The official Biography

Former President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Ex. Chief of armed forces, Islamic republic of Pakistan.

General Pervez Musharraf

Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Military)




Date of Birth

August 11, 1943


Place of Birth

Born in a Haveli, situated in Mohallah Kacha Saad Ullah, Old Delhi



President Musharraf’s father Syed Musharraf Uddin, a graduate of Aligarh University, served in the Civil Services, Delhi. After partition, he joined the Foreign Department and retired as Director, Foreign Affairs. His mother received her Master’s degree from Lucknow University.



President Musharraf has two children, Ayla and Bilal, and both are happily married. He has two grand daughters from Ayla; a grandson and a grand daughter from Bilal.



General Pervez Musharraf joined the Pakistan Military Academy in 1961 and was commissioned in an elite Artillery Regiment in 1964. He saw action in the 1965 war as a young officer in the Khem Karan, Lahore and Sialkot sectors with a self propelled Artillery Regiment. He was awarded the Imtiaz-i-Sanad for gallantry. He later volunteered and served for seven years in the Special Service Group “Commandos”. He also participated in the 1971 war as Company Commander in a Commando Battalion. 


General Musharraf has had the privilege of commanding two self-propelled Artillery Regiments. As a Brigadier, he had the distinction of commanding an Infantry Brigade as well as Armored Division Artillery. On promotion to the rank of Major General on 15th January 1991, he was given the command of an Infantry Division and later of a prestigious strike Corps as Lieutenant General on 21st October 1995.

General Musharraf has served on various important staff and instructional appointments during his career. These include Deputy Military Secretary at the Military Secretary’s Branch, member of Directing Staff both at the Command and Staff College, Quetta and the National Defence College. He has also remained the Director General Military Operations at the General Headquarters.

A graduate of Command and Staff College, Quetta and the National Defence College, General Pervez Musharraf also distinguished himself at the Royal College of Defence Studies, in the United Kingdom. A comment from his performance report was, “a capable, articulate and extremely personable officer, who made a most valuable impact here. His country is fortunate to have the services of a man of his undeniable quality”.


General Pervez Musharraf was promoted to the rank of General on 7th October 1998 and appointed Chief of Army Staff. He was given the additional charge of Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee on 9th April 1999 which he relinquished in October 2001. He performed his duties as the Chief Executive of Pakistan from 12 th October 1999 to the time he became President.On November 28, 2007 President Pervez Musharraf retired from Army as Chief of Army Staff. He took oath for the second term as Civilian President of Pakistan on November 29, 2007. He fulfilled his resolve and promises to the nation, President Musharraf uphold free, fair, transparent and peaceful elections to complete the third phase of Democracy. Finally at the sad afternoon of 18th August 2008, he addressed the nation, and announced his resignation.


  1. Musharraf Destroyed My Beautiful Country

    When you judge a ruler you should look at the country before him/her and after him/her.

    Before Musharraf there were no Bomb blasts, Suicide attacks, Killings, no civil war in Balochistan and NWFP, our own army was not killing Pakistanis; and there were no major electricity (power) problem and food shortages (flour-Aata etc.), the inflation was under control and security and safety was good.

    He killed Bugti which was a conspiracy to ignite civil war in Balochistan. He killed Benazir, which was conspiracy too to start a civil war in Sindh and to weaken the democracy.

    He strengthened killers of HAKIM SAEED (friends of India) so that they can start a civil war in Karachi to break Pakistan. He created Swat militants with intent to kill them later to make money from US. He killed thousands innocent Pakistanis in NWFP to upset “Pushtuns” so that they can start a civil war in that province.

    He is Ghadar (Traitor) and he was doing that for purpose, he was assigned a job to break Pakistan. Indian airplane lifted this Ghadar from Pakistan to India for lectures. The whole country is burning now.

    The killers of HAKIM SAEED attacked on 12th May in Karachi and Musharraf proudly supported them on media. His killers attacked in October’07 on Benazir’s arrival and 150 people were killed.

    How can anybody forget killings of 150 innocent children and girls in LAL MASJID? He used white phosphorus on innocent children.

    He sold AAFIA SIDDIQUE and 4000 Pakistanis for million dollars (that’s why he is so rich now). He should be brought to justice for all those crimes.

    He fired Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan twice (along with 60 judges). The CJ was humiliated and was in prison for many months with his children. He broke the constitution twice which is a very big crime. The whole Pakistan hates him.

    No ruler in the whole world did that many crimes, he is a criminal and only criminals like criminals

    Pakistan is on the edge because of him.

  2. Gen. Musharraf is the only and only best person in Pakistan and most favourit person and leader not only mine but also of my whole family. We all love this Pakistani Cammando. he has greatly served Pakistan. His picture in uniform is still on the desktop of my pc. in any sitting or meeting when any one disscuss our’s hero i always protect and give reasonable comments in his favour. he has really done very very best work for Pakistan and very soon this NATION again weill feel the importance of our hero. he has lanuched gross root leval democracy and free media. He gave Pakistan a great degnity in the eyes of the world.
    In last i want to make a slute to him. Its my will that i want to talk to him personly just one time on phone or etc.
    Muhammad Saqlain Chaudhary Advocate High Court,

  3. Commando…What a joke…was he really a commando or jackal in sheeps’ skin.

    He was a trader of Pakistan’s national pride, earned money, bulit castles and palaces around the world and is enjoying life…. Inshallah he shall be in hell soon and only one case of Lal Masjid is enough to kick him to the hell…….big mouth butcher……. the bughti killer, i some times thinks hours & hours when a crickter is bull shitted for match fixing… but what punishment should these leaders get for fixing Pakistan…

  4. Dear Friends,
    GENERAL MUSHARAF BOHT HI ACHY AUR SUPER GENERALA HEIN> PAKISTAN KO SIRF YAHI DRUST SEMAT MEIN AGY LY KY JA SAKTY HEIN> APNY DOUR_ HAKOUMAT MEIN UNHON NY IMF KA QARZA ADA KAR KY US KA KASHKOL TOR DY MAGAR PPP I GOVT NY ATY HI DOBARA IMF SY LOAN LY LYA. 1999 mein pakistan ka loan 40 billion dollar tha aur 8 sal ky bad 2008 ky akher mein 42.6 billion dollar tha. magar ab 2010 mein 56.4 billion dollar ho gya hy . ya hein hamary “pyary” leaders (stupids). pori pakistani qom ko qarzon ky bojh taly dafan kar ky khud beron mulk bhag jaty hein. en sab ky bary jan kar hi ya jana hy keh Musharraf bot ach banda hy. aur pakistan ko drust semt mein agy ly ky ja sakta hy. Thanks & Slam to Musharraf,
    Muhammad Saqlain Chaudhary Advocate Jhang

  5. I remember during his command,dollar was stable at Rs.60. He gave us service 1122,patroling police,traffic wardens and the country was rising up. My mother(late) sent wishes letter for him twice after he escaped from terrorist attempt with comments that he always respected his mother. When ever she saw General with his mother on TV she prayed for his health.General sir, always sent back letter of thanks to my mother. I do not know politics but I like him.

  6. During recent interview on TV general sb has boltly replied question of anchor person regarding
    that USA will not forget Pakistan after his interest is over.
    That our only two air field were used for logstestics only.
    That he said, Maen ankhon men ankhen dal kar baat karta hoon.
    But general sb should also be sorry for loss of lives of girls and boys during operation of Lal Masjid.
    Any how he commanded well.

  7. Salam.
    mean APML join karna chahta hon,
    kyon k m samajta hon k pakistan m agar koi tabdille aa sakti hy tu musharraf sb k zarye sa he aa sakti hy.
    or muhj ko plz Gen, sb ke Id send kar dein.

  8. In yasir opinion, Gen Pervaiz Musharraf is one who deserves salute from the nation. He is the master mind General of Pakistan. I love his style of speech and english language skill. I want to join AMPL just because of Musharraf if the leader of APML. He is my inspiration.

    Yasir Nazeer

  9. Sir i want your party because you are my ideal person i want to work with u,the peopel of swat like u but unfortunatly there is no leader and representative that wecontect with him please sir contect me as soon as posible my name is Akmal khan cell no 03455582230

  10. you are the one who survive our country

  11. khoda hamisha aap ko khush rakhe……….. my sweet sir.

  12. I salout and want to serve this person, Allah ap ka hami o nasir hai.

  13. my favorite personality. Love you Sir. Allah ap ko lambi umer aur saht day…

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