Farewell remarks to President Musharraf

A Salute to President Musharraf from his supporters





My dear friends, I was speechless after the moment, when I found President saying Good Bye (‘Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz’)  … Totally speechless, and just tears floating deep in heart, and feel of immense pain and void in soul. May Allah bless his efforts, and bless Pakistan. Our nation … a blind-eyed and dead-minded nation, would surely miss him, very soon, but it would be too late. I am thankful to all you friends, who blessed me the feel of unison and strength, supporting the idea of “Pakistan First”. Though deeply disappointed, I wish you to join hands, and continue our struggle for the homeland. We must lift the green flag higher and higher. That would be the best tribute to our pride-Pervez Musharraf … He left Pakistan to us with some trust and confidence. We must continue his mission and vision.



A Proud Proud Pakistani…….

M.A Economics (PU), M.Sc Physics (PU), M.Phil Physics (QAU)





I am Dr. Hamid Subzwari, PhD. Professor of Ph. in Multimedia at CU, Cheshire, UK. I appreciate your efforts for saving Pakistan. I have gone through many of your articles and smell your love and affection with Pakistan. You are a decent writer who is exposing the so called self declared lords of Pakistan, who played key role to sell it out by removing honest and patriot Pakistani soldier President Pervez Musharraf just a few hours ago, we are waiting for your article on this sad moment of Pakistan. Dear Ahmed, please keep it up for Pakistan. We pray for you. We are sure that your efforts are based on truth. We appreciate. Best Regards


Dr. Hamid Subzwari. [email withheld for privacy]






This is the start …The sharp knife of media and television channels will create the causes of regret for this coalition. Mr. Zaid Hamid, you don’t worry about the actions of this government. Just wait and see. Their lips will create the causes of Slip for them, Insha Allah.


Azeem Khan [email withheld for privacy]






I strongly support Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf. I respect him because he is a sincere man who wanted to do something for his homeland. BUT, unfortunately the people of Pakistan have made a GREAT blunder by letting him step down. He did so to avoid further confrontations, conspiracies as opponents wanted to. He did so, as he always says, Pakistan First.  The MEDIA (private tv channels and newspapers) in Pakistan are enjoying “freedom of expression” only due to the relaxations given by the President Pervez Musharraf.  We (Pakistanis) deserve and like looters and thugs like Zardari and Sharif brothers. Both of them don’t have the capacity to face the media. They know how to buy media with money. So-called “media-champions” like GEO & AAJ are playing negative role towards destabilizing the economical & political situations in the country. Hamid Meer seems to be a PAID political anchor appearing on tv with the people who have personal grudge against Mr. Musharraf. Is Hamid Meer capable of asking Sharif brothers the tough questions about their corruption? Or ask Zardari about the same? The other day Hamid Meer sat like an imbecile in front of Zardari during an interview, afraid of asking him any offensive question. Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz.

With best regards,


Rais Ismail [email withheld for privacy]






With Musharraf gone, the whole responsibility comes to the shoulder of a deep but a silent looking Chief Of Army Staff. I personally believe that the present COAS is a blessed one in the regard that he is the only COAS in the history of Pakistan who had been the head of Pakistan‘s premier intelligence agency, ISI, before wearing the crown of COAS. In this way he knows a lot even before becoming the COAS, which a normal routine COAS might not have. Every sane mind could see that what was happening in the country, but ahhhhh, the impulsive nation we are, always restless and eager to see a change. Even if it is for the worse.  We have been seeing Mr. Musharraf for last nine years and were in no longer mood to see him there anymore, so we joined every dirty hand to pull him down for our personal satisfaction, no matter even if the price was in the shape of a national security risk to this country. The table of our national security was just hinging on three pedestals, the President, the COAS and the ISI. With the former gone it looks that the odds against the remaining two are quite high. This may not happen soon, but after ISI, the next target of the government at some point in time will be the COAS, who at the moment seems isolated with his one flank quite exposed. Why Mr. Zardari would like to get rid of him is because if he stays in the country, he will one day be an icon of critic for the coming governments, who are all likely to tumble in one way or the other. And for Mr. Nawaz, no logic seems to be working, he just wants Musharraf down and humiliated. Thanks to this political drama, Musharraf has been able to attract back few of his sympathizers. And with the behavior of the politicians, the day is not far when we will see Musharraf’s portrait behind a truck next to this line: “Teray janay kay baad teri yaad ayee”.


Kamran [email withheld for privacy]





Assalam o alikum.


I am not personality a cult follower. Every person has to go. No one is indispensable. The most worrying point is , had President Musharraf left the reigns in the hands of able personalities , there would have been feeling of faith and strength. Now when I look at the fate of our beloved country in the hands of Zardari -Nawaz duo, it sinks my heart to the very low, also the thankless and disrespectful manner in which President Musharraf was treated makes me weep at the decadence of our society. These are times for prayers.



Mrs. Ahmed [email withheld for privacy]





Indeed, yesterday was a very sad day for all Pakistan and for President’s supporters. We have been deprived of a great leader in the name of democracy. But let me say, all it happens because of we silent majority who never cast its vote. If this silent majority cast its vote in Feb 2008 election, the situation might be different. He was the man who had a vision for solving every problem of the nation whether it is water, electricity, education and health etc. He took the economy on its peek and its benefits were supposed to tickle down to the poor during this next five years which unfortunately have been given to the corrupt political leaders in the name of democracy. Democracy in Pakistan itself is joke, where people don’t know for whom they are casting their votes due to illiteracy. The dilemma of our nation is that we were sleeping on 13th August, 1947 and when woke up next morning we got a new country called Pakistan. If we go through the history, we will find that only a handful of leaders from the existing Pakistan region took the part in Independence movement. That’s why majority of us and especially our leaders don’t have national spirit. We and our leaders always keep in our minds our own interest and benefits only. Whatever has happened with President Musharraf provides us an opportunity to think about the lack of sincere leadership, our political environment, the character and attitude of our politicians and above all, is this true democracy? Our leaders are making the general public fool in the name of democracy and enhancing their wealth and assets. Now the destiny of our nation and country is in the hands two unelected corrupt leaders. President well said in his last address to the nation: “Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz.”


Syed Mumtaz Haider [email withheld for privacy]





Dear PakNationalists;


This poetry brought tears to my eyes. May Allah bless our beloved president…. he truly is the best!  But it is still a pity that a nation which boasts of 50% youth…. relied on a 65 yr old man…. when will the nation’s youth realize their responsibilities?  Conspiracies our underway to disintegrate the country… the politics of victimization and revenge will make Pakistan‘s future more bleak! Perhaps a few of us can ‘run away’ to safer havens to a life of sticking up in long queues for renewing our visas…my heart goes out to the people who wont have the resources to just run away… I never wished to talk about my beloved Pakistan like this but perhaps it doesn’t belong to me… it belongs to the Bhuttos or the Shareefs or the Chaudhries or the Sardars or the Nawabs n their boot polishers … A heavy heart and teary eyes salute President Pervez Musharraf… who forever is in my heart … the best President of Pakistan!


Faysal Hayat [email withheld for privacy]






Assalam u Alikum. A very nice poem [CLICK LINK TO SEE]. Yesterday I believe was very sad for me & my family as well. Musharraf was the only political leader I voted for ever in my life when we had the referendums. I really don’t know what is Pakistan’s fate, well I am sure none of us does. Pakistan cannot continue like this my friends by being a toy in the hands of the West. Let’s wait & see how all the other issues unfold in these 3 months. Very well said by Mr. Mushahid Hussain “Qubza Group” is back in Pakistan again. Can I Please get the answers for the following questions: Why Mr. Zardari is not been tried on any of the corruption cases? What about Mr. Nawaz Shareef & Co.’s financial embezzlements? Are the private TV channels in Pakistan GEO, ARY, & all the rest on CIA’s payroll? I saw the glow on the face of every anchor (Hamid Mir, etc.) when Mr. President resigned, not only that, how much negativity the TV channels have created since they were liberated by & under Mr. Musharraf. They better take care of Pakistan now and change our views forever about them. Otherwise Our Great Army should take care of them and this time I say make it bloody one.


By http://www.longlivemusharraf.com





I m depressed. The future of Pakistan is in the hands of corrupt people…Zardari said in an interview, “i have 75 billion dollars to capitalize in the market. Plz tell me Zardari, if u r so patriotic then y cant u invest this in KSE or why can’t you donate some part of this amount to Pakistani reserves?


Saad Ahmad Mir [email withheld for privacy]





Today is very sad day for Pakistan. I live in US and almost every Pakistani here loves and support Musharraf and very sad and emotional on his departure, along with educated people of Pakistan. Our problem as a nation is illiteracy and because of that poor uneducated people they give vote to these thugs and start looting and plundering which they are best at. I don’t want to say this, but I think that the future of Pakistan is not bright after the resignation of Musharraf. Just give these thugs a couple of more months and Mr. Bhagora and Mr.10% would destroy the country. May Allah Bless us all.


Syed Farooq [email withheld for privacy]






Today is my worst day, an absolute disappointment for me. The great general leaves us alone on the mercy of these thugs and absconders, any way great general adios, nation always remember you as savior, nation loves you , my love great general we are sorry we are coward, we could not save your office but want to thank you for your contribution in the development and welfare of Pakistan. You have contributed your share, may Allah bless you always, Pakistan First long live Pakistan long live Pervez Musharraf.


Faraz Siddiqi [email withheld for privacy]





There is no one else to blame for what we are going through. The President shot himself in the foot and left the whole nation in the hands of the enemies of this country.


Tariq M. Haider. [email withheld for privacy]





I just do not have words to express my feeling at this tragic moment. All I can say is, sitting far away from my beloved Pakistan, we have people like you to please keep up with your devotion and love for Pakistan. As long as we have young conscientious Pakistanis like you I pray to ALLAH to give you all the courage to fight for justice for Pakistan. Amazingly no other Pakistani channels are showing anything about Musharraf stepping down except Geo International. Where is PTV? I understand you all are going through a difficult time but you have no idea how it feels to see all this sitting far away from home. I already had a couple of interviews on local radio station talk shows, today, about this development. With all my duas for you all and for my Pakistan.



Sarwat Husain [email withheld for privacy]






It is time the Pakistani people got the democracy they asked for. It’s sad that the President after all that he’s done for the country had to step down like this but I welcome his decision at the same time. For the people of Pakistan, they had a choice between saving Pakistan and destroying it. They chose to destroy it so I’d say let them have a taste of their own medicine. As for the CIA, let their puppet Zardari and his best friend N. Sharif wreak havoc in the country. After all, it’s all they’re good at. I don’t care what those [expletive] politicians are doing. All I care about right now is how am I to save my country from their filthy clutches. I know it’s a bit childish to be saying this stuff but if we call ourselves patriots we must act like ones too. There must be something we can do other than raising awareness, changing opinions and signing petitions. I don’t want to become a pawn and neither do I want to see my country disintegrate like this. When are these people going to realize that some things are bigger and more important than living in mansions, having money and fame.  The kind of injustice they have inflicted upon us is indescribable for me. I know Musharraf made a mistake by being too lenient with these SOBs but I excuse him for that, simultaneously I hope that karma catches up to these thieves and bites them hard for their likes to remember. I excuse Musharraf because his sincerity and devotion are quite apparent and cannot be missed unless you have chosen to be blindfolded.

Pakistan Paindabad!


Sanaa Ayaz [email withheld for privacy]





Indeed a sad day for Pakistan. Poor uneducated people do not understand the depth of honesty. They go after slogans of 1970s which kept nation poor. The nation will suffer of their selection of looters and dishonest politicians. There is no place for an honest, educated, and professional in the Pakistani politics. Which is full of family based and family owned groups. Mush did lead with authoritarian hand. That’s what current model of modern China has shown. Let’s see how these professional thieves with looted wealth will lead. They could not do in the past and they will not do now. But Mush’s action never required impeachment and he should have given a fight than leaving it for “chores and looters”. Musharraf must come back as a politician and go for change of the system by abolishing provinces. Also follow Chinese Economic Model. British Style Democracy has produced corrupt leaders and Bilawal is in the making as well. Why more than 100 million young men/women cannot come and lead? Why this country has to be like a closely held corporation? Let’s go for change.


Zafar Bokhari [email withheld for privacy]





In my opinion President did the right thing as he did not restore the judges and revoke the NRO because now the worth of Zardari and Nawaz will come out. They will both expose and fight with each other. However, one thing is sure that army has distanced itself from the president issue which I think ultimately isolated the President and drove him to this conclusion. But in days to come army chief will either repent once there will be no one to come to his support to rescue army or ISI from CIA-sponsored democratic government or will have to jump in as did by Musharraf in 1999, so it would have been better that army chief should have supported president and thrown out the present corrupt politicians.


Ashfaq Khan [email withheld for privacy]





Today the sad day for us here in Yanbu, KSA, for me and many of my colleagues. Today again my motherland (Pakistan) is in unsafe hands of so called most corrupts man & party. I receive your columns & impressed by the style to approach the things. Allah bless you & keep doing the nice things. Hope you will not follow the Dr. Shahid Masood to become MD of PTV!

We all support you.


Najeebullah Tariq [email withheld for privacy]

Yanbu – Saudi Arabia


  1. During his 8-year stint in office, Pervez Musharraf did a hell of a job for Pakistan.No body else had done so much for the country and its citizens before.Knowledgeable patriotic Pakistanis will never forget him for that, I am sure.In spite of all his remarkable achievements, he was after all a human being, not perfect or infallabe. At the fake end of his tenure, he did make certain mistakes and these were crucial ones like promugation of N.R.O. which led to his downfall.It was a great tragedy for him, but far more for Pakistan.Unwittingly,he was instrumental in bringing the internationally known plunderes and thugs back on to the seat of power and they are at their old game again. During a short span of mere twenty months, they have devastated the economy and other social sectors of the country thoroughly and completely.While full of praise for Musharraf for his good deeds,I cannot help blaming him for the”hara kari” that he committed in the shape of said N.R.O. Currently this country is like a ship adrift in stormy waters without a helmsman to take it to shores of safety. May Allah save Pakistan.

  2. after the recent announcement of pervaiz musharaf and his new APML party , i am optimist that the time has come to let this gentleman help rebuild this nation destroyed by the looetrs like Mr.10% and other industrialists.He has all the charms of a good leader and strong vision for the nation.God bless him and give him the strength to rise above all the dirty politicians of this country.Ameen

  3. He is very grat and intelligen leader.he gave strong stand pakistan. he keep master planing for pakistan .he take many decidion bravely but some decidion were wrong. i sluit you sir

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