted the drops of human blood. Security agencies appeared standing helpless in front of such a violent agitation. We failed to find any spark in democratically elected governments to root out that evil. Regrettably many of the politicians including the ones in government or in opposition provided the protection to them, as well.

The madrassas were the best breeding field to get the human resource to be used by such organizations. Few political parties with some religious titles were safety valves for such madrassas, involved in the activities other than just study. Since, the students of these madrassas are always most vulnerable to be brainwashed by such groups and organizations, it was easy to engage them in any bloody turmoil for their own vested interests. Thousands and thousands lost their lives in the clashes, and strategy to support the Jihadists during 80’s turned out as a horrible nightmare for the nation in 90’s.

When General Pervez Musharraf took charge of Pakistan in a bloodless coup, situation was at worst. Police was helpless to struggle against the well established network of Jihadists. From 12th October 1999 till 14th August 2001, there were 55 casualties in Karachi only and 61 in FATA in sectarian clashes. In June 2001, terrorists killed Shoukat Raza Mirza Managing Director (Pakistan State Oil) PSO and his driver in Karachi. Soon after it, Syed Zafar Hussain Zaidi-Director Research Laboratories, Ministry of Defense was killed. Lashkar-e-Jhangwi claimed the responsibility of both. Bold steps were required to curb that Frankenstein. Such steps are difficult to expect from any democratically elected government having dapper designed suit. General Musharraf-a man in (Special Services Group) SSG jacket didn’t waste an opportunity to coin all such moves to undo the wrongs of his predecessor General Zia-ul-Haq. On 14th August 2001, he banned Laskhar-e-jhangwi, and later on 12th January 2001, he announced a ban on Sipaah-e-Sihaaba Pakistan and Tehreek-e-jaafria Pakistan. This was the time when already a threat to kick Pakistan back on ‘stone age’ was floating in the thick atmosphere of Islamabad’s policy makers, and India had deployed his army at border.

To become an ally of Western world in ‘war against terror’ was the only choice for Pakistan, but that was an unpopular decision. On one hand, government had to deal with the external threats and on the other, had to face the public opposition. Election year was ahead, too. Tribal areas were the most horrible challenge to government, from where the cross border infiltration was evident. Usama Bin Laden, regardless of confession of involvement of Al-Qaida behind 9/11 attacks, was the most popular old guy for the men on streets. This all was like a horrible dream for any government, but Pervez Musharraf-a man holding most toughest office in the world, as said by ‘Times’ magazine, faced them audaciously, and brought Pakistan out of sudden death like situation.

Here I would stop, and ask your attention over the chain of events.

It was 24th December 1999, when Indian Airlines passenger plane flight-814 took off from Khatmandu and after being hijacked by few masked men landed at Qandahar. Hijackers demanded India to release Mulla Masood Azhar, Mushtaq Zargar and Umer Shaikh. At 31st December 1999, Wajpaayi government surrendered and Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh brought with him these 3 persons in a special plane to Qandahar to resolve that issue. Now things happened dramatically. Mulla Masood Azhar launched ‘Jaish-e-Muhammad within few weeks after being released. Zargar and Umer Shaikh went underground. Later in late 2001, famous ‘shoe bomber’ development took place. Daniel Pearl-South Asia bureau chief of ‘Wall street Journal’ arrived on 29th December 2001 to Karachi to make a detailed story to publish regarding ‘shoe bomber’. He met various members of ‘Jaish-e-Muhammad’ and all of a sudden on 23rd January 2002, every news channel started breaking news that Daniel is kidnapped by Jihadists. This was disastrous for Pakistan. President Musharraf visit to USA was just ahead in few days. Kidnappers were sending threatening emails to ‘Wall street Journal’ with the photographs of Daniel. Biggest search operation of history of Pakistan was made to rescue him. Later, Umer Sheikh surrendered himself to police on 5th February 2002. Investigations started. When President Musharraf was in USA, on 14th February, all the international press was quoting Umer Shaikh, “Daniel is dead”. How big was all that embarrassment.

Coincidence or Perfection?

Have you observed the timing associated with these events? Is it a mere co-incidence or perfection of the plan? Now, let us observe another event. President Musharraf was attending the UNO General Assembly in November 2001 and war against terror was the hottest assignment for the world leaders present there. Meanwhile, Hamid Mir-a journalist from Pakistan published an exclusive interview of Usama Bin laden, claiming, “Al-Qaida has nukes”. We can imagine the position of President Musharraf standing among the world leaders in UNO to defend Pakistan. Now, link this situation with another visit of President Musharraf of USA. It was September 2003, when George Tenet-the CIA Director asked Musharraf about the nuclear proliferation from Pakistan. This again was a hard test for leadership. Even recently, just a day before President Zardari’s departure to USA, there happened Marriott’s blasts and responsibility is claimed by an unknown organization, ‘Fidayaan-e-Islam’. USA blamed Al-Qaida to be possibly involved behind the blasts. Is it all mere set of frequent co-incidences? It’s difficult to swallow that pill. Surely the entire world has changed after 9/11, and what has been written above is the sequel to a bigger conspiracy behind the plane attacks. There is no iota of doubt regarding the involvement of Al-Qaida and Bin Ladin behind 9/11, yet it’s not digestible that few people residing at mountains, having no training of aviation etc. are sole responsible of all that. Surely, some bigger intelligence slur in curtain.

9/11 Aftershocks:

The role of Talibans in Afghanistan was one of vital importance for Pakistan. Taliban regime was not supportive to India at all, and that was what best suited to Pakistan. After 9/11, Taliban regime was kicked out and CIA sponsored-Karzai government was put on board. Soon after it, we found the reorganization of separatists’ movement in Baluchistan. Baluch liberation army (BLA) and its cohorts asking openly for establishment of ‘Greater Baluchistan’ are getting full support from Afghanistan and India. This year, official holiday is given at 15th August to synchronize it with the independence day of India, but nowhere in national media, is reported. New democratic government is releasing the militants of BLA etc. and withdrawing the charges, giving them full choice to restructure themselves to design more rebellion in Baluchistan. In Swat, Parachanar and tribal areas etc., crystal clear evidences are there of the involvement of RAW and CIA. Let’s have some deep insight.

All the investigation reports for suicide attacks in Pakistan indicate the link to tribal belt. The center of gravity of all the terrorism in Pakistan is Bait-ullah-Mehsud at South Waziristan. The supreme commanders of ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan’ and Baluch separatists are working in full support by CIA and RAW.

The rationale is self evident, as given below;

1- Regardless of all the intelligence information sharing by ISI, Baitullah Mehsud is never hit by NATO. He daily enjoys using satellite phones, yet supposed not to be traced by a super power. On 24th May 2008, Baitullah conducted an open press conference. That day, CIA not hit him, even after knowing 6 coordinated positions, given by ISI.

2- The most frequently used material in suicide attacks is “C4 Plastic explosive”. It is available nowhere in Pakistan. Investigation reports claim that the factory making suicide jackets run in neighboring country and then are given to their assets, residing at tribal areas.

3- At the border, there are many consulates of India, which are supposed to work as intelligence bases.

4- Many killed militants of ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan’ are found to be Hindus, not having ‘Khatnaas’ even. The same has been investigated for many militants in Swat.

5- NATO claims that there is cross border terrorism to Afghanistan from Pakistan, but yet not allowing Pakistan to seal Afghan border either by fencing or mining. Earlier, when Pakistan introduced bio-Metric cards to control cross border movement, Afghan side not encouraged this move.

6- After many years of military operations, still we are unable to curb militants completely. Surely, the finances and weaponry support is given to Baitullah Mehsud and his men from some other outfit as well. Last year, 300 troops of Pakistan army surrendered against Baitullah Mehsud. Surely, some one more advanced than our army and intelligence agencies is giving information and support to Baitullah Mehsud. After about couple of months, only 211 are released. Remaining ones are killed and slaughtered brutally by militants. Even videos are available of such horrible act. Please note here that contrary to Mehsud led Talibans, Mullah Umer led Afghan Talibans were known to be rigidly against photography etc.

7- The involvement of Abdullah Mehsud-the brother of Baitullah Mehsud in killing of Chinese Engineers also is an indicant that under the label of anti-USA organizations much is going in pipeline to disturb relations of Pakistan to a friendly nation-China.

8- In Swat and Parachanaar, many militants are arrested in uniform of Afghan army.

9- BLA is controlled by Brahmdaagh Bugti, having known connections with Afghan intelligence agencies and RAW. There are known video evidences to Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. These are also shown to Admiral Mike Mulin along with Baitullah–CIA collaboration.

The clones of Talibans:

Now it’s time to smell the difference between Talibans and clones of Talibans. Original Talibans are what supposed to be led by Mullah Umer. Baitullah led ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban’ is actually a clone sponsored by CIA and RAW. All the prominent indications are written above. However, there is no doubt that the people supporting and joining such organizations have full sympathies with the original ideologies of Talibans, and they feel proud in announcing themselves Talibans. The conspiracy lies only at the upper level of their command. The people belonging to lower cadre have no sense of understanding of all that.

The strategic importance of introduction of that clone in Pakistan is to get few apparent objectives. For example;

1- To establish USA strategic bases in our tribal areas.

2- To have pro-Indian regime in full control of Afghanistan.

3- To sideline the interests of China and Russia.

4- Destabilizing Pakistan and neutralizing Pakistan’s nuclear capability.

5- To make Afghanistan a hub for Opium production. A major share of drug internationally comes from Afghanistan. Don’t forget that US intelligence has announced Karzai’s brother as 2nd leading drug dealer.

6- To sabotage IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India)pipeline project and to root out Gawadar port.

Behind the suicide:

After having such analysis, now it’s time to focus only on suicide phenomenon in Pakistan. There are multi-folded factors running parallel behind that horrible human bomb industry.

First of all, as discussed earlier, the explosive material for blasts is not something to collect easily without having main stream linkages with the key players involved. Main key organization is ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan’, which takes the responsibility of most of suicide attacks in Pakistan and openly challenges for many more attacks. All other leading militant groups covering themselves in the label of religion have their tentacles in romance with Baitullah Mehsud. They are involved in militancy, training for ‘jihad’, killing army and security agencies, blasting girls’ school etc.

Secondly, the financiers and motivators involved are sponsored by anti-state elements, residing both within Pakistan and outside. Regarding external sponsors, much has been stated above. As for as inner ones is concerned, few are those who were involved in Soviet-Afghan war and later in emergence of Talibans in 90’s. Now, they are serving for the greater game plan of CIA, by motivating these Jihadis. They are well known as defense and strategic analysts. They openly speak against USA, and provoke Jihadists to keep on performing their ‘holy mission’. They inject dreams of ‘Islamic Renaissance’ in their minds. They appear frequently in national media. They brainwash their audiences that Pakistan army is killing our own people to appease USA. Hence, they demoralize the army and nation and mislead that this is not our war. Similarly, few are from political parties, receiving dollars to carry on vested agendas in Pakistan. Interestingly, they are also known for their harsh stance against USA. They support and provide covers to madrassas involved in militancy. In addition, media channels and many columnists are known for their biases towards Pak army. They speak against President Musharraf’s policies, they criticize intelligence agencies, and try to make perceptions that Pakistan is serving for interests of USA. Our 24/7 media has never started any campaign against these radical fanatics. They tried justifying the militancy and Red mosque terrorists by blaming President Musharraf and army of everything. In this way, they provoke feelings in favor of jihadists. For instance, a most popular columnist ‘Javed Choudhray’ has once openly favored Molvi Fazlullah (Swat), Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, and Baitullah Mehsud, saying that they are fighting for Justice.

Thirdly, the most important is the supply of human resource for suicide blasts. There is no fraction of doubt at all, that the only motive running in blood of a suicide bomber is ‘religious’. Symbiosis of religious extremism and terrorism is terrible. Suicide bombers believe from their heart and soul that they were following divine path and fulfilling a holy mission. The videos are available to express their final thoughts before going to deadly mission. You would fail to find any sense of fear at their faces. They embrace their trainer and colleagues very peacefully and they all congratulate them of ‘paradise’. Such mindset is easy to design in madrassas system. The students there are usually from lower class. Their parents can’t afford them to send at some good schools or institute. The economic and financial pressure forces them to send their kids to religious centers. Moreover, such students have very often low IQ. So, it looks a good choice for their families to engage them in any madrassas, assuming it a service to religion as well. The strict ideologies taught at madrassas make such students totally away from main stream mode of life. They appear fully isolated. Knowing that they have no scope of an established and prosperous future, their psychology disturbs miserably. Outcome is natural. There emerges a sense of revenge and hatred for society. Most of madrassas are featured by sectarian and hate literature. The madrassas administrators use these students for their own interests. Whenever there is some sensitive or emotional issue, they use these students to make protests on roads and streets. The poor guys have no other choice available either. The biggest example is of ‘Lal Masjid’. The students, both male and female are used by the clerics for all the illegal activities freely. They were too indoctrinated that they started dreaming for ‘martyrdom’. The cleric arrested while escaping in ‘burqa clad’ is the most painful and regrettable example to expose them. The investigations regarding recent Wah POF suicide blasts which killed about 100, announced the involvement of a madrassa from ‘Akora Khattak’.

Here, one important thing must be added. There is also an ‘Economic’ motive. Suicide trend is also established like an industry. There are perpetrators who channelize suicide bombers and market to other groups. Not only this, such producers also blackmail the governments of these human bombs, in order to collect bounties of money.

How to dismantle a human bomb:

If we need to dismantle a human bomb, we have to follow a multi-prong strategy. This must be a win-win strategy, as we have no other choice. On one side, at tribal belt, must put on board the military actions supported by tribal elders. Secondly, speed up the developmental progress in tribal belt and providence of better life opportunities to add the people in main stream. Thirdly, education must be revolutionized to enlighten their conscience. Fourthly, there is an urgent need to bring our madrassas to the main stream. For it, all the madrassas must be registered and the record of students would be shared to government as well. The syllabi of madrassas must be checked out and revamped to bring according to the modern age requirement. Strong checks and balances must be made to stop any trace of militancy, to avoid more Lal masjids. The illegally occupied and expanded mosques and madrassas must be monitored. Moreover, strong check over any sort of hatred literature or sermons and misuse of loud speakers must be taken. Friday sermons must need to be documented. Steps should be taken to enlighten the madrassas student by the availability of multimedia facilitation to give them the broader view of world we are living in. Fifthly and perhaps most important is to bring awareness in masses to stand up against such obscurantist ideology and to oppose these fanatics loudly. All these steps if taken simultaneously would bring a positive change in Pakistan. Remember we have already wasted much time, and now our picture internationally is not too smart against terrorism and extremism.

Pakistan at Cross roads:

Pakistan is standing at the cross roads of her fate. Nation has to choose the one. It may lead to blind end, or may lead to the bridges of continued existence. Pakistan is sandwiched between 2 fascists’ ideologies; one followed by extremists and other followed by West in the name of ‘war against terror’. We have to hoard ourselves from both of them. While frightened of USA attacks over tribal areas of Pakistan, we must not forget that if USA stops acting like, even then terrorists would not leave us at peace. We, as a nation must stand up together, and join hands together for ‘Pakistan first’. Only then we can be able to resist these extremists and terrorists and be able to change the international perceptions against Pakistan. After being united, second most important thing is to show no trace of despondency. Pakistan army is alert 24 hours for the nation. People of tribal areas are also now fighting along Pakistan army against the terrorists. Now, there remains no doubt that this is OUR War and we have to fight it. Pakistan is not meant for defeat. We must win. We must win for ourselves and for our future generations.


Survival of the fittest

August 27, 2008

(Written by Afaq)


Have you ever studied Darwin’s “theory of Evolution”? For me, to some extent, it’s equally applicable to the international relations and all the conflicts. ‘Natural selection’ and ‘Survival of the fittest’, the leading axioms of it, also are accepted as a yardstick in the challenging game show among the nations, on every ground-Political or Economic. One must need to be smart enough and competent to survive in the second to second changing environment, knowing the art of making analysis of things happening on stage and behind the scene. One must be too quick in making right decisions at right time, and must be too smart to undo the mistakes if ever being made. The real test of nations (and leadership) comes, not when everything is going fine and smooth, but when things are deviating from normal course, and when perceptions are ruling over the facts.


We have faced well such challenging times, from the day one of the creation of Pakistan, which took a decisive turn regarding the aftershocks of Afghan-Soviet war. While, the conspiracy behind the crashed plane of General Zia-ul-Haq was still unfolded, we found USA saying ‘Good Bye’, and we are forced not only to feed the Afghan refugees, but also have to stand helplessly among the militant organizations, being covered under the label of Jihad. That was not the end. More difficult challenges were yet ahead. Nuclear tests, Kargil war, 12th Oct. 1999 plane hijacking, 9/11 aftermath, Daniel Pearl assassination, nuclear proliferation, 8th Oct. 2005 Earthquake, Balochistan insurgency, tribal areas mutiny, suicide bombers, extremism and non-stop threat of inflation……. all that are just few of the tags of the test for leadership along walking upon razor edge of making balance in relations with India, Afghanistan, United States and China.


After holding the most difficult offices for 9 years, finally General Pervez Musharraf has resigned. He is no more on board, to be used as a punch bag by media and political parties. Post-Musharraf era is to face harsh realities, rather allowing politicians and media to fabricate the facts. The nation already has suffered much of nerve-breaking distress. Now, we have no more prospects to waste in running along the vicious square of useless exercises on every front. It’s not the time to play politics, but to keep the national interests first.


We need to analyze the situation and to deal with the issues on emergency basis. Let’s have a quick look upon the challenges ahead;


1-Economic Front: From the state of complete default at late 90’s, Pakistan revived well its economy and even declared as the one of the fastest growing economies, with foreign reserves reached to 17 billion dollars from hardly 700 million dollars at 12th Oct. 1999, and growth rate reached to 7% for the first in our history. Over the years, our economy managed well the exchange rate of dollar to get locked between Rs. 60 and 61. In January 2008 issue, an international magazine ‘Economist’, has complimented the strong foundations of our economy by saying Pakistan as a safe haven for investment.


Regrettably, the situation has been reversed by 180 degrees after the revitalization of democracy in Pakistan. Now our foreign reserves are declined to hardly 9 billion dollars, and exchange rate of dollar up to Rs.77. Now, Pakistan looks no more a safe haven for investors. Foreign as well as local investors are packing to run away. Business community is waiting desperately for someone representing government to have sitting with them, and work out the reasons behind the economic collapse down, and the way outs of it.


The foremost and biggest challenge to Pakistan is to recover our economic indices, and to attract the investment back to Pakistan. Otherwise, the inflation and devaluation of currency would lead us to the end of everything……. everything, which one can imagine!


2-Writ of the state: Would you ever allow any stranger or enemy to jump down at your home and start killing your loving ones. If No, then why do we remain silent of those enemies of our loving homeland, who are openly challenging the writ of the state. We have to open our eyes regarding increasing threat of terrorism and extremism all around. We must bring them to an end. First, make a distinction. Terrorism is a global phenomenon of involvement of militancy, while extremism is linked with obscurantist views and indoctrinated mind set. Both need different strategies to deal with. A militant, being standing against the state must brought to justice by force. On the other hand, an extremist needs a different plan to subjugate. A wrong idea must be conquered by the true one. An old thought must be defeated by the newer one. A rigid ideology must be washed out by the flexible one. We must not forgive the anti-state elements, just because they are hiding themselves in the label of Islam. Killing the innocent people, blasting the girl schools, indoctrination of students of madrassas for suicide attacks, slaughtering our soldiers and crossing the border to make insurgency in Afghanistan is enough to expose their services to Islam. Enough is enough. It’s time to speak louder against them, instead of calling them mujaahideen.


Having said earlier, post-Musharraf era is to face the harsh realities, and not to play politics on the issues of our sovereignty. Brace the facts. Few days ago, soon after POF Wah cantt twin suicide blasts, which martyred about 100, Mr. Rehman Malik from interior ministry alarmed the nation, ‘‘we have only two options. Either to hand over Pakistan to Talibaans, or to launch operation against them.’’ Same sort of upsetting statement was coined by Prime Minister Gilani, few weeks ago, ‘‘there are foreigners hiding themselves in tribal areas, and are planning the deadly attacks. We don’t want to make any precedent for one more 9/11 to take place. We are fighting the war against terror in our own interest. Its not the war to please USA.’’ Chief Minister NWFP justified the same, ‘‘if militants keep on attacking the government offices and girl schools, why we allow them. The militants wouldn’t be forgiven by government, even if they surrendered.’’ Isn’t it the same outlook which Musharraf alarmed the nation again and again. What a shame for the politicians, if repeat once more, ‘‘Nation has rejected the Musharraf’s policies, in war against terrorism, by giving us the mandate.’’ Come on. Nation knows nothing, but one… that someone has badly fooled again in the name of democracy.


3-Democracy, but not demon-crazy: Yes, our politicians have already betrayed the nation enough in the name of democracy. We suppose democracy to be an exercise of having elections, in which we caste vote for some individual, representing some party. Fine enough……. but it’s time to analyze why such exercise always brings desperation and disappointment for the nation.


The political system in Pakistan is gripped by feudalistic mind set. We know, the same families are supposed to rule over us for decades… Bhutto, Sharif, Lughari, Mari, Mengal, Lashari, Bugti… blah blah… It’s a mafia. Go and observe. Their own people are like slaves to them. Having no penny in pockets, or bread in bellies, still they chant slogans for their feudal lords. After being elected, these lords never allow any developmental work in their own locality, and never allow any school to get operate, fearing to have conscience of people to wake up, which would one day deprive them of supremacy upon them.


When things get worst and going out of control, the army has to intervene in politics to safe the nation from further destruction. As a matter of fact, people always applause the army, calling them the savior of nation, but after some times, again start demanding the democracy. The vicious cycle carries on, and the dreams are always cursed by the democracy. To make end to that exercise, we need to educate the masses, and finally to abolish the feudalistic culture. It’s easier said than done. To get out old tested (and failed) faces from our political culture, a good step was taken by earlier, to make graduation as mandatory to contest. Unfortunately this was later revoked. It must be brought back. The right to make policies for Pakistan and to pass the bills in assembly must not be given to undergraduate illiterates. Moreover, new political parties must be introduced to challenge the monopoly of few old parties. The new parties should be composed of new faces, most likely to be young, educated, and visionary and better not from the political background. Otherwise, it would be demon-crazy or damn-crazy under the slogan of Democracy.


4-Propaganda front: This is the multi polar world. Nothing now happens in isolation. Every bit of information now reaches to every spot of world within a fraction of second, by internet, newspapers, mobile phones and satellite channels. ‘Propaganda’ is now accepted as an art to manipulate things to achieve the desired goals. 24-7 media, now is considered as an important tool to stabilize or destabilize the nations. 

Being fair, credit goes to General Pervez Musharraf, on giving full liberty to media for the first time ever in Pakistan. Now, having more than 70 private channels, we are in better position to educate and inform the masses. Now, with such a vibrant media, we need to make sure few things at media front.


1– To keep the national interests first.

2– To raise the morale of nation high.

3– To follow the facts, not perceptions (To be neutral).

4– To portray the positive image of Pakistan.

5– To act as a defense line to deal an international campaign against Pakistan.


Our nation has already suffered lot of trauma, due to the frequency of ‘Breaking News’ and ‘News-Just in’ mostly featured by non-issues and rumors. It’s time to keep the national interests first. Our nation is already trapped badly in lot of miseries, and in vicious marathon to get ‘bread n butter’. No one has enough time to or resources to explore out the reality out of rumors. Its media, either electronic or press, which injects the perceptions in the minds of masses. Our nation has already been enslaved to pessimism and despondent thoughts. Its time to raise the morale of nation higher. Our media, unfortunately, has proved itself too biased in the hatred campaign against General Pervez Musharraf. Its time to follow the facts, not to build illusion of perceptions.


To put our Economy back on track, and to maintain the law and order situation, featured by the political stability, our media has to play its role, with a feel of responsibility. One sensitive graphical image or one embarrassing news on media, results in the stock market to crash, the next day, and delivers the negative image of Pakistan among international community.


Its not the time to clean our dirt live on TV channel, but its time for media to act as a defence line to secure the interests of Pakistan.


Now, in last, I would recall your attention again towards the leading axioms of Darwin’s theory of Evolution, i.e., ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Survival of the fittest’. No nation is born slave or master. Nations evolve through difficulties. If one is capable enough to meet the challenges successfully, naturally get selected to the next level of competition and this struggle continues. In this competition, its only the fittest who survives.


Out of lot of challenges, I have picked only few. i.e., Economic front, writ of the state, Political front, and vibrant media front. All are dependent on each other. We have to work out on all these fronts strategically on emergency basis. We have no more time to waste. Otherwise, it would be too late!!!


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